With the exception of Halloween and Zombie Walk I never ever go “clubbing”. Clubs attract a crowd much younger than I and generally speaking the music makes me want to slash my wrists. It is really only my love of playing dress up that gets me to drag my ass out for these two events. I do love playing dress up! On Saturday my friend Seb and I went to Subversive: Anza Haunted House. There were two floors with separate deejays that sounded to me like they were playing identical music. Like I said, music at these things is not Goregirl-friendly. The place was gussied up with the regular trappings of Halloween; spider webs, pumpkins, bales of hay. Bales of hay? Is that a Halloween thing? Never mind, the place looked okay just the same. The trippy lights in the Anza basement became more appealing with every drink. Ah yes, drinking is a must at these events. Of course I feel like complete and utter shite today but I can not say I didn’t have a good time. The idea behind my costume this year was a variation on the ghost costume I just did for my 10 favourite Japanese horror films video with further inspiration from my Living Dead Doll Grace of the Grave. Here is the delightful little poem included on the box she came in…

She comes with the plague

And also rotten flesh

She’s been dead a long time

But her sores are still fresh.

There was actually a pretty good crowd at this thing. There was a surprising range of ages I don’t usually see at these events. There was a guy dressed like Walter White (Breaking Bad) who was a dead ringer for Bryan Cranston (keep in mind “dead ringer” might be strong, I had a few drinks). I probably should have shown some caution before taking the candy he offered me. I would have liked to have gotten a shot of Walter but sadly, my camera is dying a slow death and the battery doesn’t hold its charge very long. My camera stopped working an hour after I got there. Unfortunately I have very few shots of costumes from the night. I did manage to snap a couple pics of a particularly impressive Frank-n-Furter (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and a rather lovely Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games); who evidently made his own dress. This picture really doesn’t do the dress justice, it was quite fantastic! I have tentative plans to go to another Halloween event Wednesday night but I will definitely be going to work in costume that day nonetheless. Happy Halloween my friends…don’t forget to check your apples for razor blades! And by the way, Psycho-Delic 60s begins tomorrow! Wahahahahaha!

9 Responses to “HALLOWEEN 2012”

  1. Great pictures and costumes,Goregirl! Your red eyes are pretty cool. No pun intended in how you feel today. Unlike days of yore, I stay at home on Halloween because I’m old and tired,booze makes me instantly sick now,and I’m sure the music would drive me insane,too. But I love to see and hear what other folks do. Happy Halloween to you,Goregirl! There’s no trick when I say I always find your posts and reviews to be a real treat!

  2. def love the red eyes!

  3. Nice make-up! I see you went as the slit-mouthed woman.

    • Thanks Jason-my intention was to duplicate my dolly’s slit-mouth. The slit-mouth woman’s makeup was more spectacular than I am capable of.

  4. Your costume looks great, and it looks and sounds like you had fun! I’m getting a little old and certainly not in tune with going out and partying like I did in my golden years, but Halloween and dressing up always seems to pull me out for a night of debauchery! Though, like you, I end up paying for it the next day, which was the case this past Sunday, but it’s always worth it! Happy Halloween!

    • We are on the same page sir. I was still hungover when i went to work on Monday! The Rolling Stones were right it is a drag getting old!

  5. Awesome costume!

    I take it Walter White’s “candy” was blue?

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