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With the exception of Halloween and Zombie Walk I never ever go “clubbing”. Clubs attract a crowd much younger than I and generally speaking the music makes me want to slash my wrists. It is really only my love of playing dress up that gets me to drag my ass out for these two events. I do love playing dress up! On Saturday my friend Seb and I went to Subversive: Anza Haunted House. There were two floors with separate deejays that sounded to me like they were playing identical music. Like I said, music at these things is not Goregirl-friendly. The place was gussied up with the regular trappings of Halloween; spider webs, pumpkins, bales of hay. Bales of hay? Is that a Halloween thing? Never mind, the place looked okay just the same. The trippy lights in the Anza basement became more appealing with every drink. Ah yes, drinking is a must at these events. Of course I feel like complete and utter shite today but I can not say I didn’t have a good time. The idea behind my costume this year was a variation on the ghost costume I just did for my 10 favourite Japanese horror films video with further inspiration from my Living Dead Doll Grace of the Grave. Here is the delightful little poem included on the box she came in…

She comes with the plague

And also rotten flesh

She’s been dead a long time

But her sores are still fresh.

There was actually a pretty good crowd at this thing. There was a surprising range of ages I don’t usually see at these events. There was a guy dressed like Walter White (Breaking Bad) who was a dead ringer for Bryan Cranston (keep in mind “dead ringer” might be strong, I had a few drinks). I probably should have shown some caution before taking the candy he offered me. I would have liked to have gotten a shot of Walter but sadly, my camera is dying a slow death and the battery doesn’t hold its charge very long. My camera stopped working an hour after I got there. Unfortunately I have very few shots of costumes from the night. I did manage to snap a couple pics of a particularly impressive Frank-n-Furter (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and a rather lovely Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games); who evidently made his own dress. This picture really doesn’t do the dress justice, it was quite fantastic! I have tentative plans to go to another Halloween event Wednesday night but I will definitely be going to work in costume that day nonetheless. Happy Halloween my friends…don’t forget to check your apples for razor blades! And by the way, Psycho-Delic 60s begins tomorrow! Wahahahahaha!

Goregirl’s Halloween 2009

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halloween 2009 2UGH! I’m still hungover from Saturday night! But what a night! This was one of the best Halloween Nights I’ve had in years. A group of us attended A Very Special RAILWAY HALLOWEEN PSYCHO SIDESHOW at the always delightful Railway Club. Featuring The Deadcats, GRIM HYMN AND THE HORRORS, The Phantom Creeps and a sexy/scary trio of burlesque dancers. Great music, great company, what more could you ask for? Here’s a few of my favorite pics from the evening.
halloween 2009 3
halloween 2009
halloween 2009 4
Unfortunately, I am behind on the watching and reviewing of horror films, so this week is going to be a bit slim with the posts.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

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universal studios halloween horror nightsA friend of mine has been to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and claims it is absolutely the best Halloween Event he has ever been to. I cut and paste the attractions for your review. Definitely sounds like it is worth checking out. I wouldn’t mind being in California the last week of October! Be warned though, no costumes allowed at Universal. For more information and prices go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Website.

universal studios halloween horror nights 2Let the Games Begin!
From the moment you enter the main gate of Halloween Horror Nights the game is on! Your first challenge is to make it past Jigsaw’s army of pig-faced, chainsaw-wielding minions. Better be quick on your feet or your night might end early.

Shaun of the Dead
Zombies from Universal’s cult classic “Shaun of the Dead” have invaded Baker Street! Now it’s up to Shaun and his slacker friend Ed to save themselves (and their beloved Winchester Tavern) from the hordes of vile, flesh-eaters that have overrun the streets of London. Stay out of the zombies’ grasp or you’ll end up one of the walking dead.

Welcome to Hell
Brave the flames of hell. Beware of demons, the seven deadly sins and a demonic street preacher standing atop a mound of human remains… or you may never leave.

Hard times have fallen on the old carnival Freak Show. Out of work and starving, one renegade band of Freakz has developed a taste for human flesh. Watch your back on French Street or you may end up as dinner.

The Meat Market
Welcome to the Meat Market, where a bloodthirsty family of butchers is on the loose! As you make your way past rotting, maggot-infested animal carcasses and buzzing flies, watch your step or you just might get caught in the butchers’ whirling blades. In other words…you’ll be their next meal.

There Will Be Blood
Jigsaw’s diabolical game continues. Billy, Jigsaw’s messenger of doom, broadcasts warnings on a giant video screen. At the end of the street is the entrance to Jigsaw’s lair. To get there, you have to survive a gauntlet of Jigsaw’s pig-faced minions. Watch out or it’ll be game over.

universal studios halloween horror nights 3

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – A Tribute
Dammit, Janet…Let’s Do The Time Warp…Again!!! Wonderfully weird. Fabulously freaky. A cult phenomenon! And now, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights pays tribute to the mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Riff-Raff, Brad, Janet and all your other favorite Transylvanians in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute! Singing and dancing in outrageous costumes, live performers bring the unforgettable musical mayhem of the classic horror spoof to life on-stage while scenes from the original movie play on giant projection screens.

Favorite attractions, such as The Simpsons Ride, Jurassic Park – The Ride, and Revenge of The Mummy – The Ride will be open during Halloween Horror Nights.

Terror Tram: Live or die
Billy, Jigsaw’s messenger of doom from the “Saw” horror film franchise, invites you to play a game on the famous Universal backlot. To win this game, you’ll have to survive Billy’s test as a group…if even one member of the party doesn’t make it through to the other side, everyone will pay the ultimate price. Will you make it to the end? Let the games begin!

Saw: game over
Want to play a game? You don’t have a choice. Enter the twisted world of Jigsaw, the demented serial killer from the “Saw” horror films.
From the minute you set foot in Jigsaw’s secret lair, you know you’re being watched. As you navigate your way through the most twisted and infamous traps from your favorite “Saw” films, you realize you’ve become a pawn in Jigsaw’s demented game. Someone in your group will not survive. Will it be you?

Halloween: The Life and Crimes of Michael Myers
Michael Myers, the infamous masked killer, has returned to the town of Haddonfield on Halloween night! Prepare for a terrifying journey through the life and crimes of Michael Myers, from the original murder in the Myers House in 1963, to his troubled time in the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and then his fateful and bloody return to Haddonfield. Start by entering the home where it all began. But watch your back, Michael could be waiting around any turn. This is one open house you’ll never forget.

My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever!
Ten years ago, a tragedy changed the town of Harmony forever. Tom Hanniger, an inexperienced coal miner, caused an accident in the tunnels that trapped and killed five men and sent the only survivor, Harry Warden, into a permanent coma. But Harry Warden wanted revenge. Exactly one year later, on Valentine’s Day, he woke up…and brutally murdered twenty-two people with a pickaxe. It’s now the 10-year anniversary of the tragedy and Harry has returned to find that local teenagers use the abandoned mine as a party site…it’s gonna be a bloody Valentine’s Day!

Chucky’s Funhouse
The tortured soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is trapped inside the body of a doll named Chucky. Chucky has continued Ray’s murderous rampage, racking up an impressive body count. But something is missing. Despite all the murder and mayhem, Chucky was never really taken seriously. After all, it’s hard to compete with the big boys of horror when you’re pint-sized. But all of that is about to change. Chucky has taken over an old, carnival funhouse and is raising an army of Killer Dolls to take his ultimate revenge on humanity! Welcome to Chucky’s Funhouse…you’ll laugh yourself to death.

Stanley Park Ghost Train

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ghost train banner

I know several people who have been on the Ghost Train and claim it is awesome fun. I must admit, this event appears to be a little more “PG” than my usual outing. Could pick up some good ideas for Halloween costumes though. Beautiful Stanley Park isn’t far from the Dungeon, so I’ve decided I should check this out. The Ghost Train runs October 9th to November 1st 6 PM to 10 PM daily. The information below was cut and paste directly from the website. For more information on this event go here.

Zombies. Voodoo gods. Wild Women of the Woods. Three-headed dogs. Mexican witches’ brew. All these and more are in store for those who dare to climb aboard this year’s Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train.

Just ask Georgie—if you get a chance. In the latest Ghost Train adventure, Georgie is on the run, dodging and ducking an international group of ghouls and ghosties that inhabit the underworld. Will the mischievous child outrun the Wild Woman of the Woods, outwit the voodoo god Obatal, outsmart the Goddess of Death Kali? And can Georgie stay one step ahead of the man with the child-sized sack, Gentleman Jack?

Since 1999, the Ghost Train has become an annual tradition for thousands of families craving thrills and excitement. Reinventing itself each year with new themes, sets, costumes and many more surprises conjured up by the creative team at Mortal Coil Performance Society , the Ghost Train is a uniquely wonderful and fun experience every trick-or-treat season.

Directors Sharon Bayly, Peter Hall and Marietta Kozak of Mortal Coil head up this year’s crew of actors, dancers, stilt performers, and puppeteers bringing demons from all corners of the world’s folklore to life. Don’t worry, though—even as you venture through the Mouth of Hell and travel to the Underworld, you’ll be out of harm’s way in the safety of the Ghost Train…trust us! Mwahahahahahaha!

FRIGHT NIGHTS at The PNE (Playland)

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I’ve yet to check out this event at the Pacific National Exhibition. Looks like there could be some fun to be had! Maybe this is the year I finally check it out. Fright Nights start October 16th and run until October 31st. The information below was cut and paste from the Fright Night website. For more information go to the official website.

I’m off to the Vancouver International Film Festival today to see ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction! Yahoo! Coming up this week I’ll have reviews for ZMD and another brand spanking new film I seen on opening night of VIFF, Antichrist, as well as Feast of Flesh and Suburban Nightmare!

Happy Sunday!

PNE haunted manisonHaunted Mansion

There is a new family in town. This Haunted Mansion, mastered by the deviously brilliant Dr. Luther Van Horn, has been transformed from a once lovely Manor into a house of horror. Experience the sounds of terror that travel through all crevasses of this oversized Mansion. Encounter the destructive descendants of the Van Horn family who stalk the halls of the large Manor waiting … for you. You have been cordially invited.

darkness pneDarkness

Witness the fate of those who dared to bargain with the Angel of Death. But be warned: within these walls lurk creatures born of pure evil, who exist only to torment and torture those who are lost in Darkness.

hollywood horrors pneHollywood Horrors


Killers stalk the halls patiently awaiting victims. From a dark corner, a bladed glove glistens in the flickering light. Hidden in the shadows lies a cannibalistic genius. The sound of a rusty chainsaw echoes through the hallways. CUT TO: You … afraid, alone, with nowhere to run.

asylum pneAsylum

This ain’t your father’s funny farm. Impatient doctors perform insane medical crimes on medicated, criminally insane patients. But when shock treatment is a shocking treat, the question must be asked: Who is really in control? And who is really out of control?

car-n-evil pneCar n Evil Maze

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls. Step right up and be a part of the show. Literally! Chaos, Mayhem and Psychotic Clowns are just around the corner. Don’t miss out! Now’s your chance! Carnage awaits you.

monsters of shlock pneThe Monsters of Schlock

They’ve been banned, burned, blistered, bloodied, bruised, concussed, fractured, hammered, hooked, pierced, padlocked, spit on, stapled, sliced, slapped, smashed, and scratched all in the name of…Comedy?
These two comedians perform some of the most amazing physical stunts ever seen! It’s a slapstick stunt show hearkening back to the early days of vaudeville, with as much influence from the 3 Stooges as from the traveling carnivals of yore.

Hair Raising Rides

The Corkscrew, Hell’s Gate, Crazy Beach Party, Westcoast Wheel, Wooden Roller Coaster, Wave Swinger, Music Express, Pirate Ship, Break Dance and Enterprise are all included with admission!