CIRCUS OF HORRORS (1960) – The Dungeon Review!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I am a huge sucker for a horror film with a carnival or circus theme! In Circus of Horrors a circus is merely a front for the demented Dr. Schuler. Dr. Schuler is a plastic surgeon and along with his two assistants is forced to flee when one of his surgeries goes horribly wrong. He meets a badly scarred child and he convinces her father who owns a broken down circus to let him operate on her. The child’s surgery is a success and in appreciation her father agrees to a partnership with Dr. Schuler. Immediately after their handshake the father has a drunken accident and Dr. Schuler becomes the sole owner. Schuler of course has a diabolical plan for the circus. All the performers will be badly scarred criminals whom he will operate on and make beautiful. If necessary he can blackmail the performers into staying by threatening to expose their criminal records. I realize this seems like a lot of information but we learn all this before we even get to the circus section which makes up the majority of the runtime. They stuff a lot of information in this introduction! When we get to the circus we just jump in head first.

We move ten years into the future and Dr. Schuler has clearly made the circus a huge success. But the circus Dr. Schuler dubbed “the circus of beauty” is now being dubbed by the media as the “jinx circus” on account of the number of “unfortunate accidents”. Circus of Horrors has all the familiar trappings one would expect; high-wire acts, acrobats, knife throwers, lion tamers, clowns. Circus of Horrors uses these accoutrements to their full effectiveness. I am going to give you a wee spoiler and tell you that the scarred girls father gets mauled to death by a bear. This bear scene is unintentionally hilarious! The death scenes otherwise are not graphic but are quite suspenseful and well-executed. I don’t want to spoil any more, but let’s just say the deaths have a circus theme. The performers scars pre-surgery are impressive and very believable. The excellent opening sequence where a hysterical woman smashes all the mirrors in her bedroom reveals to us the horror caused by Dr. Schuler. It’s not my fault baby; you shouldn’t have taken those bandages off so early. Dr. Schuler apologizes for nothing!

Dr. Schuler is a heartless, self-absorbed asswad that will stop at nothing in the name of self-preservation. His work means everything in that obsessive way that is required for any good mad movie scientist or doctor. He isn’t over-the-top with his antics playing it subdued but single-mindedly intense. Anton Diffring is perfect as the arrogant Dr. Schuler. He also completely looks the part. A young Donald Pleasance makes a brief appearance early in the film as the father of the scarred child. Pleasance is featured in the unfortunate bear scene but he is great just the same. His daughter Nicole grows up to be a beautiful woman with an equestrian act. Nicole is played by the lovely Yvonne Monlaur who is sweet and likable. Dr. Schuler’s assistant Martin is a bit of a sad sack. Martin assists in Schuler’s surgeries and is at the doctor’s beck and call for any number of other requests. Kenneth Griffith is decent enough in the role, and while I would not exactly say you feel sorry for the character there is the glimmer of hope that he will eventually grow a set. Martin’s sister Angela also assists in Dr. Schuler’s surgeries and also happens to be in love with Schuler. It is a mystery to me what she sees in this jerk. Angela is complicit in Dr. Schuler’s crimes but still manages to garner some sympathy. My favorite female character in the film is definitely the spicy and spirited Elissa Caro. Elissa is the show’s acrobat who ends her act each night with a noose around her neck as she frantically spins several dozen feet above the ground. Erika Remberg is top-notch as the confident Elissa Caro and it is a lot of fun seeing her give Dr. Schuler hell! Finally we have Inspector Arthur Ames. The circus is garnering some unwanted attention with its “accidents” and Inspector Ames is on the case. He is really “on”. The inspector is a real ladies man type who seduces the lovely performers for the answers he requires. Conrad Phillips who plays Inspector Ames is likable enough and he gets to have some fun whilst solving the crime.

Circus of Horrors’ story is rather on the crazy side. It really is a needlessly complicated plan this Dr. Schuler has concocted. The guy is a plastic surgeon and he is going to start a circus, find a bunch of criminals who will agree to be operated on, train them to be circus performers and oversee operations of said circus? Bloody hell that Dr. Schuler sure is ambitious! Great sets, lovely costumes, lush colors, a steady pace, strong performances and some well-executed moments of suspense make Circus of Horrors a very entertaining watch. Recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Sidney Hayers

Starring: Anton Diffring, Erika Remberg, Yvonne Monlaur, Donald Pleasence, Jane Hylton, Kenneth Griffith, Conrad Phillips, Jack Gwillim, Vanda Hudson, Yvonne Romain, Colette Wilde

10 Responses to “CIRCUS OF HORRORS (1960) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. I love this movie as well and also have a life long fondness for the circus and carnivals. When I first saw this movie in May of 1965 on my beloved late night monster movie fest,Chiller Theater,I imagined myself as the clown(my favorite male character) who has a crush on Elissa Caro,who, believe it or not,is my favorite female character in the film. : ) Erika Remberg is quite wonderful in the part,and I was bummed out for days over the fate of Elissa. There are no less than four versions of the tune “Look For a Star.” I have all of them! If it’s not too late,I think you might enjoy The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies(1963),which has an amusement park setting,and is wacky fun. But I know your plate is pretty darn full already. Anyway,awesome review as always!

    • I have another review for a circus themed 60s flick coming right up. I have seen The Incredibly Strange Creatures…we’ll have our opportunity to discuss that one at a later date…

  2. “I am beautiful! I am beautiful!” I picked this up on DVD when Anchor Bay released it in 2001, and went goo-goo gaa-gaa for Erika Remberg. I must have watched it nearly twenty times. To say I enjoyed the hell out of it would be putting it lightly. And like Conrad I sought after the song “Look For a Star”, which I still enjoy listening to now and again. By the way, Conrad, thanks for mentioning “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies”. I forgot all about that film; I’ve only seen stills and read about it (in an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland) back when it wasn’t available on DVD—now it is! Great 60s title, Goregirl!

    • What a cheerfully poppy fun tune that Look for a Star is…but everything about this film is pretty damn fun!

  3. This is the one I’m writing about tonight, so I’m not reading your whole review until after I watch it and write mine, but I am excited to see that it has a 4/5 dungeon rating!

    • I am learning that not all circus/carnival fare is created equal…this one however is quite entertaining! Hope you enjoy it!

      • They surely aren’t created equal. We watched Vampire Circus a few weeks ago. I thought: vampires and a circus, should be amazing. But I found it to be meh. My husband loved it though.

  4. I love this: ” It’s not my fault baby; you shouldn’t have taken those bandages off so early. Dr. Schuler apologizes for nothing!” I’m going to have to adapt it for my own personal use… Something that would fit my work at a non-hospital environment…. I don’t think the museum has a mummy present…

    • Yeah…I was taking liberties there of course…he just has this wonderful condescending unapologetic attitude I thought was perfect. It takes some practice being that arrogant…you will definitely need to work on it.

  5. Vanda Hudson was born on Thursday October 7th 1937 in France and at one time when she used to be a beautiful actress from the all time greats with her wonderful performance as the victim Magda Von Meck in The British Horror Movie Circus of Horrors directed by Sidney Hayers when she is pinned into the infamous spinning wheel as part of the knife throwing act also something is wrong and she is killed by the throat in front of the huge crowds alongside Anton Diffring,Yvonne Romain,Jane Hylton and the song Look For A Star sung by Garry Mills made the top ten in the summer of 1960.

    She appeared in TV & Films shows including The Avengers,Libel,
    Jungle Street,Strip Tease Murder,The Vipe,Innocent Sinners,The Heart of a Man,Sapphire,Ticket to Paradise and Father Came Too.

    Vanda has always mixing with the famous stars over the years such as Patrick Macnee,Ian Hendry,Richard Briers,Eric Barker,
    Sally Smith,Kenneth Cope better known as Jed Stone & Marty Hopkirk in Coronation Street & Randall & Hopkirk(Deceased)fame,
    Frankie Vaughan,Richard Dimbleby,Dirk Bogarde,Ann Lynn and Jill Ireland.

    Sadly on Friday April 2nd 2004 when she passed away at the age of 66 years and I won’t forget the beautiful original British actress of
    Circus of Horrors is the late Vanda Hudson.

    Terry Christie
    From Sunderland,Tyne & Wear

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