Fun with GIFs: Marihuana

Stepping Into Something Weird M

Bloody hell! These dangers of drugs flicks are so hysterically misleading. I love how the character’s lives spiral out of control! Damn! I have no idea where they are getting their pot from but bring it on! So pretty, so young; how could things have gone so horribly wrong?! Oh the horrors of marihuana!


Marihuana (1936) directed by Dwain Esper

Shame! Horror! Despair!
Weed with roots in hell!
Lust. Crime. Sorrow. Hate. Shame. Despair.
See the truth about the smoke from Hell!
Weird orgies! Wild parties! Unleashed passions!
A Puff–A Party–A Tragedy.


5 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: Marihuana”

  1. This one’s a fave as well, but the sad thing is SOME people see this and Reefer Madness (and other flicks) as documentaries and it drives their fears and paranoia to extremes! I don’t even do any drugs (er, these days!) but I know that NO ONE takes a puff of weed and turns into a psychopath, sex fiend or anything else these flicks scared people into believing.

    THAT said, have you ever seen Cold Turkey? It’s an awesome comedy about a town that has to give up cigarette smoking and it’s a TOTAL hoot because many smokers of legal tobacco behave EXACTLY like some of the people in that flick when they don’t get their fix!

    • It is very very sad that anyone would mistake this as a documentary. And than again what am I talking about?! The world is full of people who don’t bother to educate themselves. If the 6 o’clock news says so, by George it’s gotta be true! I have not seen Cold Turkey…sounds fun though! I’ll add it to the queue.

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