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FUN WITH GIFs: How to Seduce a Virgin

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Lina Romay as Adèle in Jess Franco’s 1974 film How to Seduce a Virgin. 

The Goddesses of Underground Cinema: PAMELA STANFORD

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Pamela Stanford is one of the Jess Franco heavy hitters; she was in fifteen of the director’s films. Stanford was born just southeast of Paris in Fontainebleau. She got her start as a dancer at the Folies-Bergère and began acting in her early 20s. The beautiful and bold actress is one of my personal favorite’s in Franco’s roster. I think it is a shame she wasn’t featured more prominently in other Franco features. Stanford gives a fearless and intense performance as the title character in Lorna the Exorcist. She is an unforgettable nasty piece of work as Edna von Stein in Sexy Sisters and she steals every scene in which she appears in Blue Rita.

Stanford retired from acting in the 1980s but has recently made a return to the cinema. Below is an exert from An Interview with Pamela Stanford by Mike Haberfelner at Search My Trash. Stanford is star and producer of the 2015 film Outre Tombe directed by Alexandre Mathis (Full interview HERE).

“Why I got out of acting in the eighties? Some producers and directors of “normal” movies considered Jess Franco’s actresses or actors untouchables. That’s pretty much the reason. I was surprised that artists were so prude and had a limited imagination. What I drew me back ultimately? Alexandre Mathis’s proposal to make films together. In the meantime I did odd jobs. I even insured deaths.”

Besides her fifteen Franco entries, a cannibal flick and a few Naziploitation titles it was difficult finding other films from Pamela Stanford’s filmography. An underappreciated actress who always left a lasting impression no matter how small the role. Pamela Stanford is the next well deserving actress to earn a place as one of The Goddesses of Underground Cinema.

FullSizeRender (28)

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Lorna (Pamela Stanford) makes a deal with Patrick Mariel (Guy Delorme) a man down on his luck. A promise of fortunes to come and a roll in the hay with the quirky Lorna if he agrees to hand over his daughter on her eighteenth birthday. A ridiculous notion which he quickly agrees to. Nine months and eighteen years later Lorna is back to collect her debt. Lorna the Exorcist is definitely Stanford’s pièce de résistance. Quiet and cruel, intense and confident. She is the devil incarnate. The family unit of Guy Delorme as Patrick, Jacqueline Laurent as his wife Marianne and Lina Romay as daughter Linda is perfect. Linda has numerous dreams of sexual encounters with Lorna well before they meet. And poor Marianne, the dedicated wife and mother is terrorized by crabs crawling all over her vagina! We also get glimpses of another unfortunate Lorna victim (Catherine Lafferière) who we see writhing about sans pants in a hospital overseen by Doctor Jess Franco. A wild and wacky ride full of sex and nudity, an intriguing story and solid performances.

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Blue Rita (Martine Fléty) is a man-hating, extortionist, stripper-spy who runs a nightclub as a front for her activities. Her stable of ladies seduce men in a specially equipped room where the poor horny bastards are gassed and caged. They are kept drugged and horny and eventually give up names and their bank balances. Pamela Stanford plays Gina; one of Rita’s cohorts.  Gina tends to the VIP customers and keeps the club’s ladies in line, among other jobs. Gina becomes victim to a frame up and Rita does not take betrayal lightly. I would have liked to have seen Stanford in the role of Blue Rita. Fléty is not unappealing in the role, however she often seems distracted. Blue Rita is an extremely stylish film visually; amazing sets and colors! The film is worth watching strictly for the aesthetics. I really loved the shots through the fish tanks! The stripper acts were also fabulous! Blue Rita is very entertaining!

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In Sexy Sisters Pamela Stanford plays Edna von Stein; the older sister of Milly (Karine Gambier); a “dangerous” nymphomaniac. Milly is kept in a secured room under medical supervision. All is not what it seems however as the conniving and bitter Edna is conspiring to acquire the vast inheritance coming to her sister on her 21st birthday. Stanford is delightfully unlikable as Edna. She is despicable! She takes great delight in terrorizing her sister. She picks men up in clubs and brings them home to fuck Milly while she looks on and masturbates. Milly would apparently spy on Edna and her lovers when she was a kid. One of Edna’s men caught Milly in the act and raped her. Milly believes she needs her sister to look on to be sexually satisfied. Along for the ride is Dr. Charles Barnes (Jack Taylor). What the depraved duo didn’t count on is that one of the men Edna brought home would actually fall in love with Milly. Sexy Sisters is ninety minutes of sex and nudity with two very watchable actresses.

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IMG_3118 (1)

In Les Chatouilleuses Pamela Stanford is a prostitute working in a brothel during the revolution. Several of the women are taken prisoner after some soldiers find they have given an enemy asylum. The women manage to escape en route and hide out in a convent. Softcore shenanigans are afoot in Franco’s period piece Sex Comedy. Stanford, Lina Romay and Monica Swinn, among others, sex it up both in and out of their nun habits. Bumping uglies with the likes of Fred Williams, Olivier Mathot and of course, each other. Goofy outing that was not without some sexy comedic value. Sort of like a Benny Hill episode with sex.




Many a director tried their hand at the short-lived cannibal sub-genre. Jess Franco made a couple; White Cannibal Queen and  Devil Hunter. Apparently when Cannibal Terror first turned up on VHS Franco’s name was attached. But Franco can only be partially blamed for this car wreck as a co-writer. A few Franco regulars do turn up in this one including Olivier Mathot, Antonio Mayans and of course Ms. Stanford who plays Manuela. Stanford takes a bath, is raped, gets drunk and then helps save the day. All the bad characters get eaten and it has the super happiest ending you will ever see in a cannibal film. Not a great film by any means but like a car wreck I found it hard to look away.

Pamela Stanford’s Franco Filmography

Claire (1983)
White Cannibal Queen (1980)
Jailhouse Wardress (1979)
East of Berlin (1978)
Sexy Sisters (1977)
Blue Rita (1977)
Les emmerdeuses (1976)
Les chatouilleuses (1975)
Le jouisseur (1975)
The Perverse Countess (1974)
Lorna the Exorcist (1974)
Le jouisseur (1975)
Celestine, Maid at Your Service (1974)
The Lustful Amazons (1974)
Les gloutonnes (1973)

Pamela Stanford’s Filmography

Outre Tombe (2015)
The Fugitives (1986)
Claire (1983)
Y flippe ton vieux (1982)
Pourvoir (1982)
Les jeunes Q (1981)
Cannibal Terror (1980)
White Cannibal Queen (1980)
La bande du Rex (1980)
Jailhouse Wardress (1979)
Si je t’attrape (1979)
Nathalie: Escape from Hell (1978)
Si vous n’aimez pas ça, n’en dégoûtez pas les autres (1978)
Touchez pas au zizi (1978)
Dora and the Magic Lantern (1978)
East of Berlin (1978)
Helga, la louve de Stilberg (1978)
Captive Women 4 (1977)
Ces sacrées anglaises (1977)
Sexy Sisters (1977)
Blue Rita (1977)
Hitler’s Last Train (1977)
Paris porno (1976)
Furies sexuelles (1976)
Le dernier 55 (1976)
Les emmerdeuses (1976)
Hippopotamours (1976)
Perversions (1976)
Prostitution clandestine (1975)
Hard Love (1975)
À bout de sexe (1975)
Les chatouilleuses (1975)
Flat Out (1975)
Les chevaliers de la croupe (1975)
Le jouisseur (1975)
The Perverse Countess (1974)
Lorna the Exorcist (1974)
Cours du soir pour monsieur seul (1974)
Celestine, Maid at Your Service (1974)
And Now My Love (1974)
The Lustful Amazons (1974)
La dévoreuse (1974)
Les gloutonnes (1973)
Pigalle carrefour des illusions (1973)
Atout sexe (1971)
The Burglars (1971)
The Chambermaid’s Dream (1971)
Kisss (1971)

FUN WITH GIFs: Sexy Sisters

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Pamela Stanford in Jess Franco’s Sexy Sisters (1977). Currently working on the next entry of The Goddesses of Underground Cinema which I hope to have completed by the end of the week.

FUN WITH GIFs: Lorna the Exorcist

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Linda (Lina Romay) is having sexual fantasies/dreams about a woman in a blond wig wearing a whole lot of blue eye shadow (Pamela Stanford) in Jess Franco’s 1974 film Lorna the Exorcist.

Favourite Five Series: JESS FRANCO (Part One)

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I have seen Seventy Jess Franco films. I have never seen seventy films from one director. It is possible I may never see seventy films from another director other than Jess Franco. Mr. Franco made a shitload of films. IMDB lists 203 films under director but according to Wikipedia Franco made “about 160”.  I do know that at this point in my viewing it has become difficult to find titles I have not seen. I was thrilled to add Mondo Macabro’s recent Blu-ray of Night has a Thousand Desires to my collection; it marked my seventieth Franco flick. Severin will be releasing Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties (1980) August 29th; which I seen, but it was a very sketchy copy. And apparently if you order through the Severin store you will get yourself a pair of flowered panties and/or other related goodies with your film. I had to watch some pretty grungy versions of the Maestro’s resume to get those seventy stroked off my list. A few VHS rips on YouTube and XHamster were bordering on unwatchable. Some were rented from Zip before they ended the service, Bluemoon Streaming and Fandor. And some were purchased; I plan on adding as many Franco DVD and Blu-rays to my library as possible. When you watch multiple films from any one director you will notice similarities in style, technique, cast, music etc. Franco knew how to get bang for his buck and would often make more than one film on a set, using the same actors, actresses and costumes. Several actors and actresses made multiple appearances in Franco films. You could almost break down the films based on that. That is a post itself! I will be focusing on at least a few of the Franco regulars in my Goddesses of Underground Cinema posts. Franco has made films of every possible genre; horror, spy, comedy, action, documentary, etc and one thing they all have in common is sex and nudity in varying degrees. Even his early films like The Awful Dr. Orlof (1962) were controversial for their time. Franco loved a bush shot. Long, lingering shots of bush are plentiful in his post 60s stuff. Sometimes there is nothing else going on in the shot, it is just bush. Seems to me there are more long lingering shots of bush than there is tits and/or ass. A bush zoom was used to segue way into the next scene in a few films. Quite often that bush belonged to Lina Romay. Film’s greatest love story! Franco made over a hundred films with Romay and the two were together until her death in 2012. Franco himself passed away just a little over a year later in 2013.





There were periods where Franco’s work felt a bit redundant, but when you’ve made “about 160” films you are bound to repeat yourself to some extent. I have enjoyed the hell out of a good chunk of Jess Franco’s filmography and consider him a favorite director. As long as folks like Mondo Macabro and Severin keep unearthing lost Franco films I will continue to buy and enjoy them. I love you Jess xo

I shortlisted twenty-two Franco films for THREE lists of Favorite Five Films; Here is Part One in no particular order…


Starring: Montserrat Prous, Anne Libert, Kali Hansa, Jacqueline Laurent, Howard Vernon, Manuel Pereiro, Francisco Acosta

Jess Franco made a lot of films with female revenge plots. Strong, resourceful, sexy women unapologetic about who they are and what they do. Linda Vargas is the film’s Sinner. The opening scene in a club ends with Linda calling the police, slashing her own throat and falling on top of a man. The balance of the film explains why. The lovely Montserrat Prous who plays Linda was in seven Franco films but this one, bar none was the jewel in her crown. She is picture perfect; I felt so sorry for Linda! I had more empathy for Linda then I have ever had for any character in a Franco film. Every guy she meets is a piece of shit. The cast of regulars have never been better, especially Kali Hansa who plays Maria, Linda’s best friend and lover. Although I noted the films are not in any particular order, there is no doubt about it, Sinner is definitely my number one Franco flick.

tumblr_n10wyycKCL1skwl5to2_1280Linda Kills herself at the beginning of the film and frames degenerate Mr. Ortiz (Manuel Pereiro) for her murder.

tumblr_n10wyycKCL1skwl5to5_1280Linda (Montserrat Prous) with her friend and lover Maria (Kali Hansa).

tumblr_n10wyycKCL1skwl5to8_r1_1280Rosa, Ortiz’s wife (Jacqueline Laurent) clutching Linda’s diary.

Read my full review of Sinner HERE.


Starring: Helmut Berger, Brigitte Lahaie, Caroline Munro, Gérard Zalcberg, Anton Diffring, Howard Vernon, Telly Savalas

Faceless is more or less an eighties version of Franco’s 1962 film The Awful Dr. Orlof. Dr. Flamand’s wife has acid thrown in her face early in the film and the good doctor aims to do something about it; namely get her a pretty new face. With the assistance of his lover Nathalie (Brigitte Lahaie) and goon Gordon (Gerard Zalcberg) there is much face ripping and re-attaching. A cameo from Howard Vernon as Dr. Orloff, Anton Diffring as a Nazi doctor, and Telly Savalas as the father to a coke-snorting,  big-haired model played by Caroline Munro; not much to dislike here! Great cast, well-paced, gory action that screams the eighties.

Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) examines a new “patient” while Nathalie (Brigitte Lahaie) looks on.

tumblr_o2gjjfnvRU1ubf88so1_1280Brigitte Lahaie as Nathalie “assisting”.

tumblr_o2hosx2tkH1ubf88so1_1280A gory face removal.

Read my full review of Faceless HERE.


Starring: Lina Romay, Daniel Katz, Carmen Carrión, Albino Graziani, José Llamas, Alicia Príncipe, Mari Carmen Nieto

Irina and her lover Fabian tour nightclubs with their psychic act. Irina is plagued with terrible nightmares that she believes to be real. Fabian played by Daniel Katz is one of Franco’s all time biggest dick characters. He even looked like a weasel. That weaselly hair and those douchy clothes. I hated him. But I loved hating him. Lina Romay on the other hand plays one her most likable characters and gives a really solid performance; one of her best I think. Fabulous locations and set pieces and an intriguing story with lots of groovy surreal imagery.  Night has a Thousand Desires has everything I enjoy about Franco films and more.

tumblr_ojcajfdP1R1skwl5to1_1280A hysterical Irina (Lina Romay) in one of the film’s many trippy moments.

tumblr_ojc9iiLING1skwl5to1_1280Lorna (Carmen Carrión) kisses the forehead of Irina in another trippy scene.

tumblr_ojjklxBCS61skwl5to1_1280Irina (Lina Romay) finds blood on her hands and cannot remember how it got there.

Read my full review of Night has a Thousand Desires HERE.


Starring: Soledad Miranda, Dennis Price, Paul Muller, Ewa Strömberg, Heidrun Kussin, José Martínez Blanco, Andrea Montchal

One of the first Franco films I ever seen and 70 films later it is still a favorite. Franco throws out the rules of vampire lore for this salacious outing. Linda (Ewa Strömberg) travels to a remote island to settle an estate with a wealthy Countess. The lonely, blood-thirsty Countess has other plans for Linda. Symbolism runs rampant in this sexy, psychedelic and surreal vampire love story.  Fabulous sets, beautiful cinematography and a badass soundtrack. Soledad Miranda as Countess Carody and Ewa Strömberg as Linda Westinghouse have fabulous chemistry; both are superb in their roles. Truly a shame that the talented Soledad Miranda died so young.

tumblr_n10x4b4Uaf1skwl5to6_1280Countess Nadine Carody’s (Soledad Miranda) performance at a club at the beginning of the film.

tumblr_nwhgaaWhRC1qzpdnho6_r1_1280Countess Nadine Carody (Soledad Miranda) working on her tan.

tumblr_nonniyKvv71qayb8no2_1280Linda Westinghouse (Ewa Strömberg) splashed with blood.

Read my full review of Vampyros Lesbos HERE.


Starring: Maria Rohm, Marie Liljedahl, Jack Taylor, Paul Muller, Christopher Lee

Based on the work of Marquis De Sade, the title really says it all. The fresh faced Eugenie (Marie Liljedahl) is a guest at the palatial manor of Madame Saint Ange (Maria Rohm) where her daisy like virtue is plucked petal by petal. Madame and step brother Mirvel (Jack Taylor) waste no time corrupting the young woman who by the story’s end is stripped bare both physically and emotionally. This is worth watching for Maria Rohm’s performance alone. A gorgeous, confident, classy and well-dressed degenerate of highest rank. Who wouldn’t do whatever the hell she asked? Certainly not Eugenie’s father; who sold his daughter for the opportunity to fuck Madame. I can’t imagine anyone better than Rohm in this role; in the Franco fold or otherwise. She is perfection. Marie Liljedahl still looks like a bloody teenager and fits well here as does the Lego-coiffed Jack Taylor. Amazing sets and costumes, a fabulous soundtrack and just an overall slick-looking film. Franco’s masterpiece.

tumblr_novupnUcGc1skwl5to2_1280Madame Saint Ange (Maria Rohm) helps Eugenie (Marie Liljedahl) with the suntan lotion.

tumblr_novupnUcGc1skwl5to8_1280Mirvel (Jack Taylor) taking care of business.

tumblr_novupnUcGc1skwl5to9_1280An epiphany for Eugenie (Marie Liljedahl).