Fun with GIFs: The Daisies Edition!

Fun with GIFs continues! Thanks to Jason over at Genkinahito’s Blog for straightening me out on how to post GIFs so they animate without having to be opened in a second window! Daisies will never get old for me! If you missed my review yesterday click here. Below are a collection of GIFs I created for Vera Chytilová’s masterpiece…




Daisies Kissing

7 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: The Daisies Edition!”

  1. I love the gifs …You have them down pat now my dear….I think I love the two girls kissing the older gentleman.. but to be honest I was hoping for the girl to lower the butterfly placard from in front of her…:)

  2. Nice Gifs 🙂 I’ve got a Kitano one similar to your second Gif where he’s peeping from tall grass… But I have to agree with the commenter above, I was hoping for more from the butterfly girl 😉

    • goregirl Says:

      Thanks again Jason for the tip! They are fun to make…lots of failures though….and neither Marie shows her boobies.

  3. LOVE IT!!

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