NIGHT DREAMS (1981) – The Dungeon Review!

Night Dreams is the most unusual, unique and innovative film you will ever see. That is what this wackadoodle trailer promises. Unusual and unique are kinda the same thing, but in any case it is not an inaccurate statement. The trailer goes on to say that Night Dreams is mesmerizing, dazzling, outrageous, insane, riveting, hysterical, surreal, outlandish, mysterious, relentless, magnetic, erotic, indecent, flaming, steaming, disturbing, monstrous, kinetic, sweeping, ethereal, mind-boggling and shattering. I can not say that each one of those descriptors doesn’t fit Night Dreams at some point during its runtime. Despite its many fascinating flourishes Night Dreams is first and foremost a hardcore adult film. This means there are scenes where penises are shown entering vaginas and some of the scenes go on for a goodly long time. I haven’t seen a whole lot of adult films; maybe a half-dozen titles and all of them have been from the 70s. I don’t really have much in the way of reference points to draw from but Night Dreams is definitely the most unusual and unique adult flicks I have ever seen.

Watch the Trailer…

Stephen Sayadian who wrote and directed Dr. Caligari which I reviewed here last week, wrote Night Dreams along with Jerry Stahl. Night Dreams is exactly what its title suggests a series of weird, funny, sexy, surreal and twisted dreams; the sexually explicit dreams of Mrs. Van Houten (also the name of the bored housewife with disease of the libido in Dr. Caligari). Mrs. Van Houten is participating in an experiment and is being closely monitored by a pair of doctors. The doctors watch Mrs.Van Houten carrying on as she shouts, writhes and masturbates and of course dreams. Her dreams range the gamut from a creepy and kinky segment featuring sex with a man-sized jack-in-the-box, two sexy cowgirls who speak in unison and are obsessed with fire, sex with the man from the Cream of Wheat box (later a horn-playing piece of Wonder Bread makes an appearance), sex with a roaring fish, and it goes without saying that Satan shows up. All the segments really do have a perfect dream-like feel, and the visuals outside of the sex are very creative and always interesting. It felt like a pornographic stage play at times.

night dreams3

Yep. You are going to get an eyeful of long graphic sex scenes but there are plenty of other enthralling sights and sounds to enjoy in Night Dreams. I’ll let these images from Night Dreams speak for themselves. Several of the below screen caps are courtesy of David Arrate’s Night Dreams Tumblr post. Night Dreams really is one of a kind!


Nightdreams01Mrs. Van Houten played by Dorothy LeMay.

night dreams4Jack-in-the-box man.

nightdreamsAn apt use of the song Ring of Fire. The version in Night Dreams is courtesy of Wall of Voodoo.

night dreams2

night dreams6Part of a complete breakfast.

night dreams5Masturbating for hookah-smoking sheiks.

night dreams7What the hell?

night dreams1Again…what the hell?

night dreamsMrs. Van Houten says good-bye.

Directed By: Francis Delia

Starring: Dorothy LeMay, Loni Sanders, Jennifer West, Kevin James, Fast Steppin’ Freddie, Paul Berthell, Ken Starbuck, Jacqueline Lorians, Danielle, Andy Nichols

24 Responses to “NIGHT DREAMS (1981) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. I like this post. Let the images do some of the speaking and boy oh boy, this is one weird looking film. Weird in a fun way. Genuinely mind-boggling. That trailer is bloody irritating though. What was that high-pitched noise? Some way of implanting thoughts in my head 😉

    Perhaps Nightdreams with its fish men and strange dreams draws inspiration from HP Lovecraft…

    • goregirl Says:

      Ha!Ha! Yeah that screeching sound in the trailer is godawful…but this crazy trailer did help to prompt me to see Night Dreams. I highly suspect there ain’t much porn like this out there, I might actually watch more if there were. And yeah, I think these filmakers are definitely fantasy fans…wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn Sayadian is a Lovecraft fan.

  2. Great Pics GG! Disturbing but great….And I hate Jack in the Boxes…that would just ruin a porn for me right there… – now the campfire scene…now were talking…:) –

  3. Kind of makes David Lynch seem irrelevant at the moment. I’m drawn to this feature as I am with many of the 70s porn films, that seem oddly captivating, and yet sort of repulsed at all the masturbatory shenanigans! Wow Goregirl you always find the gems

  4. This sounds like a good one : )

  5. conradw58 Says:

    Wow,a porn movie I actually want to see based on your review! I’ve seen only a few porno sizzlers myself and was pretty much bored silly,but this one sounds better than the run-of-the-mill triple X(not to be confused with regular old X) epic.

    • goregirl Says:

      This thing is cat-scratch crazy! I’ll watch anything that is interesting and different and Night Dreams is definitely those two things.

  6. To quote Millhouse from The Simpsons: “Ewww. Gross! And yet…oddly compelling.” I am ashamed to be able to tell you that the basic concept was ripped off in a much less fascinatingly surreal way by 1989’s “Night Trips.”

  7. Xtianhardy Says:

    Where can you even find this movie? I first saw it reviewed on The Cinema Snob’s website and now yours, but it seems impossible to track down. Is there a torrent of it somewhere?

  8. I used to have a VHS, I have no recollection where it came from, that included the lesbian cowgirl scene, with the Wall of Voodoo cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. First, thanks for letting me know where it came from, and second, thanks for the information on the rest of this dementedly wonderful flick!!

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