Happy New Year! Karloff Rules!!

First post of the year and I can not get Boris Karloff out of my head! Karloff rules! Check out my delightful top ten favourite Karloff films slideshow! Music by Roy Orbison. Mother Joan of the Angels review coming soon!

4 Responses to “Happy New Year! Karloff Rules!!”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised that I’ve seen all of those except for The Walking Dead. The guy was a legend. I’d completely forgotten that he starred in a Burke and Hare movie, The Body Snatcher, though I guess they changed the names.

    No actor better embodies all of the fun of October and Halloween for me as much as Karloff.

    • I love Karloff! I LOVE HIM. LOVE HIM. LOVE HIM. The Body Snatcher is so fucking awesome it isn’t funny. That Val Lewton knew yummy when he smelled it! I am sad that I could not turn you on to a Karloff you didn’t know but I am also happy that you have seen all those Karloff films because in my books, that ups your awesome factor considerably!

  2. Happy New Year Goregirl!

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