Tshirt Bordello – Goregirl Approved!

Webcams and rum and eggnog don’t mix. Oy Vay! Here are some pictures of me dorking it up in my brand-spanking, ass-kicking, cool new tshirts from Tshirt Bordello. The tshirts are made by American Apparel which are wicked good quality and wash up real nice like. Go check out Tshirt Bordello; they’ve got lots of cool shit over there. I’m particularly fond of the Overlook Hotel pint glasses and the Leia and R2D2 vacuum tshirt.

2 Responses to “Tshirt Bordello – Goregirl Approved!”

  1. cool blog. I hope you make a butt load of money from this and quit your retail job. I stumbled upon this while wondering about a tv show on tbs when I was little. Grandpa from the munsters was the host of the show and they would show random “b” movie / horror movies. another example of cool stuff you can find on the internet. also thanks for the cool links and movie list

    • Gory greetings Val,

      Thanks for the props! Customer service is a drag. If you know anyone over at Rue Morgue or Fangoria…

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