In Memorium of MIKE VRANEY Founder of Something Weird Video

Mike Vraney

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Something Weird Video’s founder Mike Vraney. Mike Vraney succumbed to a battle with cancer on January 2nd, 2014. Please visit Something Weird Video’s website to read the touching words left by his colleagues, friends and family; Lisa Petrucci, Tim Lewis, Kendall Bechtel, Mark Vraney and Danielle Vraney. Mike Vraney left behind a library of unique cinema that may have otherwise been buried forever; a goldmine of underground films that capture a gone by era of moviemaking for us to embrace, love and treasure as he himself did. Thank you Mike Vraney for Doris Wishman, Michael Findlay, Joe Sarno, David Friedman, Barry Mahon, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Joseph Mawra and so many others. Your legacy will live on in the dusty bookshelves of Something Weird Video’s many fans like myself who will covet and cherish these films forever.

For more about Mike Vraney visit My Kind of Story/Images.

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11 Responses to “In Memorium of MIKE VRANEY Founder of Something Weird Video”

  1. eric keys Says:

    I have a real admiration for people who have passion for the weird and obscure. I think the world is a little poorer for the loss of this man. But, like you said, his legacy will live on.

    • He is a massive collector himself, it is super cool that he was able to make his passion a living. Something Weird Video has a very special place in my heart.

  2. Very saddened to hear this. What a wonderful tribute in words on the Something Weird website. All of us B-movies fans have lost a pioneer for our cause. Long live his memory and the Something Weird business. I’ll be posting something on my blog about this as well. Thanks for letting us know Gore Girl.

    • Very sad news indeed. People like ourselves need to help keep his legacy alive for new generations of independent and exploitation lovers.

  3. swedishgodzilla Says:

    How unfortunate, I used to get Something Weird mailings back in the day.

  4. This was very sad news. I think that your recent “Something Weird” Twitter contest could be something of at least a partial tribute to the main man behind the awesomeness that is “Something Weird.” RIP Mike Vraney.

  5. conradw58 Says:

    A fine tribute,Goregirl, to a man whose exhaustive,dedicated work in finding rare or lost films is worthy of legend. I regret I never got to meet Mike Vraney in person,and I wish I would have saved his always friendly/helpful responses to my orders/questions from the very beginning of Something Weird Video(before the color VHS covers). He will not be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

    • I don’t think very many of us make a living doing what we love; it is inspiring to see someone with that sort of passion for the things they love go the extra distance and achieve success. It will be a long while before I see every single Something Weird film I want to see, so there will always be some love for Mike Vraney’s SWV around here, even after January 🙂

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