THE SUCKLING (1990) – The Dungeon Photo Review!

I was in the mood for a killer baby flick and found this trashy little oddity called The Suckling also known as Sewage Baby. The killer baby sub-genre is pretty slim, but the giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus sub-genre is even slimmer. In fact the only other one I know is Troma’s Class of Nuke Em High. The Suckling’s effects are cheap and cheesy, the creature costume was goofy, the acting is sketchy, the premise is insane but I would have to give them an “A” for effort.

I don’t usually kick off a review with the film’s biggest fault, but it is hard to avoid with The Suckling. Here are the words that open the film…

“On April 1, 1973 the most bizarre & macabre events in all of Brooklyn’s modern history occurred. 12 people inhabitants of a reputed house of prostitution & an illegal abortion clinic were killed. Only one occupant survived. When found by police she told a tale so fantastic and horrific she was believed to be insane. Authorities immediately placed her in an insane asylum. The most brilliant investigators spent years trying to solve this gruesome mystery…but to this day are still baffled. Could the rantings of a girl supposedly insane be true? The makers of this film believe so.”

What the hell? I wanted to be surprised! The film begins and ends in a mental hospital but these are just short segments. Most of the film takes place in the “reputed house of prostitution and illegal abortion clinic”. I didn’t need to know everyone died! Yeesh. The Suckling is a film about a giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus. A particularly clever giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus too. I thought this crazy nutty film would make an entertaining picture review because really, how often do you get to see a giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus?


…all he wanted was a cuddle.

It’ll suck your brains out!

Flushed away at birth…

He’ll always be mommy’s little mutant!

This is our lone survivor.

These are some shots from lone survivors dream sequence that opens the film. This has no relevance to the story whatsoever as far as I could figure.

These two guys are doctors. The two chat about our survivor and we get a recollection of the events that brought her to the asylum.

Survivor’s boyfriend has convinced her to go to an illegal abortion clinic. Although she agrees to go to placate her man she has already made up her mind to keep the baby.

Do you really want an abortion from a woman called Big Mama? They drug survivor girl and give her an abortion against her wishes.

Here is Big Mama cleaning gore off a coat hanger! Damn. That is trashy!

This is Junior after being flushed down the toilet. This is not a family film.

This is the toxic waste doing its work on Junior.

An ugly little bastard ain’t he?

He gets some get up and go and makes his way through the pipes and into the toilet. It does not go well for Big Mama’s protégé who is the first to make contact.

The group discovers they are trapped inside the house.

A strange fleshy-like substance is covering the windows on the outside. This is one clever aborted fetus! It even thought to cut the phone line.

One of the prostitutes dies.

Junior has grown!

They build a battering ram to attempt to knock the door down.

This asshole has a gun. A surprising amount of people die by gunshot for a film about a giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus.

Asshole is going to die.

The battering ram works after a few tries but what the hell is going on here? There is some kind of web trap seemingly spun by the fetus. I told you this fetus was clever…industrious too.

Our Survivor! I won’t tell you what happened here. It was a real humdinger of an ending though!

These two scenes were shown during the credits. Make of them what you will.

The Suckling is cheap and cheesy, ugly and sleazy. It is trashy, ridiculous and badly acted but bloody hell; it is a film about a giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus. The idea of which is probably offensive to a good chunk of the population; and it isn’t the only thing viewers will find offensive in this film. The Suckling knows who its audience is. When you make a film about a giant killer toxic-waste-mutated aborted fetus flushed down the toilet of an illegal abortion clinic/brothel you are aiming for a small section of the population. It definitely made me laugh and it certainly provides its share of what the fuck moments. I kind of appreciated their enthusiasm; they sure as hell include a lot of wacky shit into their plot. I’m using the word “plot” loosely here. The one thing preventing this film from being epic crapulence is its lack of graphic gore. Everything else about this film is pretty damn over the top and the gore should have been too. But in its way, The Suckling is still sort of craptacular.

Dungeon Rating: 3/5

Directed By: Francis Teri

Starring: Frank Rivera, Marie Michaels, Gerald Preger, Lisa Petruno, Janet Sovey, Tim Martin Crouse, Susan Brodsky, Allen Lieb, Bobby Shapiro, Caesar Monroy, Antoinette Greene, Brian Muirhill, Jeff Burchfield, Hector Collazo

3 Responses to “THE SUCKLING (1990) – The Dungeon Photo Review!”

  1. Very terrific review as always. I found this DVD at Borders and figured what the heck,I’ll buy it! Yep,nothing like telling us how things turn out in the opening moments! Still,I like this film,too. Gleefully sleazy. The IMDB says Michael Gingold of Fangoria fame plays The Suckling. Before Fango,Gingold published a fanzine called Scareaphanalia for nine years until the bottom dropped out of the fanzine market with the dawn of the internet. I couldn’t help but think of the It’s Alive movies while watching The Suckling,which almost looks as though it were filmed over a period of years.

    • It is definitely sleazy! I had no idea there was a Fangoria connection! I was a hardcore Fangoria junkie once upon a time. Before the internet of course, it was an absolutely invaluable resource. I rarely buy Fangoria these days, I do buy Rue Morgue almost every month though.

      • I was a Fango junkie myself. It’s been eons since I purchased an issue,too. I collected a slew of monster movie mags (Famous Monsters,Castle of Frankenstein,For Monsters Only,and scades more)beginning in 1964 until just a few years ago. Many fanzines as well. Your blog reminds me of the best of those magazines.

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