Zombie-inspired Desserts

…Just 3 more sleeps until Vancouver Zombie Walk!


Definitely more cute than gross, but I think both of these cakes based on the game Plants Vs Zombies are pretty damn fun! (pic borrowed from Between The Pages)



Another cool wedding cake! Looks like the bride and groom have been forced to team up and fight zombies on their big day! (pic borrowed from Who Killed Bambi)



An eight year old girl who loves zombies?! A little Goregirl in the making! (pic borrowed from The Chive)



This zombie is impressively gory! (the link I saved for this bad boy is DEAD (irony?)…if this cake belongs to you please leave a link in the comments).



Yummy zombie cupcakes! I really dig the one that looks like it has unearthed soil on top (I am betting that is some pretty freaking tasty unearthed soil). (top pic borrowed from Flickr, middle pic borrowed from Gearfuse and bottom pic borrowed from Flick Filosopher).



Undead Hello Kitty! A-freaking-dorable! (pic borrowed from Hello Kitty Hell).



This is just straight up fabulous! Love the jam! (tweeted by Goretorium).



Return of the Living Dead inspired half dog cake!! Spectacular! (pic borrowed from Main Made Custom Cakes).



15 Responses to “Zombie-inspired Desserts”

  1. OMG…..I can’t choose ..I can’t choose….its such a hard decision of which one I wish to eat first…I think my favorite is the bride and groom holding off the Zombies on top of the wedding cake…classic…I love the touch with lawn mower and the body parts strewn along the edge below….I wanna piece……:) (with some milk) ……Have fun on your Zombie walk GG! We have that here every year in Grand Rapids, MI. as well..I have yet to partcipate in one (I did almost clip a wondering Zombie with a car one year when I was downtown – by accident of course) Thanks for the cool pics my dear Gore Girl….

    • The internets was full of these deliciously unappetizing desserts! I am in total zombie mode now! I’ve been attending the zombie walk in Vancouver for the past 5 years I’ve lived here and it is always a lot of fun! Do be careful driving on zombie day Philip…we undead can sometimes be a little brainless!

  2. Love these cake designs, I especially like the wedding cake with the bride & groom zombie killers! I think the cake with the real gory zombie (the one with his intestines spilling out) would make me loose my appetite, I’ll pass on that one…

    • Ha! Ha! Yeah that entrail zombie is pretty nasty! I am sure those innards are considerably more delicious than they look! I think my favourite is the Return of the Living Dead half dog…pretty clever!

      • Thanks!!! I love the bloody one cakes, but the dog in the movie wasn’t bloody… :/ I am looking forward to doing something much more gory, lol! Thanks for sharing my pic! 😀

        • My pleasure. Return of the Living Dead is one of my favorite horror-comedies of all time…I love it! I would be deliriously pleased if some one plopped that cake in front of me! I wish I had your talent, but I’m not sure I would have the patience even if I did!

  3. They look so good. The worst thing about cakes like these is that they have to be eaten eventually.

    • I have had some pretty spectacular cakes over the years! Wish I had been better at taking and keeping pictures over the years! A friend made a Chainsaw Cake for me that was absolutely amazing!

  4. Holy shit… I don’t think I could eat half of these. The more realistic the brains and guts, the less likely I’d be to eat it. I admire ’em, but I can’t eat ’em.

    The one for the little girl is awesome. And the dog cake looks delicious.

    • I am so eating those gummy worms coming out of Hello Kitty’s butt!

      • Haha… I didn’t even see that Hello Kitty had worms. Although I think I’m cool eating Hello Kitty, zombified or otherwise. The rule of thumb is this- the more human it looks, the less likely I am to eat it. But (apparently) I’ll eat a cat.

  5. […] Goregirl’s Dungeon is at it again. Rising in the ranks as one of my favorite places on the web to tap into all thing scary, Goregirl’s site keeps bringing the goodies. This time she’s put together a post with a super cool selection of Zombie themed dessert treats. I KNOW you want to see that. See the Zombie inspired desserts over @ Goregirl’s Dungeon. […]

  6. daynahartley Says:

    That first picture up there? IT’S MINE, NOT YOURS. “I love how they just slopped the bloody brain …” NOT THEY. Katie Karcher, who has a restaurant in Benton, Illinois, called Seasoning. Please either DELETE MY PHOTO, or at least give credit to me, Dayna Hartley, as the photographer, and to Katie Karcher, who made it. Stealing is wrong.

    • I credited Who Killed Bambi where I found the picture. Simply thought the cake was awesome. It shall be deleted as per your request.

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