John over at The Droid You’re Looking For nominated me for one of these here 7X7 Link Awards. I don’t mind coughing up some Goregirl factoids but trolling through 564 posts (this is post 565!) to find seven posts that I felt met the criteria was daunting! I am my own worst critic. Judging your own work is freaking difficult! Of course I consulted the WordPress stats, but that only helped with a few of the categories. After a stupid amount of deliberation, I did indeed come up with seven! So let’s break this bitch down…

Seven things You Probably Didn’t Know about Goregirl…

1) I have been to Las Vegas four times. It is the most bloody-awful-seedy, hyper-hysterical, grotesquely-opulent, obnoxiously-whorey, tourist-trap hell holes on earth! I love it! There really is no experience like it.

2) The 1988 film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown changed my life. A friend and I went to the theatre to see Heathers but it was sold out. Every other film had already started and the only option available was Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. We weren’t impressed but we decided to give it a try nonetheless. It was my first experience seeing a foreign subtitled film. Up to that point in my movie going experience every foreign-language film I had seen had been dubbed. Watching a foreign film in its original language changes everything. Hearing the language allows me to escape into that world. The pitches and tones of the voices allow the words I’m reading to have a deeper meaning. When you get lost in a great foreign film the words almost disappear in the minds eye and you can believe that you actually can understand Spanish. I have seen 100’s of foreign-language films since and if I was forced to rate them I suspect Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown wouldn’t even make it into the top 100. In any case, you can certainly do worse than Pedro Almodóvar as your introduction but the man does have films I enjoy more.

3) Frank Oz’s 2004 film The Stepford Wives is the only film I have ever walked out of.

4) I have a massive magnet collection.

5) I have never owned a cell phone.

6) I had to have the baby toe on my right foot sewn back on.

7) You might be surprised to learn my real name is not Goregirl. My name is Terri. It rhymes with scary (and several less favorable adjectives).

Seven Articles that Fit a Theme:

Most Beautiful:

I have photo reviews that I suppose would better qualify for this category. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I chose my review for the 1973 film Baba Yaga. I was quite pleased with the stills I chose that compare the comic art of Guido Crepax with images from the film. I think it is part of what makes this film special or as a commenter stated a “curio”. You can click on the pictures to make them huge! Check it out HERE.

Most Helpful:

My most helpful post and one of my most popular was my Goregirl’s Favourite Horror Films 1970-79. I break down my 10 favourite horror films for each year of the 70s. I watched and re-watched a shitload of films for this feature. I am passionate about my 70s cinema so this exercise was a real pleasure. This series of list gets a ton of hits, particularly 1973. I put a lot of work into this post and I think it is a pretty good representation of the decade. This link is only for a summary of the lists. You can click on each individual year to see the original post. Check it out HERE.

Most Popular:

I love my 80s horror and apparently others concur. Back in June 2010 My Goregirl’s Favourite Horror Films 1980-89 saw my stats triple! This was the predecessor to the aforementioned 70s horror list and was the motivation to take on another decade. The 80s was the decade I grew up in so it is pretty easy to be passionate. I actually enjoy looking back at this list and I am pleased it gets so many hits. Like the 70s list this is just a summary but you can click the year to see the original post. Check it out HERE.

Most Controversial:

I don’t think my review for Cannibal Holocaust was terribly “controversial” at all to be honest. It has received an insane amount of comments however. It would seem that a bunch of kids working on a school holocaust project found my review. What makes me say that? Well here is one comment…

“you people are sooooooo wrong what is the matter with you?!?! Thanks for making me puke on the schools property and making me pay for the dang computer!!”

This comment is especially charming…

“you are just a bunch of sick fucks who need to be put in gas chambers or shot in the back of the head, im suprised people allow you too breathe the same air as us. im quite sure your a bunch of pedophiles or something much worse along those lines. sick fucks like you people who watch and craze for movies along these lines are whacked out.”

Yep. Another commenter balled me out for showing a penis. You can read all of the lovely comments for this one by clicking HERE.

Most Surprisingly Successful:

I was relatively satisfied with my review for the 1969 film Blind Beast. I am nonetheless amazed at how many hits this review continues to get; it is a relatively lesser known film. I am thrilled to help get the word out about a cool flick like Blind Beast! Check it out HERE.

Most Underrated:

Jan Svankmajer is one of the most original film makers alive today who uses both animation and live action to create unique, surreal and often macabre images to compliment his imaginative stories. This is a sentence taken from my review for Surviving Life. I actually wrote a decent little review for this film, but more importantly I think more people need to discover the wonderfully warped world of Mr. Svankmajer! Check it out HERE.

Most Pride Worthy:

El Topo is one of my all-time favourite films. This review is swimming with complimentary adjectives, but it is completely from the heart. I’ve included some great stills too. I also posted a piece of music from the film on my Youtube channel with a ton more awesome images (to check it out click HERE). It admittedly pleases me that this is one of my most hit reviews. El Topo review HERE.

Seven Blogs That Deserve the Award:

I have been a fan of 366 Weird Movies for quite some time now. With the emphasis being heavily on the “weird” it is a website after my own heart! They cover a unique selection of films you won’t find elsewhere and have turned me on to many wonderful and indeed “weird” masterpieces. Check out 366 Weird Movies HERE.

I was fortunate enough to have Scott  over at Anything Horror make some contributions here as a guest reviewer before he started his own blog. I was particularly fond of a briefly run feature Scott came up with called Face/Off Fridays. Scott’s love for horror knows no bounds and he is a big supporter of indie genre films. He covers everything from the mainstream to the obscure. When Scott says a horror film is bad-ass you better believe it! Check out Anything Horror HERE.

Anyone who even visits my blog casually knows I am a big fan of Japanese films; Genki Jason over at Genkinahito’s Blog is all about the Japanese films! He regularly features new trailers for films released in Japan. I seem to find at least one film to add to the queue each time he posts these! He covers every genre including horror and right now he has a Shion Sono feature going! Check out Genkinahito’s Blog HERE.

I am not the only chick out there who knows and loves her horror! Ms. Zena over at Real Queen of Horror reviews horror films old and new. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her Youtube video reviews are a ton of fun! I am particularly fond of this video she did for The Woman in Black HERE. Check out Real Queen of Horror HERE.

Wednesday’s Child over at Deep Red Rum covers mainly horror, but like myself, occasionally dabbles elsewhere. I am constantly amazed at the interesting titles she explores, particularly the 70s and 80s stuff. With titles like Luther The Geek and Keep My Grave Open I am always discovering something interesting to add to my queue. Careful though…there are spoilers! Check out Deep Red Rum HERE.

Monstergirl over at The Last Drive In is all about the classics. Loads of trailers and reviews for classic film with some of the most amazing screenshots you’ll find anywhere. I love her passion! I haven’t been following Monstergirl for long but I have already discovered some great gems I had never seen, or in fact even heard of! Check out The Last Drive In HERE.

Like the site name suggests, Mike over at All Things Horror covers it all. Mainstream to indie and everything in between. In fact, All Things Horror even presents an indie horror night at the local theatre in Somerville MA! Very cool! A great source for horror old and new…well written reviews too! Check out All Things Horror HERE.

10 Responses to “THE 7×7 LINK AWARDS”

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Goregirl. I’ll have to think about these answers very hard.

    I love the fact that the only film you have walked out on was the remake of The Stepford Wives and not a gory horror film! To hell with conformity! You’re ace! It’s great to see a Japanese film has been so succesful for you as well. Nice new banner.

    • goregirl Says:

      Your welcome. This project was a bit of a bitch for me. You certainly don’t need to feel obligated to do this.

      I have sat through some pretty unbearable shite! I REALLY hate The Stepford Wives, even a smidge more than the Godzilla remake, and i didn’t think it was possible for me to hate a film more than that. Thanks, you’re aces yourself. Thanks for the feedback on the banner, I am still undecided about it.

  2. Thanks for the mention Goregirl! I’m going to beg off participating in the 7×7 thing by protesting that 366 Weird Movies is a collaborative effort and I don’t want to slight Alfred, Pamela or any of our other writers by talking about myself. But I love Goregirls Dungeon: your tastes align with ours and when you go outside the strict horror genre—like with your Svankmajer coverage or the BLIND BEAST review—it’s almost always something we’re down with. I’m happy the feeling is mutual!

    • goregirl Says:

      366 Weird Movies is the cat’s meow. Period. I don’t expect anyone to do these meme things. Just happy to give a nod to the site that has turned me on to more flicks than just about any other site on the internets! Besides John, who nominated me, 366 Weird Movies was the first place that popped into my head when I thought of great movie places that need to be celebrated!

  3. You’re a fan of El Topo too?! I absolutely love that movie and it ranks in my top ten of all time. I had to have a slot for the film that began the midnight movie craze! Another reason to love your site, goregirl!

    • goregirl Says:

      El Topo is one hell of a film! Without a doubt one of my faves of all time of any genre! I dig Jodorowsky, and also love his sweetly sacrelicious Holy Mountain and mama’s boy nightmare Santa Sangre which I actually seen at the theatre when it was released!

  4. Jodorowsky is one groovy cat indeed! ‘Holy Mountain’ is so whacked out, spacey, and weird. There was just a fascinating interview with him in Andy Warhol’s magazine Interview. I highly recommend it to you. You’ll really dig it. It’s incredibly interesting and it opened up my eyes to even more aspects of his movies.

  5. […] has nominated me for a 7×7 Link Award so much thanks to her! Here are the […]

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