Jigureul jikyeora! – SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! – The Dungeon Review!

save-the-green-planetWOW! I couldn’t take a single note while watching this one. I couldn’t bare to miss a single second. Afterwards, I doodled on my notepad unable to find the words I needed. It left me speechless. I had to sleep on it. I knew I loved it, but I just couldn’t find the words. This is a genre stew. As much a comedy as it is a horror, sci-fi or drama. A wonderfully unique, and strangely powerful film.

A Korean man believes the world is going to be destroyed by aliens during the next lunar eclipse. Along with his sensitive, but dedicated circus performer girlfriend, they successfully kidnap his ex-employer, supposedly the one alien with the Royal Genetic Code that can contact the Crown Prince, and prevent the earth’s destruction.

I could not have anticipated that a flick with this plot would manage to evoke such strong feelings from me. It is funny, tragic, manic and beautiful all at the same time. It even offers up a bit of torture and gore. There is a love hate relationship with the main character. Our kidnappers unfortunate life is slowly revealed to us. At times you have a lot of empathy for him and in the next heartbeat he’s a psychopath. The film kept me engrossed from start to finish. There are no hiccups here, no down time, no weird moments. It was beautifully filmed, with a very dark and surreal vibe. Performances by the entire cast were perfect. I feel that the less I say here the better. This truly is a film that needs to be experienced first hand. You may not come away from it feeling the same way I did, but you cannot deny the originality of this piece of work. A completely imaginative, brilliant piece of celluloid that left me feeling saddened, entertained and extremely sated. Amazing!

Dungeon Review: 5/5

Directed By: Joon-Hwan Jang

Starring: Ha-kyun Shin, Yun-shik Baek, Jeong-min Hwang, Jae-yong Lee, Ju-hyeon Lee, Ju-bong Gi, Roe-ha Kim and Mu-hyeon Lee

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