demon lady halloween 2008This is a picture of me from Halloween 2008. I was covered head to toe in red grease paint that left me pink for days after. It was so worth it! Damn! I love Halloween!

This is a space for you to leave suggestions and recommendations. There is no horror film I won’t sit through. NONE! I have never, ever, turned off a horror film. You suggest it, and I will do my very best to seek it out and watch it. Please check using the ‘search’ function first to insure I haven’t already posted a review for the film.

Feel free to leave any general comments or questions you might have also.



  1. goregirl Says:

    The infamous Guinea Pig films! I have to admit, I have not seen any of these. I guess it’s about time I did. I’ll try to find Mermaid, it sounds like the most interesting of the lot.

  2. Jenny N. Says:

    Have you ever seen a Korean film called ‘Tale of Two Sisters?’
    Fascinating psychological thriller. I had to watch it a few times before I realized that I would never completely understand it, but damn it’s a good show.
    Anyways, interesting site you have here.

    • goregirl Says:

      I seen that one a few years back, and enjoyed it. I will definitely rewatch this one and post a review. I did review the remake (Uninvited) which I didn’t think was even in the same league.

      Thanks for the recommend Jenny N!

  3. Hello Goregirl,

    We are AFTER DARK FILMS –the film studio and production company. We recently learned of your website and wanted to include you in our publicity outreach.

    You may know us from our annual Horrorfest, β€œ8 Films To Die For,” which plays in theaters across the United States. We are pleased to announce Horrorfest IV, premiering in early 2010. Check out our site at, to learn more about our company.

    We would like to keep you and your readership informed about our new releases and events. If you would be so kind as to let us know who to contact, we will be sure to send our latest news (press releases) and assets (key art, trailers & clips) to them.

    Thanks in anticipation!


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  4. Just found your website today – love it!

    Do you know Fabulous website where you can watch hundreds of asian horror films.

    The forum is a lot of fun. I spend quite a bit of time and energy there.


    • I’m not familiar with that site. Can NEVER EVER get enough of Japanese horror, and I’ve been digging the Thai horror lately, I am anxious to see a Thai film called ‘Meat Grinder’. I will definitely check this site out on the weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the heads up!


  5. Love your site. Trust it for the recommendations, and have sent it to others who share the love of a good horror flick.

    Have you seen Dog Soldiers? I tried searching it here, but could find nothing on it. If you have seen it, please write a review. If you haven’t, please give it a shot.

    It was one of those movies I usually pick up with no real expectations, but occasionally come away with a gem. I feel I got lucky with this one, and I hope you enjoy it.


    • Thanks a lot Wolven! Good of you to say!

      I have seen Dog Soldiers, but it was a few years back. I will absolutely re-watch that one and put up a review.

      A damn formidable duo of films Marshall did with Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Might even re-watch The Descent also and do back to back Neil Marshall film reviews.

  6. bizarre_eye Says:

    Great site, with some great reviews on here goregirl – it must be difficult to decide what to watch sometimes!

    A few recommendations for you, that you may not have seen:

    – Blue Sunshine
    – Bone Sickness
    – Home Sick
    – The House on the Edge of the Park
    – I Drink Your Blood
    – Session 9

    Highly recommended in my opinion; if you get the chance to see any of them.

    • Thanks for the recommendations! You’ve hit on some I’ve never seen! I have not seen Blue Sunshine, The House on The Edge of the Park or Bone Sickness. I will add all 3 to the ziplist (that is the Canadian Netflix). I liked Session 9 and Home Sick but I loved ‘I Drink Your Blood’. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen that one. I would say that one is definitely worth a rewatch and review!

  7. cameronpierc Says:

    The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz!

  8. Just found the site. Totally dig it. We actually call our daughter Gore.. funny. Here’s a few I wonder if you’ve hit one that we’ve been talking about on my site:
    Alligator (1980)
    Triangle (2009) *May be more Thriller
    High Tension
    Dog Soldiers
    Keep up the good work and stop by my place if you ever get the chance. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the suggestions Kai B. Parker! I’ve reviewed Dog Soldiers, which is a seriously underrated horror film! I’ve seen High Tension a few times, but not since I’ve started the blog, so no review for that one. I will definitely check out Triangle and alligator though.

  9. Oh, by the way, Triangle is written and directed by the same guy that did Severance which I noticed on your Top 100.

  10. Awesome and thanks for coming by and checking out my thing. I do all aspects of film but Horror is one of my faves so I may throw you on the old Blogroll… keep it up!!!

  11. I have another recommendation for you.

    “Header” was a book by Edward Lee, author of such gruesome books as “BigHead” and “Family Traditions”. (Both of which, if you can get them, you should try)

    They brought it to screen, and it was intense. Not the best quality, being straight to DVD, but one of the gems you occasionally get when renting such fair. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and perhaps you will give it a shot.

    Enjoy, and keep up the great work!

  12. By the way, here’s a trailer for Header:

  13. goregirl Says:

    Gory Greetings Wolven!

    Damn!! ‘Header’ looks great…I will definitely put it on the “to see” list! I’ve got Italian horror all this month, but I’ll make it one of the first films I see for the month of April!

    I am seriously behind on new releases! I honestly haven’t a clue what’s coming down the pipe for 2010! In April, I am going to make a conscience effort to concentrate on genre films from the last year.


  14. bizarre_eye Says:

    Hey Goregirl

    If you need any gialli recommendations for your giallo-o-thon then I’d heartily recommend ‘In the Folds of the Flesh’ – a very bizarre but unique giallo from Sergio Bergonzelli. I loved it. πŸ˜‰



    • goregirl Says:

      Hi Bizarre Eye,

      Sadly Italian Horror Month is over at the end of the week. I have a European Horror Month coming in May so I’ll put ‘In The Folds Of The Flesh’ in the queue!

      Cheers! GoreGirl

  15. Glad to see your #1 pic was TCSM. I have seen it no less than 50 times! Franklin and Sally forever!

    • goregirl Says:

      Greetings Casey!

      This film freaked me out like no other when I was a teen. To this day, I don’t think I’ve watched another horror film as many times as this one!

  16. Jimbo85uk Says:

    Have you seen the film Rabid Grannies? If not, classic cheesy gore. Goes great with a few beers.

    Regards, Jimbo.

    • goregirl Says:

      Gory Greetings Jimbo!
      Haven’t seen Rabid Grannies in years, probably time I gave it another watch….it would be a perfect candidate for a mothers day review!

  17. You really should watch Let the right one in, it’s a swedish horror movie and definitely one of the most unusal and beautiful horror movies out there. It’s like a violent version of Twilight but for adults.

    • goregirl Says:

      Greetings Toby-I’ve managed to steer clear of Twilight, just seems like something that couldn’t possibly appeal to me on any level. I actually caught Let The Right One In at the 2008 Vancouver Film Festival and loved it! It truly is beautiful and that ending was just fantastic! I definitely need to rewatch this one and post a review! Cheers! And thanks for the suggestion.

  18. Not to step out of turn here, but I’ve seen Killer Nun, and aside from the novelty value of Ekberg, it’s pretty shitty.

    I reviewed it yonks ago-

    It’s a weird film, and more of a curio than anything else.

    • Ouch. Killer Nun definitely had its problems, plenty of ’em actually. BUT, I didn’t dislike it. It was odd and quirky enough to keep me interested and there were a couple moments of greatness.

      I’ve seen a number of “nunsploitation” flicks and very few live up to their exploitative promises, which is disappointing. That said, I still find nuns being naughty rather appealing and I am helpless to resist their sacreligious charms.

  19. GG:

    Can’t believe I never recommended this one to you: VIY (SPIRIT OF EVIL) (1967). It’s the only Soviet horror movie of any real note, but it’s fantastic! Based on a Nicolai Gogol short story, it concerns a seminarian who must spend three nights praying over the coffin of a dead girl—the problem being, the deceased was a witch, she’s fairly lively for a corpse, and she’s got a personal vendetta against the young priest! The special effects at the end knocked me out; hard to believe they came from 1967. This is a must-see horror movie, but it’s almost unknown because the Soviets were embarrassed by this genre movie and never promoted it to the outside world. Search for it, I’m sure you’ll find it a treat!

  20. That said, I still find nuns being naughty rather appealing and I am helpless to resist their sacreligious charms.

    That is fair enough- I’m a mug for these kind of things as well- and compared to half the Shameless garbage I reviewed last year (Oasis of Fear- which is terrible despite multiple shots of Ornella Muti naked, or Manhatten Baby or, worst of all, The Black Cat) Killer Nun is top notch.

    Still, of the Shameless films I’ve seen, I’d rate Who Saw Her Die, Strip Nude for your Killer as the best. Easily.

    Still not sure about Venus in Furs on the basis that it is essentially art porn.

    Oh, and word of warning, if someone called ContinentalOp ever turns up here and challenges you to review something, don’t do it. I got caught with Thundercrack! which is unspeakable. He’s currently pimping Anthrophagus, but those of us stupid enough to take the challenge have seen it.

  21. Oh and sorry about that childish review- it was an attempt at humour that doesn’t read anywhere near as well now as I thought it did at the time.

    I’d completely forgotten what I’d written actually when I put the link up.

    Mea Culpa.

    On the recommendations front, I suspect you’re more versed than me- but I can probably give you a few fair warnings to some utter rubbish (Fulci mostly).

    An interesting one, if you haven’t seen it is Dumplings, but it’s pretty overexposed and aside from a malignant central premise and a fun performance from Bai Ling not that noteworthy.

  22. Honestly, I can’t state this enough- don’t touch the Black Cat. It’s not Fulci like you think:

    It’s agonisingly bad. Probably the worst one I’ve seen.

    I enjoyed your Strip Nude review- it’s a hugely enjoyable pos. I do rate Who Saw Her Die as well.

    Venus in Furs is weird- it’s basically filth, but not as you expect. I don’t think you mean the Kinski one, this is the one based on the novel.

    Also, I agree, Anthrophagus isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. It’s two nasty scenes and a lot of boredom- which is pretty much par for the course.

    I’m deeply compelled to see “The Critter in the Shitter” although I don’t know if it will be any good.

    Manhattan Baby is a confused and disorienting mess, there’s so much of it that doesn’t make sense. I quite liked it in a weird way- but on reflection, it’s terrible. The Egypt scenes are dramatically better than the rest of the film.

  23. I appreciate you taking the time to review suggestions from your fans. That being said, I have another that I would like you to try.

    It’s called Girl Next Door. (Not the cutesy one with Elisha Cuthbert, either) It’s from the writer of my last suggestion, Header.

    It was… Disturbing. Maybe moreso than Header. Give it a shot, and I hope you like!

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • I actually read the Jack Ketchum book Girl Next Door so I eagerly anticipated the film. I watched The Girl Next Door and An American Crime back to back. EEK!! Even the Hollywood version of this true story isn’t without its moments. Nasty, ugly story. I might just do a review/comparison things with both films. I liked Girl Next Door better overall, but I must say, Catherine Keener was something else in American Crime.

  24. Couple of French horrors you should check:

    MALΓ‰FIQUE (best French horror I’ve ever seen, very strange)
    MUTANTS (French zombies πŸ™‚
    GRAPES OF DEATH (also about zombies)
    HAUTE TENSION (slasher with strange ending)

    and from Japan:

    ICHI THE KILLER (if you like gore it’s must have for you, Miike’s best I suppose)
    JUNK (Japanese zombies, lot’s of gore πŸ™‚
    ALL NIGHT LONG (parts 1,2 & 3 – extremely disturbing cinema, very bleak)
    SUICIDE CIRCLE (one of the best J-movies out there, quite famous)
    BATTLE ROYALE (action & gore)
    AUDITION (most famous Miike’s movie)
    HAZE a.k.a. Heizu (like Cube but more outlandish)
    THE MACHINE GIRL (for crazy gore & total strange actions)
    NEIGHBOUR NO. 13 a.k.a. Rinjin 13-go (about multiple personallities disorder)
    TOKYO ZOMBIE (zombie comedy)

    Hope you will like those movies. I’ll give you some more recommendations later, I’m also horror fan πŸ™‚

    • goregirl Says:

      Hi Tomasz,

      I’ve seen some of these but a few I have not. I will definitely add MAEFIQUE (I’ve never even heard of that one!), ALL NIGHT LONG, HAZE and NEIGHBOUR NO. 13 to the queue!

      Thanks for the recommendations!


      • OK, here you have some recommendations of horrors from far-away countries (I like to check horrors from such places :-):


        ISLAND OF DEATH (1975) (one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen, banned in many countries!)

        EVIL (a.ka. TO KAKO)(2005) (Greek zombies πŸ™‚


        13 Beloved (2006) (the best Asian movie from last years)

        Hong Kong:

        The Untold Story (1993) (exploitation classic, kinds are butchered, people tortured by police and other non-politically correct events πŸ™‚
        Ebola Syndrome (1996) (over-the-top violence once again)
        Run and Kill (1993) (another CAT III classic)
        Dr. Lamb (1992) (about serial killer)
        Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) (gore madness)
        Bio-Zombie (1998) (zombie z Hong Kongu πŸ™‚
        Centipede Horror (1982) (just disgusting πŸ˜› )


        Invitation Only (2009) (hostel-like “torture porn” as they call it)


        Winter of the dead (2005) (great zombie movie)


        Feast (parts 1,2 & 3) – American movie but so much politically incorrect that it’s amazing
        Orphan (2009) – great thriller/horror with interesting ending

        but my favorite movies are made in Korea right now, I especially love:

        Handphone (2009) (fantastic thriller)
        The Chaser (2008) (another thriller, much better that Hollywood staff)
        Say Yes (2001) (like Hitchhiker, but even better)
        I Saw the Devil (2010) (brutal & surprising script)
        To Sir, with Love (2006) (very brutal)
        The Host (2006) (horror-comedy with original monster)
        Save the Green Planet! (2003) (weird & original comedy-horror)
        Thirst (2009) (very untypical vampire movie)
        Chaw (2009) (men contra …big pig πŸ™‚
        A Bloody Aria (2006) (Deliverance a la Korea)

    • Hi Goregirl, hi Tomasz.
      Your Japanese list is quite interesting and if you like Miike you should check out IZO; quite disturbing and really weird. Battle Royale is one of the best movie ever made and this not only because of the gore elements but also because of it’s subject. In short BR can be described as a synonym of multiple allegories of a confused and deranged society.
      Furthermore I really appreciate it that you included HAZE. This is a very underrated flick by Tsukamoto, read my review here:
      To conclude I noticed that you have included The Machine Girl by Noboru Iguchi. This movie is ok but you rather should check out Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Meatball Machine (always having in mind that those flicks are CGI infected) by the amazing Yoshihiro Nishimura. I call those flicks postmodern Japanese (cyber)punk movies and you can read some reviews here:

      Have a nice day!

  25. Aha, if you liked British movie “Dog Soldiers”, you should also check:

    OUTPOST (2008) (
    amazing flick about nazi zombies

  26. *Jack Brooks; Monster Slayer. Robert Englund co-stars.
    *Old Boy.
    *Azumi. 1,2
    *Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad. (zombies, swords, greatness)
    *The Midnight Meat Train. Vinnie Jones stars, pretty unique. Haven’t seen a movie with this story, not to say one doesn’t exist just that I haven’t heard of it.
    *Behind the Mask; The Rise of Leslie Vernon. You watch a documentary crew from a horror site follow a man they believe is just acting out the processes of a serial killer.
    *Dead Moon Rising.
    *Murder Party.
    *Black Sheep.
    *Bubba Ho-Tep. Bruce Campbell stars.
    *Sword of Doom. Classic. Effing depressing.
    *House. Horror with a dash of the comedic to lighten whats actually a creepy idea.
    *The Hidden. What happens when something ‘other’ takes over, feels no pain, only its own pleasure. What it wants it takes. Once your body is too badly damaged it moves on….into anything or anyone.
    *Teeth. One of my personal favorites, this is not a happy ending kind of movie.
    *The Tripper. Heh!
    *Feast II: Sloppy Seconds.
    *Feast III: The Happy Finish.
    I try to convince anyone who shows any interest in horror to see these. While not smooth with a convoluted storyline, they are fantastic. Balancing a sarcastic wry humor with a horrific situation and circumstances.
    Somethings gone horribly wrong out in the desert, each person has a freeze frame bio complete with life expectancy. Guy risks his life to save a baby left crying in a car as bait for any survivors, does he do his best to get the little one back to safety? Or does he do the unthinkable to save himself…Hmmmm… ^_^ One of my very best favorite series of flicks. I hope anyone who sees this looks em up.

    • More came to mind after speaking with the lovey!!

      *Split Second. Rutger Hauer existing on his coffee, chocolate and cigars. Always gets me ^_^
      *Omega Doom.
      *The Prophecy. NOT with Christopher Walken.
      *Raw Meat. 1973
      *C.H.U.D. Holy crap I love this movie.
      *The Prowler.
      *Night of the Demons I, II, III also, the newest remake of the original isn’t half bad.
      *Hell Comes to Frogtown.
      *Silent Night, Deadly Night.
      *Drive Thru. Love this one.

      and I suppose that’ll be it for now…sorry if I spammed with too many, or they’ve already been posted and reviewed. Just wanted to put em out there before I forgot the titles.

    • goregirl Says:

      Gory Greetings Liaste!
      Holy crap! That is quite the list(s)! I do have reviews for several of the films you’ve recommended. (Teeth, Bubba Ho-Tep, Murder Party, Jack Brooks, The Hidden)…
      The only films I haven’t seen from your list is SWORD OF DOOM (which is high on my priority list of films to see!). I also haven’t seen any of the Feast sequels, although to be honest, I don’t remember the first Feast all that well. I’ll have to revisit and review the first one I think.

      • Golly, I didn’t think you’d reply that fast! I think I may become a regular here…So please pardon the excess comments you may receive in the near future! XD I’m actually quite glad that theres only one you haven’t seen, makes me want to dig into the movie collection and start throwing down some titles lol. Makes me sad to limit it to horror flicks though πŸ˜₯ I’ll get over it! Thanks so much for putting such time and effort into this site. It’s kickass, basically. ^_^

        • goregirl Says:

          I’ve been a little lapse with the reviews lately. I’m going to try to find a copy of Hell Comes To Frogtown which I haven’t seen in quite a few years. Love me some Rockin’ Roddy Piper though! Might try to squeeze Feast in there too. Hopefully I’ll have at least ONE review for you in the next week OR two!

          • Er- there’s a useful site called Horror House out there that has links to hell comes to Frogtown (Which is where I got it) amongst a hell of a lot of other stuff.

            I’ll find the link for you, if you’re not averse to that sort of naughtiness.

    • Black Sheep is hilarious hehe.
      SubHuman is a really good independent movie. I’m surprised anybody else even ehard about it, very “underground” production I’d say.

      “Oldboy” is definitely the best Korean movie, but it’s more drama than horror…

    • Black Sheep is hilarious hehe.
      SubHuman is a really good independent movie. I’m surprised anybody else even heard about it, very “underground” production I’d say.

      “Oldboy” is definitely the best Korean movie, but it’s more drama than horror…

      • goregirl Says:

        OLDBOY was incredible…absolutely one of my favourite films from the past decade no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But you’re right…not a horror. I’m hoping to check out OUTPOST in the next week or two! Zombies are awesome but NAZI zombies are in a class all their own! Cheers Tomasz…have a good weekend!

  27. I saw you watched many zombie movies recently. I also love them. You can check out my list, maybe there are still some titles you didn’t watch yet :-):

  28. “Night of the Living Jews” is a parody of ‘Night of the living dead”. It’s only 25 minutes long. Not so great but for few laughs it’s OK.

  29. YOU SHOULD WARN PEOPLE THAT YOUR SITE MAY CAUSE DIZZYING DISORIENTATION. I LOVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR DUNGEON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. There’s a french Zombie movie called the Horde that’s worth a look. I may have mangled the title though.

  31. Hello, nice picture. Seing a Mario Bava’s film (Sei donne pel l’assassino) I became aware of the intense use of the combination of black an red colors, as part of the horror atmospheres. About your picture, what do you think about this color combination, black-red? Nice site πŸ™‚

  32. Hi – might want to see Vancouver performances of Hunchback. Catalyst Theatre known for it’s dark and wild design. At the Playhouse, previews from Feb 18, 2012, opens Feb 23 – March 10.

  33. Hi, goregirl! I absolutely love your website! I’ve even put a link to it on my own. I love your content, your writing style, and your natural enthusiasm for the material you review. Keep up all the great work; it is much appreciated!

    Chris Rennirt

    • Gory greetings Chris! Thanks a bunch for the kind words! I also added you to my links…love your banner!…and will delve into your content when I have a little more time (currently slacking off at work at the moment). Cheers!

  34. Have you ever seen this russian movie? ( I’d love to know your opinion about it.

  35. 366weirdmovies Says:

    Check out CABIN IN THE WOODS when you get a chance. Better on the big screen, of course, but if you have to wait make it a point to see it on DVD. It depends on a major twist so it’s best to go in knowing little to nothing about it as possible. It’s going to be a challenge to write my own review without giving away anything.

    • I actually did see Cabin in the Woods and LOVED IT! Very clever, funny and exciting and definitely one to be seen on the big screen! But I am going to skip a review. My head is full with this werewolf project I’m working on.

  36. I just thought if you were intrested you might want to check out my list. Its a list of horror films that I have seen πŸ™‚

  37. I’m new to “following” you but I think your so funny and enjoy your videos; and that I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award.

    • goregirl Says:

      Thank you! The videos are a work in progress…I’m getting more comfortable with each one. Trying hard to lose um out of the vocab! Thank you for the nomination; I’m not familiar with the versatile blogger award…but I will check it out! Cheers!!

  38. Greetings Goregirl, I know you’ve been blogging for some time and have most likely been thru this already but I went ahead and did it anyway – I’ve nominated you for the Versitile Blogger Award. If you care to participte, check out my post for details.

  39. Hello GG….wanted to know if you wanted to be one of my Beta Readers for some of my short story work (especially my Horror Oriented Stuff) before I send it on to publishers for conisderation – I really would really value your opinion on my stuff. You can reach me at my email – philipwardlow at if you are interested …


    • Hi Philip-I’m sorry, I just can’t take any more stuff on. I am incredibly overwhelmed with projects at the moment – until my 60s feature is over at the end of November. If you are still interested, I might be able to give them a read in December. Cheers, GG

      • Philip Wardlow Says:

        No worries GG…I appreciate the response…let me know how to get them to you..thanks. I would still value you your opinion on them . when you can get a chance…nothing formal needed..thanks

  40. I can’t find “Messiah of Evil” on here–if you haven’t yet, definitely add it to your list! It has all the best elements of cheesy low-budget horror (melodrama, incomprehensible plot elements, sudden love triangles, unscientific combustion, etc) AND many qualities of very good films–it’s artistic, in its quirky slightly-serious-slightly-silly way. Basically the perfect combination: totally entertaining!

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