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2009 Vancouver Zombie Walk

Posted in horror with tags , , , on August 16, 2009 by goregirl

goregirlAnother zombie walk come and gone. There was a huge turnout this year. It seemed like twice as many zombies as last years event. The weather was perfect as predicted. This years route took us down Robson Street to Denman and then ended at Beach Avenue. They actually stopped traffic and blocked off streets, which they didn’t do the previous year. The people in cars and
buses waiting for the huge mass of the undead to slowly amble their way down the street, actually looked pretty entertained. Although, I’m sure the group in the airporter bus, on their way to catch a flight, were probably less than impressed. After the walk was over we spent the afternoon drinking on the Patio at the Speakeasy on Davie Street. The staff there are great and we were treated to a round of shooters. We were the only zombies at the bar and were quite the spectacle. A group of Japanese tourists asked if they could have their picture taken with us. What can I say, I kinda dug the attention! I was personally disappointed in my own costume (that’s me in the black dress and boa). I looked more vampire than zombie, but after an hour and a half of gacking myself up, there was no turning back. I’ll be better prepared next year, and I’ll be doing the liquid latex thing for sure! I must get me a pair of those awesome cloudy white contacts! Below are some of my favorite shots from the day.
zombie crowd 2Look at all those zombies! It almost brings a wee tear to my eye!
zombie eatingThis guy is film worthy! Delightfully gory!!
zombie renassianceLovely!
zombie gouged eyesI am completely digging this gouged out eyes look! Very inventive!
zombie crawlingWe did a few “action shots” and I thought this one looked pretty nifty.
zombie mom and childThe child zombies are just so damn adorable! This little girl with her teddy was one of my favorites.
zombie yellow eyesFantastic! Love the yellow eyes!
zombie in treesYou never know where the undead might be hiding. It’s best to avoid heavy brush.
zombie nursesSexy undead nurses are always a crowd pleaser.
zombie crowdWe were pretty much walking in the centre of the mass. The first crowd shot we took from the front and this is the shot when we turned around. Tons and tons of zombies!
zombie pixieI’m calling her a zombie pixie, but not sure if that is what she was going for. Thought it was a pretty cool looking getup regardless.

2009 Vancouver Zombie Walk

Posted in horror with tags , , , on August 14, 2009 by goregirl

Calling all zombies!! Tomorrow is the Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) Zombie Walk (Saturday, August 15th). This year it is starting at a much more reasonable hour! Zombies will start gathering in front of the Art Gallery downtown at 2 pm and the walk starts at 3 pm. This year there will be pro’s doing Zombie make up for $20, and $10 of that will go to the Variety Club. Great idea! The weather channel says 22C with some cloud cover for Saturday. Some pretty sweet zombie walking weather! I included a couple of pictures from last years event below and on Monday I should have a fresh batch from this year! Braaaaaaaaaains!!! Have a fan-freaking-tastic weekend all!!!

zombie walk 2008Walking downtown….those bus windows sure did get bloody!

zombie walk 2008 2It’s Me…Goregirl!

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2008

Posted in horror with tags , , , , , on April 6, 2009 by goregirl

drinking-zombieHaving recently moved back to Vancouver from Ontario, 2008 was my first year attending the Vancouver Zombie Walk. I was amazed at how many people actually show up for this event. The meeting place was the Vancouver Art Gallery at noon. Noon was just too damn early! It took a few hours to get ready which meant getting up before 10 am. Goregirl does not care for getting up at 10:00 am on a Saturday! My partner in crime arrived around 10:30 with cider in hand which aided considerably with the waking up process. It was a great day! After doing the Zombie Walk we had some drinks on the patio at the Cambie. Then around midnight we went to a Zombie related function at Club 23 West. They were giving away prizes for the best costume and my friend and myself were the winners! In fairness the zombie turnout at the club was a bit slim. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day. I am already thinking about my costume for this year! It will be hard to top pouring fake blood all over my wedding dress.

It is a shame that the walk isn’t more “legit”. I would think someone would want to sponsor an event that gets this kind of action. It takes cash to get licenses and permits. An actual parade route would be safer for the zombies, vehicles and pedestrians. I felt like a freaking rock star so many people wanted to take my picture! What business wouldn’t want that press? Maybe Scream or Space Channel could sponsor? Or a group of local businesses? The city has some awesome video stores and a couple decent theatres like Vancity and Cinematheque. You could tie a charity event in with it somehow. Collecting food for the food bank along the way?

Bloody hand prints on the window of a bus is all in good fun and the tourists love it! Fake blood is easily removed from windows. But don’t be a dick! Vandalizing property is bullshit. It is just this type of crap that gets bad press and may end this event for good.

I have included a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Below is a decent shot of the crowd gathered in front of the Art Gallery.

Below shot is the walk down Granville Street. The route took us over the Burrard Street Bridge and ended up in a park on the other side.

Below is goregirl and medicine man pretending to escape from the dungeon. I’m not joking when I say I live in a dungeon!

Amy Winehouse made an appearance.

An impressively gory zombie.

These two gals had a bucket of gru that they were munching on. Nice touch!

Another wonderfully gory effort.

Buying a dress to wear one day! Yike! How wasteful! I finally found another use for this overpriced frock! Don’t I make a lovely bride?