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Goregirl’s Werewolf Project: THE FURY OF THE WOLF MAN (1972)

Posted in horror, movies, Spain with tags , , , , , , on May 3, 2012 by goregirl

No werewolf project would be complete without the inclusion of Paul Naschy. Naschy has played a werewolf in over a dozen films! There were a few of his titles I had not seen so you can expect a couple more Naschy films to pop up. Who knows, one might even make the top ten. The Fury of the Wolf Man is one of Naschy’s early entries. Naschy does a decent job and is a fine looking werewolf, but bloody hell this film is a mess!

Waldemar Daninsky has just returned from a trip to Tibet. Waldemar was the only survivor of a scientific research team. He was not left unscathed however and sports a large scar on his chest from where he was bitten by a Yeti. Waldemar confides in colleague Dr. Ilona Alman that he believes he transforms into a werewolf when the moon is full. Dr. Alman is a teacher and expert in the field of mind control through the manipulation of chematodes; and believes she can help him. The Fury of the Wolf Man is not only a werewolf film it is an evil scientist saga complete with a dungeon full of chained prisoners, a masked weirdo (whom ends up providing a pretty nutty twist), attractive mind-controlled student apprentices, clothed orgies, corpses, spirited werewolf kills, and hell, you even get a second werewolf!

There is plenty going on in The Fury of the Wolf Man. A lot of it however doesn’t make any bloody sense. The amount of continuity gaffs is beyond belief! There are too many to mention but it sure did make for a disjointed viewing experience. The copy I watched was really washed-out and practically colourless. The acting is generally sketchy and the dialog doesn’t help matters. There are plenty of valid reasons to hate The Fury of the Wolf Man; but I just can’t hate it. I can not help but find something appealing about this crappy 70s stuff. When all is said and done there is a story under all the muck. The reveal and the final battles (there are two) are a hoot. I can not say I did not find some of the muck pretty entertaining. And dammit, Naschy is a dandy furry-faced werewolf! I thought The Fury of the Wolf Man was sorta fun, but I can’t really recommend it.

This is NOT a trailer! Sadly, I could not find a trailer for The Fury of the Wolf Man. This video is a collection of clips from the film and contains major spoilers! You have been warned.