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Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Radio Spots/Trailers for Another Day, Another Man & Shanty Tramp

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Radio spots/trailers for two of my personal favourite Something Weird Video films; Doris Wishman’s Another Day, Another Man and Joseph P. Mawra’s Shanty Tramp. Both feature “immoral women” with “no scruples” ” who thought they earned their money the easy way”.

stepping into something weird adam

“They have no scruples. They are corrupt and immoral as their passions run riot.”

Radio Spot/trailer for Doris Wishman’s Another Day, Another Man (1966) featuring music by Syd Dale (The Hellraisers)

Stepping into Something WeirdST

“This unusual and abnormal motion picture makes those Swedish movies look like a Sunday school show.”

Radio Ad/Trailer for Joseph P. Mawra’s Shanty Tramp (1967) with images from the film…

Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Syd Dale – The Hellraisers

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I can’t seem to kick my Doris Wishman addiction! The sexy madness continues with this brilliant piece of music from Ms. Wishman’s Another Day, Another Man (1966); one of my personal favourite’s from the director! I hope you all love Something Weird as much as I do because in December it is going to get extra weird around here! ALL DECEMBER LONG I will be reviewing Something Weird flicks!! Want a taste? Check out my Doris Wishman galleries on TUMBLR! There will be lots and lots and lots more awesome images from the delightful Something Weird library to come!

Music and images from Doris Wishman’s 1966 film ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MAN. Music from Syd Dale – The Hellraisers.