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MY TALE IS HOT (1964) – The Dungeon Review!

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stepping into something weirdmtih

Peter Perry Jr. (aka Peter Perry, A.J. Gaylord, Seymour Tokus, Seymour Tuchus, Arthur P. Stootsberry) directed thirteen films of which I have seen three thus far; The Joys of Jezebel, Kiss Me Quick and today’s subject review My Tale is Hot. At this point I have watched fourteen Nudie Cuties from various directors for this feature; I decided I should do a review for at least one of them. I have mentioned in previous posts, the Nudie Cutie’s main objective is to show a lot of naked or partially naked broads. They are always light on story and usually loaded with cheesy humor. Many of the early Nudie Cutie flicks were set in nudist camps/resorts/colonies. Apparently in the early part of the sixties you could show nudity if you set your film in a nudist resort; there were exceptions to that rule. Doris Wishman claimed in an interview that she was not allowed to show nudity in her film Nude on the Moon (1961), which was about a nudist colony on the moon. Despite being set in a nudist colony it had a science fiction theme and therefore could not contain nudity?! Censorship loosened up considerably as the decade wore on. There was no doubt in my mind which Nudie Cutie I would be reviewing. My Tale is Hot has been my favourite by far thanks to the fact that it actually made me laugh regularly and the sets and costumes were absolutely out of this world! Also I am a total sucker for a man in a devil costume!

My Tale is Hot1

My Tale is Hot aka Always on Monday (1964).


my tale is hot4

Lucifer is reading his favourite magazine The Ladies Book Companion while his wife Saturna prepares dinner. He reads the following text…

“Ben-Hur Ova the wealthy Arab leader in the United States on a business mission has been chosen by the editors of Ladies Book Companion as their man of the year. Ben, a model husband has been happily married for over twenty years. A successful tycoon in his forties, Ben always finds time for his home life as witnessed by the fact he has sixty-three grandchildren. But most important, Ben has won this award because in the unanimous decision of the selection board he is undoubtedly the world’s most faithful husband. No earthly temptation could possibly sway Ben-Hur Ova from his loving home. His beautiful…”

He stops here because the next page has been torn out. Saturna used it for kindling to get the fire under Hitler re-started.

my tale is hot5

Business has not been good for Lucifer and he needs a new sinner badly. He can not resist the challenge of tempting Ben-Hur Ova to come over to the dark side. Saturna’s taunts only spur him on.

“You haven’t had a faithful husband down here since Henry the Eighth.” -Saturna

“You know Henry the Eighth got a bad rap. Any man smart enough to cut off his wife’s head should be sainted.” -Lucifer

my tale is hot8

my tale is hot9

Lucifer pops up in Ben-Hur Ova’s backyard as Ben’s wife Miasis-Ova is doing some gardening. Just before Lucifer makes his appearance it gets extremely hot and Ben-Hur Ova’s wife strips down to her panties. Alarmed by the appearance of Lucifer in her backyard she runs to tell Ben.

my tale is hot10

Ben-Hur Ova and Lucifer meet. Lucifer hands him his hot to the touch business card made of asbestos:

Lucifer U. Devil
Collector of souls
Garbage disposal specialist
Furnace engineer
Evil Spirit
Short Order Cook

my tale is hot19

Lucifer begins his parade of temptation by materializing a swimming pool complete with a bathing beauty. “This is the pear-shaped model.” Another pair of women follow and Ben-Hur Ova refuses to make a deal with the devil. “How about putting my backyard back into a flower garden!”


Lucifer refuses to give up tempting Ben and introduces him to “Sinner-Vision” starring no other than the new French maid Ben-Hur Ova just hired.

“Where you going?” -Lucifer
“For a walk; and don’t follow me, I want to be alone.” -Ben-Hur Ova

my tale is hot11

my tale is hot12

Of course Lucifer has no intention of giving up on Ben-Hur Ova and the parade of women continues.

my tale is hot13

my tale is hot21

Lucifer and Ben-Hur Ova stop for a devil dog with some girly relish. Girly relish allows you to see through walls and get a glimpse of naked dames like this gal.

my tale is hot14

my tale is hot22

The girly relish upsets Ben-Hur Ova’s stomach and Lucifer gives him some Sexlax. The Sexlax causes Ben to blow a hole clear through the wall and get a gander at this bird. Just look at those feathers!

my tale is hot15

Ben-Hur Ova is parched from the Sexlax and Lucifer takes him to get a drink. Of course Lucifer continues his fruitless attempts to woo Ben with his sinfully lovely ladies.

my tale is hot candy barr

Candy Barr’s Burlesque act interrupts Ben-Hur Ova’s favourite show; The Wonderful World of Disney. The Wonderful World of Disney is Ben-Hur Ova’s favourite show which he always watches on Monday; hence My Tale is Hot’s alternative title Always on Monday. To check out the rest of the images in this set click here.

my tale is hot16

There is a very good reason that Ben-Hur Ova was not tempted by Lucifer’s parade of Nudie Cuties.

my tale is hot17

my tale is hot18

Lucifer fails at his attempt to win Ben over to the dark side. He decides to pack a bag and invite himself to stay with Ben-Hur Ova. Saturna catches wind of this and goes to Ben’s to collect Lucifer much to his chagrin.

There are loads more Nudie Cuties to be found in My Tale is Hot! This is just a small sampling of the chicks, dames, babes and broads that offer up an eyeful! As you can see from the images I included the Something Weird Video print of My Tale is Hot is considerably less than perfect. There were multiple green lines that appeared regularly through the film and at no point is the picture sharp but it was watchable enough; it is never so blurry as to have you questioning what an image is. The colors are surprisingly vibrant considering the picture quality and the visuals are too spectacular not to admire. Every single set in the film is hand-painted. I am a huge fan of homemade set pieces and My Tale is Hot is packed full of them! The humor is definitely cheesy and there are more silly one-liners than you can shake a stick at. What can I say? A lot of it did make me chuckle. If it was not for the copious amount of nudity this film would by very PG. But of course there is copious nudity! There is an excessive amount of nudity that would have the prude in your house running from the room screaming. My Tale is Hot came as a double feature with a second Perry flick The Joys of Jezebel. I did not enjoy Joys nearly as much but it is definitely a visually pleasing film with its highlights. The package overall with the fabulous Something Weird special features which included a ton of Devil-inspired trailers (The Devil’s Garden, The Naked Witch, Olga’s Dance Hall Girls, The Soul Lover, Touch of Satan, and Up in Smoke), Strip Short boudoir Belle featuring Candy Barr, A wacky animated short called Satan in Church, A full length feature called Go Down Death (1944) and a gallery of David F. Friedman Exploitation Art. Overall a package I am very pleased I added to my collection! I actually have a few more Peter Perry Jr. films in my queue as my DVD rental outlet Zip had a number of them available. Some were added intentionally like The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill which I rented because it featured Stacey Walker who gave one of my favourite performances during this Something Weird Video feature in A Smell of Honey A Swallow of Brine. I also added Perry’s Mondo Mod; a rare Something Weird Video documentary. The third feature in my queue Revenge of the Virgins was quite by accident as it comes as a double feature with Ramrodder. Peter Perry Jr.’s My Tale is Hot is one of the most entertaining of the Nudie Cutie films and comes highly recommended.

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Peter Perry Jr.

Starring: Candy Barr, Max Gardens, Ima Ghoul, Jack Little, Bea Reddy, Carol Baughman, Monica Liljistrand, Gaby Martone, Barbara Nordin, Adele Rein, Karen Wyatt

The Spectacular Special Features of Something Weird Video

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Something Weird Video was the brainchild of Mike Vraney who started the company in the early 90s with the intention of bringing to the public previously lost and practically forgotten exploitation films. His first acquisition was a collection of 16mm girlie arcade loops but it was a relationship forged with David F. Friedman that would immensely expand Something Weird Video’s library. David F. Friedman was one of the sixties and seventies exploitation kings! Over the course of his career in exploitative filmmaking Friedman directed five, acted in twenty-six and produced an amazing fifty-six films! Through Friedman, Vraney was introduced to a parade of others in the industry like Harry Novak and Herschell Gordon Lewis, among others. The films in Something Weird Video’s library are special for just being rare birds that would have forever been lost! These films could have easily been packaged and sold with no fanfare whatsoever but Something Weird Video goes the extra mile. Due to the fact that these sleazy, sexy and strange exploitative wonders had been all but forgotten finding supplemental material was undoubtedly difficult and in some cases I am sure, impossible. Trying to load up a DVD package for a film like Confessions of a Psycho Cat whose origins are unknown to the extent that it is debatable who the director is would not be an easy task. But loaded up with special features it is! Confessions of a Psycho Cat comes with an impressive list of “Bad Girl Sexploitation Trailers”, the short film Preface to a Life, a gallery of sexploitation art with radio-spot rarities and a second full length film called Hot Blooded Woman!



The Kiss Me Quick and House on Bare Mountain double feature menu was one of the most appealing and creative in Something Weird’s library! While a surfing/Go-Go tune plays each window that contains the female silhouette art transforms into an actress from the film who says all sexy-like “Kiss Me Quick”. The special features on this disc were especially fun! So fun in fact I was inspired to post several images for them on tumblr. This one even came with commentary from producer Harry Novak.





kiss-me-quick-dvd-menu special features

the strip tease queen

The Strip Tease Queen from the supplements on Something Weird Video’s double feature Kiss Me Quick and House on Bare Mountain. For more images for this short click here.

the vixen and the vampire

The Vampire and the Vixen short from the supplements on Something Weird Video’s double feature Kiss Me Quick and House on Bare Mountain. For more images for this short click here.

werewolf bongo party

Werewolf Bongo Party short from the supplements on Something Weird Video’s double feature Kiss Me Quick and House on Bare Mountain. For more images for this set click here.

I was thrilled to pieces by the amazing selection of exploitation and underground magazine covers they included with The Psycho Lover and Heat of Madness double feature. I would love to get my hands on some of these!

psycho lover and heat of madness

psycho lover special features

cinema keyhole

Circa 1960s magazine Cinema Keyhole from the supplements found on the Something Weird DVD Double feature of The Psycho Lover and Heat of Madness. for more images for this set click here.

Daring Film and Books Magazine

Daring Films & Books Magazine circa 1960s from the supplements found on the Something Weird DVD Double feature of The Psycho Lover and Heat of Madness. For more pictures from this set click here.

The Blood Feast DVD includes very entertaining commentary from David F. Friedman and Herschell Gordon Lewis as well as the original theatrical trailer, some neat rare outtakes, a gallery of Lewis related promotional material and a one of a kind instructional film called Carving Magic featuring one of Blood Feast’s stars William Kerwin.

Blood Feast

blood feast lobby card

Lobby Card for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOOD FEAST (1963). From the supplemental features on Something Weird Video’s Special Edition of Blood Feast. For more images for this set click here.

carving magic

A young Harvey Korman (The Carol Burnett Show) and William Kerwin (Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs, A Taste of Blood) appear in this Swift and Company instructional film Carving Magic; a “how to” on carving various meats with home economist Martha Logan! This came as a special feature with the Something Weird Video Special Edition of Blood Feast! For more images for this set click here.

the ghastly ones

Publicity Still for Andy Milligan’s THE GHASTLY ONES (1968) from the supplements included with Seeds of Sin and The Ghastly Ones double feature. For more images for this set click here.

Margie La Mont The Cat Girl

By far the most popular post I have done for tumblr; Margie La Mont The Cat Girl from the supplements on The Fat Black Pussycat and The Black Cat. For more images for this set click here.

Having these unique exploitation gems in my library is enough of a treat but the special features included on Something Weird Video’s DVDs make them a genuine treasure that are worth owning. This is just a tiny sampling of the special features; a world of wondrous discovery unto themselves! I plan on adding many more Something Weird Video films to my collection in the new year!

Fun with GIFs: The Double Feature Edition

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Something Weird Video offers several of their films in a double feature package. In many cases it is the only way the film is offered. This particularly outstanding double feature The Psycho Lover and Heat of Madness both highlight men with serious psychological damage. Review for The Psycho Lover coming soon!


This is the beautifully executed death scene that opened Robert Vincent O’Neill’s The Psycho Lover (1970).

For images from The Psycho Lover click here.


Kevin Scott as the disturbed photographer and artist John Wilright in Harry Wuest’s Heat of Madness (1966).

For images from Heat of Madness click here.

BLOOD FEAST (1963) – The Dungeon Review!

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Stepping Into Something Weird BF

In the past I have referred to Blood Feast as a “guilty pleasure”. Where ever did I pick up that miserable bit of lingo? I don’t feel guilty about loving Blood Feast at all! I’ve seen Blood Feast no less than a dozen times over the years and it never gets old. I’ve never seen Blood Feast look better than it does on Something Weird Video’s Special Edition DVD! It comes with outstanding supplements including rare outtakes, the theatrical trailer, commentary from Herschell Gordon Lewis and producer David F. Friedman, an impressive collection of promotional material and lobby cards for Herschell Gordon Lewis films with a heavy emphasis on Blood Feast and an entertaining instructional film called Carving Magic; Swift and Company’s “how to” on carving various meats with home economist Martha Logan! It features a young Harvey Korman (The Carol Burnett Show) and William Kerwin (Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs, A Taste of Blood)! This DVD and Herschell Gordon Lewis’ tremendously fun and gory feature are an absolute treasure!



Blood Feast’s first victim is killed prior to the credits rolling. Nudity and gore seconds in! The poor gals eye is gouged out and her leg is removed below the knee!



We are taken to the office of the Homicide Bureau Chief of Detectives. They have quite the case on their hands with seven killings in two weeks! The D.A.’s office is getting hot and they have no clues. All the women have been found badly mutilated with various limbs removed.

“Well Frank, this looks like one of those long hard ones.” -Detective Pete Thornton


eye gouged out4


“Are you Mr. Ramses? I’m Dorothy Fremont. I heard about you from a friend of mine; Annette Dupuis.” Mrs. Fremont is looking for something unique for a birthday party she is throwing for her daughter Suzette.

“Have you ever had an Egyptian feast?” -Fuad Ramses


Fuad Ramses pays his respects to the Goddess Ishtar with a large shrine in the back room of his store. Ramses will pay her the ultimate respect when his Blood Feast awakens the Goddess from her 5000 year slumber!





Marcy and Tony are making out on the beach and it is getting late. Needless to say the recent brutal killings of young women has everyone frightened and Marcy would like to go home. Tony convinces Marcy otherwise; “Hey baby, I’m here. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you. Now prove you love me.” Tony gets his ass knocked out cold and Ramses helps himself to Marcy’s brains. Tony is pretty torn up and can barely hold it together when the police question him. Feeling guilty Tony? You stupid dumbass! It is entirely your fault Marcy’s brains are all over the beach asshole! Marcy’s folks are pretty upset too.

“I made her a white dress and now she’ll never wear it.”



Another victim; this one had her tongue ripped out!






Detective Pete Thornton and girlfriend Suzette Fremont attend a weekly lecture by Professor Flanders on ancient Egyptian history. This particular week they are learning about Ramses and the Cult of Ishtar. The Cult of Ishtar was a blood-thirsty cult who held a yearly festival that took place at the beginning of spring. For six days and nights the people would party lustfully and on the seventh night the young women would be slaughtered; their blood drank and their limbs eaten!



Suzette and Pete share a kiss but are interrupted by the radio announcing that another young woman has been attacked. The woman; Janet Blake lay in critical condition in the hospital. The doctor tells the detectives that it is the most brutal attack he had ever seen. Apparently the woman’s face was hacked away to the bone and both of her eyes were gouged out. They speak to Janet who tells them that he was an old man with crazy eyes and mentions the name “Itar”. Despite just coming from a seminar on “Ishtar” about a blood thirsty cult that removes and eats the limbs of young women Detective Thornton does not make a connection.


Suzette and friends hanging out by the pool. In the commentary Lewis and Friedman called this scene “padding”. Yep. But Oh! What joyful padding it is! The segment ends with the snatching of Suzette’s friend Trudy Sanders.


Pete calls to check in with Suzette and informs her that they have not yet located her friend Trudy. She tells Pete about her mother’s surprise of an Egyptian feast hosted by Fuad Ramses. Ramses? Egyptian feast? The wheels finally begin to turn! Pete calls Professor Flanders to ask if he was familiar with a Fuad Ramses. Flanders tells Pete about Ramses book Ancient Weird Religious Rites.



Poor Trudy.


Fuad Ramses begins preparing the feast.


Meanwhile Frank and Pete pay a visit to Fuad Ramses place of business where a horrific scene awaits them.

“For Pete’s Sake tell them not to eat anything!”



The feast is about to be served but there is one last thing Fuad needs. He must have the guest of honor give herself to Ishtar. “Oh my Ishtar. Take me unto yourself.” She must, of course keep her eyes tightly shut while she says this.


“Lust, Murder, food for an ancient Goddess who received life through the perverted death of others.”


Now look what you’ve gone and done! You made Ishtar cry! She may just be a store mannequin painted gold but she’ll always be a blood-thirsty Goddess in my eyes!

Director Herschell Gordon Lewis and producer David F. Friedman were best known for Nudie Cuties when they decided to make Blood Feast. Nudie Cuties were generally light on story with the express purpose of showing a lot of naked or partially naked dames. The Nudie Cuties were travelling a path that Lewis did not want to go down. Always looking to break new ground and go in directions that the big film companies would not, Lewis and Friedman discovered gore. Not surprisingly Blood Feast received terrible reviews when it was released but always the showman, Mr. Lewis knew that even bad press was good press. No one had really seen anything quite like Blood Feast before; its graphic violence and gore was ground-breaking in North America. Color in film was still a relatively new concept in 1963. There was never a need to be concerned about whether blood looked realistic in the past and the standard stage blood was an oddly unnatural color. To make the blood more realistic Lewis added Kaopectate to the mix. Many theatres showed Blood Feast with the gore scenes cut out much to the filmmakers dismay. If it wasn’t for fearless low-budget filmmakers like Herschell Gordon Lewis there may have never been a Friday the 13th, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre or a Nightmare on Elm Street. Blood Feast was my first foray into the wonderful world of Herschell Gordon Lewis and it is still one of my very favourites. There are no surprises in Blood Feast whatsoever. The viewer is aware of the killer from the get go and what his motivation is. We have no attachment at all to any of the victims with the exception of Trudy; who we meet for all of about three minutes while she frolics in the pool. The fun comes in watching it all unfold while the daft detectives attempt to solve the case. I mean really?! How could Detective Thornton not have had a revelation at the ancient Egypt seminar when it was mentioned that young women were sacrificed and their limbs were removed for the feast of Ishtar? Immediately afterwards he speaks to a victim who leaves the “s” out of Ishtar and he makes no connection?! Just the same, William Kerwin who plays Detective Pete Thornton is actually not a bad actor at all and is a likable fella. Kerwin has made appearances in several Lewis flicks and I always enjoy his presence. Mal Arnold who plays Fuad Ramses is really the show-stopper though. His quirky, over-the-top performance is one of a kind and is completely unforgettable. They added grey to Arnold’s hair in an attempt to make him look like an old man which he clearly was not. Just to make sure we knew they intended Fuad Ramses to be an old man it is mentioned verbally several times that Fuad Ramses was in fact an old man! And what was with those crazy eye brows?! Lewis does not have a lot of love for his star Connie Mason and it is clear at times that she did not know her lines. That said, I have seen far worse performances and actually found her quite inoffensive and likable. Now be nice Mr. Lewis! Blood Feast is a film I have watched multiple times and will continue to watch in the years to come. It is an extremely efficient film without a second of downtime. Even the “filler” scene with Suzette and her friends at the pool does not trip the film up for a second. It flies by far too fast for my liking! Blood Feast has ground-breaking gore, a wild and imaginative premise and an outrageous Killer you will never forget! “Nothing so appalling in the Annals of horror.” And Nothing so entertaining! My highest of recommendations; a perfect score!

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Starring: William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason, Lyn Bolton, Scott H. Hall, Christy Foushee, Ashlyn Martin, Astrid Olson, Sandra Sinclair, Gene Courtier, Louise Kamp, Hal Rich, Al Golden

CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (1968) – The Dungeon Review!

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Stepping Into Something Weird COAPCB

coapc dvdMost of the DVDs I will be watching (and have already watched) for Stepping into Something Weird and The Films of Michael Findlay have (and will) come from my DVD service Zip. I was not able to get everything I wanted through Zip so I purchased some downloads directly from Something Weird and bought a few DVDs for my collection. One of the films I bought was a blind choice but sounded so good I decided to take a chance. Bloody hell am I glad I did! Before I even get started on a review for the little piece of awesome called Confessions of a Psycho Cat I would like to firmly criticize the cover of this DVD.


Exciting? Absolutely. Evil? Sure. Exotic?! Why is that word in there? What detail of this film could be considered Exotic? There are a lot of words beginning with the letter “E” they could have used alternatively that would have made sense. Eclectic, Extraordinary, Edgy, Egregious, Efficacious, Engaging; just to name a few. A minor complaint in fairness but the unforgivably erroneous “HER BED WAS HER LAIR” is nothing short of devious! The main character Virginia hates people. At no point in Confessions of a Psycho Cat does Virginia lure anybody into her boudoir. Her bed most certainly was not her lair! As a matter of fact I don’t think we ever even get a shot of her bedroom. Virginia Marcus is far more interested in hunting human beings than making friends with them; never mind making them her lover! Sheesh! The film’s alternative tagline “She’s One Crazy Kitty!” Now THAT is an appropriate tagline! My girl Virginia is indeed a crazy kitty!

Screenshot from 2013-11-29 141014

Confessions of a Psycho Cat opens with Virginia taking her brother to the airport. Her brother is going on a yearly safari; a vacation they usually take together. This year however Virginia has to stay behind due to a nervous breakdown.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223019

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223149

After that long-winded rant Confessions of a Psycho Cat’s post title sequence goes right into several minutes of nudity and sex. The sex scenes in the film were allegedly added a few years after the film was made. Confessions of a Psycho Cat was originally intended to be a straight up horror thriller. The sexy subplot, if you can call it a “subplot” involves the friends of one of Virginia’s victims. I will get into that in a few seconds.

“It’s that dumb Buddy. He’s so unreliable. He should have been here an hour ago. He’s probably doing something stupid right now.”

Buddy is a friend in the loosest sense. He is actually the groups drug dealer and is himself an addict.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223332

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223721

What Buddy was doing was being hunted!

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224012

Than we get a segue into more sex.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224227

Buddy shows up to the party with a bullet in his leg. A small group of his chums gather around him and he tells them the story of how and why he was shot.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224852

Buddy “the addict”, Charles Freeman “the actor” and Rocco “the wrestler” each receive mysterious notes to meet at the residence of Virginia Marcus. Virginia offers the men $100,000 if they can stay alive in Manhattan for 24 hours. The challenge? Virginia intends to hunt each one of them down. It’s a safari in Manhattan! “When you receive the cheque the game is on.” Why this particular trio of men? They each committed a murder that they were acquitted of. Virginia looks at it as a sort of public service and at the same time an entertaining game. The balance of Confessions of a Psycho Cat details the hunt with a lot of unnecessary sex scenes randomly scattered throughout.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224636

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235557

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:01:00

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:17:50

I can not lie, I would love to have seen what Confessions of a Psycho Cat looked like without the added sex scenes. Eileen Lord who plays Virginia Marcus gives a show stopping performance! She is truly magnificent! She has a great look and fantastic expressions; shouting, yelling and laughing hysterically. She just wanted to go on safari goddammit! It is one of those epic crazy performances that linger in the mind. She never holds back the emotions going from reasonable to insane regularly. The first thing I did when the film ended was look up Eileen Lord on IMDB and I was shocked to see Confessions of a Psycho Cat was her only credit! What a crying shame! This film is worth watching just for her character and her brilliant performance! She is not the only highlight of Confessions of a Psycho Cat though. Virginia’s three victims were all perfectly chosen.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 225010

Good old junkie Buddy! Buddy may or may not have been played by Frank Geraci who I could not find any information on. Frank Geraci would have been at the right age to have played Buddy based on the small amount of names listed on IMDB. The film itself does not give credit to any of the actors or actresses. It notes Camera, Sound, Lab, Sound Transfer, Props, Location, and Script Girl (Script Girl?!). And getting their own credited highlight was Bill Boyd who wrote the script and Eve who produced and directed. Eve apparently is a pseudonym for Herb Stanley. There was not an actor or actress listed however. In any case, back to Buddy; he was a top-notch junkie. The dark circles around the eyes, the hollowed cheeks, the sunglasses indoors, the feet on Virginia’s coffee table, the tweaking out. He amused me and he also gave Ms. Virginia Marcus a run for her money.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224938

Charles Freeman “the actor” may or may not have been played by Dick Lord. And frankly sir, I would have stuck with Richard with that last name; but to each his own. Dick had only one other acting credit listed under his name and I could not find a picture of him on Google or anywhere else. In any case, the Charles Freeman character is great! Sort of a washed up actor sort who is looking to get his career back on track. A murder is bad for the career even if you are acquitted. Evidently they reenact each one of the men’s acquitted murders and Mr. Freeman’s is definitely the highlight. He has a great leading man of the 50s look that suited the part well.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 225053

The only other character besides Virginia from the cast of Confessions of a Psycho Cat who I can confidently note the performer; Rocco “the wrestler” played by boxer Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta! Oh yes, Jake LaMotta plays the wrestler and Virginia is particularly relentless with her taunts where he is concerned. He gets himself in quite the lather that inevitably results in his downfall. His and Virginia’s final confrontation is one of the cherry on top moments of the film that will have you shouting Toro! Needless to say LaMotta’s role was not a stretch but nonetheless…perfectly cast.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235025

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235037

The sex scenes are filler and rather goofy filler at that. Some of the participants actually looked bored and some of the acting by this group was hilariously bad. The keyword being “hilarious”. I didn’t hate the sex scenes. They are an attractive 60s-licious bunch of folks who spend their screen time nude or partially dressed and cough out some pretty silly nonsense that certainly gave me a chuckle. The Pièce de résistance was Rocco’s hooker pictured in the two images above. Her scene was one of the added bits and she was clearly not in the same room as Jake LaMotta. There is no way Rocco would have let that crazy dame in his room. Her dialog was priceless.

“What you bring me up here for anyway? All you’re doing is reading that silly little paper. I came up here to have some fun. What’s the matter? Don’t you like me? (Takes off bra and examines her breasts) I never had any complaints before. Can’t you tell I’m a girl? I think I look pretty good. I think you’re putting me down. I’m sexy and that’s what I came up here for…sex.” She than starts kissing her own reflection and really goes at it, tongue and all for a good minute plus. Classic sixties sexploitation fun!

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:20:33

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:20:20

I thoroughly enjoyed Confessions of a Psycho Cat! While Virginia and her trio of victims was certainly the highlight and definitely the film’s best performances, the clumsily added sex scenes were quite amusing. The film had the deck stacked against it when some Einstein decided it would be more marketable as a sexploitation flick and it is a damn shame that seemingly no one will ever get to see the original vision of Confessions of a Psycho Cat. That said, the superb story and characters of the central plot make up the majority of the film and there are a dozen memorable well-executed scenes. The black and white photography and the sets and props are quite excellent. Especially outstanding is Virginia’s intimidating trophy game room! If a woman offered $100,000 to hunt me down safari-style in that room I would have to take a pass. Based on how entertained I was despite the senseless (but amusing) additions this film thrilled me to no end and I am giving it a perfect score. I am so very pleased I added Confessions of a Psycho Cat to my collection and I look forward to repeat viewings in the future!

For more images from Confessions of a Psycho Cat click here.

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Herb Stanley

Starring: Eileen Lord, Ed Garrabrandt, Frank Geraci, Dick Lord, Arlenne Lorrance, Jake LaMotta