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Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Alex North – Music from The Bad Seed

Posted in movies, USA with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 27, 2013 by goregirl

I rented Mervyn LeRoy’s 1956 film The Bad Seed from the library with the express purpose of grabbing screenshots for slideshows. I have been determined to add more North American soundtracks to my collection and Alex North was one of the first composers I seeked out. I enjoyed the hell out of Alex North’s music for Shanks which I posted during The William Castle Blogathon. The Bad Seed is the first of a handful of film music composed by Alex North that I will be posting over the next couple of months. I’ve got an Alex North double shot for you with the tracks Box of Kisses and The Bad Seed. Box of Kisses features stills from the film and The Bad Seed focuses on Patty McCormack’s character Rhoda Penmark.