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Stepping into Something Weird and the Films of Michael Findlay

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sisw-resizedMy co-host David’s Stepping into Something Weird and the Films of Michael Findlay feature is still under construction but he has posted two excerpts from his project over at My Kind of Story – Images on Tumblr. The first excerpt focuses on Joe Sarno and his film Vibrations (1968); David’s personal favourite from Sarno (thus far). The second excerpt focuses on Jack Bravman’s Janie and Michael Findlay’s involvement with the project according to Findlay’s collaborator and friend John Amero. David was fortunate enough via the good folks over at The Rialto Report to access a section on Janie in John Amero’s upcoming autobiography From Porn to Primetime: My 30 Years in Film Searching for a Happy Ending.

To read David’s VIBRATIONS (1968), excerpt from Stepping Into Something Weird & The Films of Michael Findlay click here.

Vibrations poster

To read David’s JANIE (1970), excerpt from Stepping Into Something Weird & The Films of Michael Findlay click here.

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The Weirdness Continues! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

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sisw-resizedHear Ye! Hear Ye! Stepping into Something Weird will continue through the month of January! I have far too much to cover still! Coming Soon to the Dungeon! Andy Milligan! Ray Dennis Steckler! Joseph W. Sarno! Joseph P. Mawra! My favourite five Doris Wishman films! My Favourite five Something Weird Double Features! And MUCH MUCH more! Also upcoming! My co-host David’s fabulous feature on the man who put the “rough” in “rougie” the multiply talented Michael Findlay; director, actor, writer, cinematographer, producer and editor. David is awaiting on a bit of information that may prove to be essential to the project! Stay tuned!

I hope you will step into 2014 with me and discover more of the hidden gems in the treasure trove that is Something Weird Video’s library!

Just a note, I will be back to posting five days a week (Sunday night to Thursday night); Goregirl needs some rest!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANK YOU for supporting what I do here with your kind, funny and clever comments, your reblogs and likes on Tumblr, your retweets and favourites on Twitter and your likes on YouTube! I am passionate about what I do and I appreciate immensely each and every one of those nods you give. All the best to you and your families in 2014 and always!

With Gory Gratitude,
Goregirl (aka Terri)

Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Mitchell Froom – Fruto Prohibito (from Café Flesh)

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A Saturday post? Well, I figured since I was going to be girl incognito Monday and Tuesday I’d give you something to nibble on. I took in this absolutely brilliant XXX gem last night. As much as I enjoyed Night Dreams (also written by Stephen Sayadian) it can’t compete with Café Flesh for me. Café Flesh is the best adult film I have ever seen! Sticky, surreal, funny,, strange, enthralling, immensely creative and a helluva soundtrack! 1000 thanks to my friend David Arrate for setting me up ever so sweetly with this superb soundtrack!

Music and images from Stephen Sayadian and Mark S. Esposito’s 1982 film Café Flesh. Music from Mitchell Froom – Fruto Prohibito.