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Fun with GIFs & Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Wild Guitar

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Stepping into something weird wg

Title sequence for Ray Dennis Steckler’s WILD GUITAR (1962)…

He Was A Country Boy But He Played The Wildest Strings In This Mad-Mad Town!
A frenzy of musical action!
The new sound-sensational!
Record racket exposed!
Smashes the fun barrier!


Music and images from Ray Dennis Steckler’s Wild Guitar (1962). Twist Fever performed by Arch Hall Jr. in Wild Guitar.

Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: The Big Blast x 2

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stepping into something weird bog

Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1967 film Blast-Off Girls is one of several films watched during my journey through Something Weird Video that focuses on the sleaziness of the entertainment business. Blast-Off Girls follows scumbag manager Boojie Baker (Dan Conway) who signs on young struggling bands; Baker has a bevy of beauties in his employ who help keep the young men occupied while he robs them blind. Blast-Off Girls has a special appearance by Colonel Harland Sanders who also catered the shoot.

Music and images from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLAST-OFF GIRLS (1967)…

The Big Blast – Rock n Roll Party

The Big Blast – Noise