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THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP (1969) – The Dungeon Review!

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When you rent or buy a Something Weird film each DVD begins with a highlight reel of select titles from their library. I have seen this identical highlight reel so many times I have all the film names memorized. I will be covering several of these titles over the next month in one form or another; whether it is a GIF, music, photo gallery or review (and by the way, I will be covering many of the Something Weird films not included on that reel also!). The Curious Dr. Humpp is one of those highlighted that I have long been intrigued by. The Curious Dr. Humpp hails from Argentina and was filmed in Spanish but is only available dubbed. The dialog is often hilarious, which may in some small part be due to the dubbing but with this wackadoodle premise I am guessing not. I actually thought the dubbing was pretty good and liked the voice actors chosen. The insane premise is complimented by loads of sex and nudity. But that is not all! There are also fashionable Mod-inspired monsters in matching turtleneck ensembles and a cranky talking brain!

The Curious Dr. Humpp begins with the abduction of several people. A couple making out in the park are abducted while the credits role…

Screenshot from 2013-11-30 183249

A lesbian couple are abducted from their home…


A young drunk guy is abducted leaving a bar…

Screenshot from 2013-11-30 183336

A hot blonde nymphomaniac with a lot of pictures of naked men on her wall is abducted while masturbating in her bedroom…

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 192030

Four horny pot-smoking hippies engaging in an orgy are abducted from their love shack…

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 192634

And last but not least is Rachel, a stripper who is abducted from the bar she works at…

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 193022

This is one of the strange creatures who did the abducting. He is a result of one of Dr. Humpp’s sexual experiments that went horribly wrong. Later in the film Dr. Humpp uses a serum intentionally to get the same automaton effect; but without the unattractive creature transformation. There are several of these creatures who are now mindless automatons and work as Dr. Humpp’s slaves. They are zombies of sorts but not exactly; they are referred to as “monsters” in the film. This particular monster seems to have a mind of his own however.

A police artist has sketched a picture of the above monster guy that has been printed in the local newspaper. When monster guy shows up at a pharmacy to buy a pile of drugs the pharmacist has to run to the back office to check the newspaper and make sure it is the same monster guy?!

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 193233

This is Dr. Humpp and his foxy assistant Enfermera. She whole-heartedly supports Dr. Humpp’s efforts despite not caring for his methods. Enfermera would like him to use her body exclusively and stop using human beings like guinea pigs. Dr. Humpp treats her like complete crap but she nonetheless worships the ground he walks on. Silly broad.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 194038

This is George, a reporter/writer for the local newspaper. He takes it upon himself to do a little research on past abductions similar to the recent ones.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 194243

George takes the information to Inspector Benedict who lets him get way the hell too involved in the investigation.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 200657

A brain in a glass tube full of bubbling water is apparently how our story all started. This brain was formerly inside the allegedly brilliant head of Dr. Dognallo. Several years back Dr. Dognallo experimented on Dr. Humpp who is now continuing his work. What is his work exactly? I think I’ll let Dr. Humpp explain that one!

“Science will soon be able to harness sex; the most potent force of humanity. We will increase the mental and physical prowess of coming generations. The virility of men must be increased and they must be mated with women with insatiable sexual appetites. Through electronic control of the libido we shall produce females capable of promiscuous and orgiastic encounters of infinite variety producing a continuous concubis of delights. These discoveries were conceived by the brain of Poon Dognallo.”

What a bunch of hilarious gibberish! For starters, I have no idea what the name of the doctor who is now just a brain actually is. I listened to this bit of dialog seven times and it still bloody well sounded like Poon Dognallo. Does it matter though? The funniest thing about this is the women they abducted were all horny to begin with. We don’t have to get a hard-on, for all intents and purposes, we are always ready to go. Should these libido experiments not be on the men? They had to incinerate a couple of men who couldn’t get it up competently and it seemed like this was regular practice. They also had to have breaks between experiments on account of the men’s limited libido power. On the other hand, the experiments were apparently turning men into monsters! Hold on. Increasing men’s libidos turns them into monsters? Hey! Is The Curious Dr. Humpp trying to tell me something? In any case, I don’t see much point in making the women super horny if the men can’t keep up the pace. Does that not defeat the purpose of the entire experiment? Is Dr. Humpp attempting to turn the female half of the population into chronic masturbators? There also seemed to be an alternative reason for these experiments. Dr. Humpp was extracting fluids from the couples during sex that he had to drink for reasons I will not divulge.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 200634

George the reporter gets a little too nosy and ends up as one of Dr. Humpp’s experiments. He is tied to a bed in the same room as Rachel and the two are instantly attracted to each other. Later George tells Rachel that he loved her the minute they met.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 201309

Despite falling in love with Rachel the minute they met, George takes the opportunity to get in on some naughty nurse action with Enfermera.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 202255

George and Rachel take part in a seriously psychedelic virtual sex experiment. They never actually physically touch but experience each other completely. Hey! These scene were beautiful! Really! What a gorgeously filmed segment…and sexy too! The visuals in this film were primo.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 204414

One of Dr. Humpp’s mod monsters. Fashionable and practical. These guys rock the knitted turtleneck and they are easily identifiable in a crowded room.

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 205342

The bartender at the lounge that Rachel was formerly employed is handed a note from Enfermera. He immediately calls Inspector Benedict who in now not only trying to find the abductor(s) but that damn pain in the ass reporter George!

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 210140

Mind of his own monster’s story does not end well. It is sorta sad don’t you think?

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 211338

Rachel and George; will they get a happy ending? Or, will they be tasked with having beautiful, orgasmic virtual sex until the end of their days?

Screenshot from 2013-11-21 211354

The Curious Dr. Humpp is kooky and one hell of a good time! The Curious Dr. Humpp is also a great looking film! As you can see from the pictures, the black and white photography is nice and clean; the print was in great condition. The Curious Dr. Humpp may have had a low-budget but it is high on style. The visuals are always interesting and often creative. The surreal virtual sex scene is especially impressive. There isn’t three beakers and a microscope in Dr. Humpp’s lab like I have seen in other low-budget flicks; Dr. Humpp’s lab is loaded with props! All of the sets and their accents were first-rate. The monsters were as messed up and cuckoo as the film’s plot. I am curious to know what material the monster masks were made from. They were very odd-looking masks and the eyes were really distracting. Coordinating them in matching knit turtleneck jumpsuits was a stroke of brilliance. These mod-inspired monsters were not what I would call scary but they sure as hell were unique. I could not get them out of my head! Unusual looking is a serious understatement! I found it very amusing that Dr. Humpp used them to do his dirty work. Could they have possibly garnered more attention? Humpp sends them to the pharmacy to pick up his huge drug orders. It is hilarious when Dr. Dognallo’s brain barks at him for being so foolish as to send a monster to run such an errand. I always feel a little guilty about judging the performances of actors and actresses who have been dubbed. It doesn’t seem entirely fair. On the other hand, acting involves a fair amount of physicality and the folks in this outrageous yarn are certainly called upon to be physical. In The Curious Dr. Humpp most of the actors and actresses speak little and some not at all; the majority of the cast are there just to have sex. The talky types were all competent enough. The humorless Dr. Humpp has clearly spent way too much time with the cranky brain of Dr. Dognallo and seriously lacked social skills. He has several ” emotional moments” through the film that are quite entertaining. Although for an intelligent guy Dr. Humpp made some pretty unwise decisions. George the reporter was relatively swift except for the part where he decides to follow Dr. Humpp coming out of a pharmacy and gets caught immediately. He does a pretty poor job at being guy incognito! Just the same he is likable and handsome and well matched with the lovely Rachel. Rachel is enduring Dr. Humpp’s experiments which are transforming her into a nymphomaniac. Apparently the experiments are quite horrible but I have to tell you, they appeared to be super terrific judging by the patient’s reactions. Rachel is adorable. Enfermera; Dr. Humpp’s assistant takes a lot of abuse from the mad doctor. She is deliriously dedicated believing what he does is important work. She is cute as a button but not the brightest bulb. I do not think the people behind The Curious Dr. Humpp wanted the film to be taken dead serious. The film is called The Curious Dr. Humpp for godsake! Dr. Humpp is a mad scientist who experiments with the libido and I think the film’s title captures that beautifully. The Curious Dr. Humpp is a bloody riot! It mesmerized me, made me laugh and kept me fully entertained! Highly recommended!

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Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Emilio Vieyra & Jerald Intrator

Starring: Ricardo Bauleo, Gloria Prat, Aldo Barbero, Susana Beltrán, Justin Martin, Michel Angel, Mary Albano, Al Bugatti, Héctor Biuchet, Greta Williams, Alex Klapp, Norbert Nelson