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Help Fund Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Zombificador!

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I have long been a fan of Mr. Herschell Gordon Lewis! His film The Gore Gore Girls was the inspiration for my moniker and the man’s nickname is the Godfather Of Gore! How could I not love a director whose nickname is the Godfather of Gore? Mr. Lewis’ films Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs made my top ten lists for 1963 and 1964 respectively. I am also particularly fond of Something Weird (1967), Scum of the Earth (1963), She-Devils on Wheels (1968), Wizard of Gore (1970) and Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)! Needless to say, I was beside myself with excitement when I learned Lewis was working on a new film! Zombificador is an anthology of five stories featuring among other oddities mutant insects, talking puppets, psychos and monsters. Actors Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman are already lined up for roles! Most of my favourite directors have already shuffled off this mortal coil. It is a big deal to me when a director I love releases a new film; especially when I can help fund it! Lewis is running a crowd-funding campaign for Zombificador! Yep! You can help fund the Godfather of Gore‘s next film! I contributed and received a 2000 Maniacs perk! The perk comes with a private link to see a rough cut of the film before anybody else and a DVD of my favourite Herschell Gordon Lewis movie and more! I am genuinely thrilled to have a chance to help one of my favourite directors get his film made! Mr. Lewis has given me countless hours of entertainment! You can read about the production plan and other details by going to Indiegogo and checking out the funding page here. I am excited and frankly honored that I helped fund a H.G. Lewis film…I can now die happy!

Taken from the Campaign page:
“Thank you in advance for visiting our campaign. Any help will be very much appreciated, from a donation to a shout-out in a social network. Tell everybody about our project if you like it, and remember you can be a part of legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis goriest, wildest and grossest movie!”
-HGL and Marc Fernandez

Happy Friday by the way!! I do apologize for the lack of reviews this week! It was entirely my intention to review three films; but alas the path to good intentions was paved with liquor and I slipped and fell! For your viewing pleasure here are trailers for a few of my favouritest Herschell Gordon Lewis’ films!






SMASH CUT (2009) – The Dungeon Review!

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‘Smash Cut’ is directed by Canadian Lee Demarbre (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter) and was filmed in Ottawa Ontario. I came for the Canadian content but I stayed for the loving tribute to one of my favourite B-Movie directors of all time, Herschell Gordon Lewis, who even makes an appearance in the film. I’ll spare you endless rambling about how much I love Lewis, but if you enjoy ‘Smash Cut’ you should definitely check out some of Lewis’ films. The Wizard of Gore, Two Thousand Maniacs, Color Me Blood Red, The Gruesome Twosome and of course Blood Feast and Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat. But enough about Lewis, this is Demarbre’s film! It is every bit as charming, cheesy and cheap as ‘J.C. Vampire Hunter’ and this time he’s added some much-needed gore. Making a film tribute to H.G. Lewis without the gore just wouldn’t be right!

I usually create my own plot summary, but Ian Driscoll, the guy who wrote the screenplay for ‘Smash Cut’ posted this on IMDB. How could I possibly sum it up any better? Smash Cut is a satire of the filmmaking industry and the challenges of independent filmmaking, with a story that draws on the filmmakers’ real-life experiences. It follows the murderous exploits of Able Whitman, a horror-film director whose films are panned by critics and audiences alike – until he starts killing people and using their body parts as props in his new flick.

It is an unfortunate accident that initially gives Able the idea to use real body parts in his film. But now he must come up with new body parts, and the only way to do that is to kill more people. He begins with a few people on his personal shitlist but then his crew start disappearing one by one. By the end of the film he amasses a pretty hearty body count. I think one of my favourite bits is when Able uses a harpoon to kill a victim whose death is suppose to look like a suicide. He ends up calling his screenwriter to help him figure out how he can fix this problem. There are plenty of severed body parts, a few creative death sequences and a pretty funny but cringe-worthy eye gouging, but there was still not as much of the gooey stuff I would have liked. In a film of this ilk, I really don’t think there is such a thing as too much. I’m not really complaining though, the schlocky and fake looking effects are perfectly suited to the film. They made me laugh and still grossed me out; I’m just saying there could have been more.

The unfortunate accident that starts the ball rolling is what also brings our other central character April into the picture. It turns out the victim was her sister, who at this point she believes is still missing. April hires private investigator Isaac Beaumonde who suggests she audition for Able. Of course the lovely April bags the part and is soon on the “inside”. It would seem that April might be the only character in Able’s film. Every scene we see Able shoot has April in the same nurse uniform on the same set holding different severed body parts and screaming.

The film is stuffed to the gills with appearances from horror icons starting with its star, David Hess who was unforgettable in ‘Last House on the Left’ and ‘The House on the Edge of the Park’. Hess is great as Able Whitman, he really pours himself into the role and plays it humorously deranged. Michael Berryman from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ makes an appearance in a very bad toupee as film exec Philip Farmsworth Jr. and Ray Sager who played Montag the Magnificent in H.G. Lewis’ Wizard of Gore’ has a minor role as Reverend Ezekial Boone. And of course the great Herschell Gordon Lewis himself makes an appearance as Fred Sandy. Rounding out the cast is Porn star Sasha Grey who is cute and likeable as April and surprisingly is never called on to get naked. Jesse Buck is pretty entertaining as the arrogantly amusing detective Isaac Beaumonde.

‘Smash Cut’ is a rare treat for those who like films that are so bad they are great. You will be tickled pink by the awesome opening and closing credits and the outrageously entertaining score that compliments all the silliness. Yes, ‘Smash Cut’ is cheap, cheesy, schlocky and ridiculous. It is also hilariously entertaining and gory good fun! If this sort of thing moves you, I really don’t see how you could be disappointed with ‘Smash Cut’. Highly recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Lee Demarbre

Starring: David Hess, Jesse Buck, Michael Berryman, Ray Sager, Sasha Grey, Jennilee Murray, Michael Dubue, Barry Blake, Parisa Kasaei, Peter Michael Dillon, Meghanne Kessels, Jeff Lawson, Mercedes Papalia, Herschell Gordon Lewis

Rue Morgue Presents: SMASH CUT at the Bloor Cinema!

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I posted a trailer for ‘SMASH CUT’ on August 10th but didn’t have any information on DVD release dates at the time. Well, I still don’t, but if you live in Toronto, than you are in luck!! They are showing the film at the Bloor Cinema on October 15th, and the director, writer and one of its stars will be in attendance for a Q&A after. A must see!! If you live in the area you have to check it out!

smash cut

(Cut and Paste From Rue Morgue Website)
Director Lee Demarbre and writer Ian Driscoll – the team behind Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and The Dead Sleep Easy – return with SMASH CUT, a loving tribute to Herschell Gordon Lewis. David Hess (Last House On The Left) stars as a maligned no-budget horror director who develops a bloodlust after accidentally discovering that the key to success is to use real gore in his films. Porn star Sasha Grey co-stars, along with Lewis himself and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes). Join Hess, Dermarbre and Driscoll for the Toronto premiere of SMASH CUT, followed by a Q & A. Also featuring ghastly prizes, classic movie trailers and more! Thursday October 15 at the Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor St. West, Toronto, doors: 9:15). One night only.

Lee Demarbre’s SMASH CUT – Horror-Comedy Trailer

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I stumbled on this trailer over the weekend. This low budget horror-comedy is Canadian! I always welcome a chance to show a little love for the motherland. ‘Smash Cut’ is filmed in Ottawa Ontario and is directed by Canadian, Lee Demarbre, who’s notable work includes ‘Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter’. A few horror icons make appearances in the film, like David Hess (The Last House on the Left), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) and legendary director Herschell Gordon Lewis. Lewis is the great mind behind such classic low budget horror films as Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs and The Wizard of Gore. This looks like it is going to a be a silly, shlocky gorefest that will be packed full of bad one-liners and cheap effects. Sounds right up my alley! Pure Gold! Check it out!