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1984-A-Thon: THE TOXIC AVENGER – The Dungeon Review!

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This is my contribution for Forgotten Films 1984-A-Thon! Cheers Todd!


1984_blogathonIn June 2010 I compiled a list of my ten favourite horror films for each year of the 1980s. To be honest, 1984 was probably my least favourite year of the decade for horror movies. 1984 however was an especially solid year for non-horror films and features some huge all-time personal favourites including Repo Man, Paris Texas, Blood Simple, This is Spinal Tap and Stranger than Paradise just to name a few. There is one horror film from 1984 however that I thought deserved special attention. It is rude, crude, gory, silly, sticky, icky and an all around smashing good time; Troma’s mutant monster masterpiece The Toxic Avenger.

“People can’t go around doing things just because they’re right. We have to leave these decisions to the mayor and the police chief.”

New_Picture_2_ (1)

I watched both the VHS and the 21st Anniversary Golden Edition DVD of The Toxic Avenger. The screen caps I included are from the DVD but I can tell you there is very little difference in picture quality between the two. The DVD however includes loads of special features like interviews, deleted scenes, laser disc intro and outro and lots more. Lloyd Kaufman does an intro for the special edition where he calls The Toxic Avenger “his nigger and cash cow who put his children through college.” Indeed The Toxic avenger spawned three sequels, a musical production and a kid’s cartoon show.


Our tale takes place in the town of Tromaville; The toxic chemical capital of the world; as its sign proudly announces. Population 15,000.

New_Picture_2_ (1)

We begin our story at the Tromaville Health Club where Melvin Furd works. Melvin’s life would be forever changed by toxic chemical waste.

New_Picture_6_ (1)

This is Melvin Furd; a constantly grinning, awkward and unpopular young man who takes care of the maintenance at the health club.

New_Picture_4_ (2)

The club is frequented by many nasty big haired vixens in Danskin workout wear and headband-wearing jocks. This is Julie and Bozo. They have a particular hate on for Melvin and are looking to wipe that grin off his face. “He is screwing up my karma.”


This is Slug and Wanda, friends to Julie and Bozo. Melvin has walked in on Slug and Wanda having sex. Wanda pulls out a knife with a pink ribbon on it and threatens to cut Melvin up if he doesn’t beat it fast.





Tromaville has been plagued by a hit and run killer. The guilty parties being our heinous quartet of Julie, Bozo, Slug and Wanda. The gang of four go out driving at night with the specific intent of hitting and killing the good people of Tromaville. They even have a points system set up. “Jews, wops, niggers and chinks; they’re all worth 25 points. But Puerto Ricans, they’re worth thirty. Now kids under twelve, they’re worth double points.” Tonight’s victim is a child on a bike!


After hitting the kid and graphically squashing his head Julie and Wanda get out and take Polaroid pictures which they admire with great enthusiasm. They really are not very nice people.


Melvin is hard at work cleaning the windows of the squash court.


Julie, Wanda, Bozo and Slug are hatching a plan to wipe that grin off of Melvin’s face once and for all.





Julie convinces Melvin with her seductive charms to meet her in the girl’s locker room. She asks Melvin to change into a pink tutu and tights for their rendezvous. Julie then lures Melvin to the pool. Instead of a bikini-clad Julie he is met with a sheep and everyone in the club laughing and pointing at him. Melvin runs in horror up some stairs and throws himself out of a second story window. Melvin lands in a barrel of green bubbling toxic waste on a flatbed truck parked outside! He pulls himself from the barrel and writhes about on the sidewalk as his skin burns and sizzles and eventually catches fire!



Miraculously surviving this episode he runs home and jumps into the bath. He begins to transform and mutates into a huge creature! The Toxic Avenger is born!


He runs from the house and upon his return is greeted by his horrified mother. Melvin is forced to set up a makeshift home at the town dump.


Toxie’s first order of business is to help out the only honest cop on the Tromaville police force; Clancy. Clancy is having the snot beaten out of him by Cigar Face and his two cronies Nipples and Knuckles for refusing to take a bribe. Just before they are going to blow Clancy’s nuts off The Toxic Avenger arrives to save the day. The Toxic Avenger makes front page news the next day “Monster Mops Up Mobsters!”





For a town of 15,000 there is a disproportionate amount of bad-asses. Three men robbing a fast food joint; Leroy, Rico and Frankie are the next to feel Toxie’s wrath. Before Toxie arrives however the trio take out an outspoken male patron and a blind woman’s dog. The Toxic Avenger takes the trinity out using his brute strength and the restaurant’s amenities (I’ll have the man-sized milkshake and some deep-fried hands to go please). The Toxic Avenger once again makes the headlines; “Monster Hero Save The Day At Fast Food Restaurant.”




Sara, the blind girl whose dog was shot in the restaurant holdup is assisted home by Toxie. Sara and Toxie fall in love and eventually move into his home in the town dump.


New_Picture_33_ (1)

Wanda is masturbating in the health club’s spa when she is spanked by Toxie for being a bad girl.




Toxie is winning the hearts of the citizens of Tromaville, but the prisons are getting full and the crooked major is not liking it one bit.


Toxie gets his revenge on Julie. How sweet it is!


The crooked, rotten to the core Major Peter Belgoody calls in the National Guard.


A Happy ending. “So Melvin the Monster hero rids Tromaville of all of its evil so the good citizens could live their lives in peace and happiness. And the next time you’re in danger or in need of help look to the horizon and maybe, just maybe The Toxic Avenger will be there.”

Troma makes low-budget flicks without the burden of offending the average movie goer; it is part of their charm. By no means is every Troma film as entertaining as The Toxic Avenger; some of their fare is downright unwatchable. There are however plenty of gems scattered throughout their library well worth a watch if your taste leans towards salty. The Toxic Avenger is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with their films. I must admit, I was disappointed in the picture quality of the DVD. As you can see from these images it is very dull and washed out. That said, The Toxic Avenger is a wholly enjoyable product of the 1980s. The big hair, Danskin Dancewear, cheesy music and headbands; freaking headbands. I watched The Toxic Avenger three times in preparation for this review and it never once felt tedious. The film wastes no time getting right into the heart of the matter; the ridicule of our hero Melvin and his revenge once transformed into the monster with a heart of gold. There are plenty of laughs ranging from incredibly corny to “you may not want to admit you laughed at that” crudeness. There is some delicious gore, cheap but suitably gruesome including Melvin’s transformation, two head squashings, the ripping off of an arm and a few other goodies I won’t tell you about. The bad-asses are ridiculously over the top and eccentric as hell; it is especially sweet seeing the two snotty tramps Wanda and Julie get their comeuppance! To summarize, The Toxic Avenger is more fun than a bag of snakes!

Quotes you can use at your next family get together…

“Drop your tacos or I’ll blow your brains out!”

“Always did want to cornhole me a blind bitch.”

“I love the sound of breaking bones.”

“Did you see her face when I punched her?”

“Beat that old lady like a dog!”


FATHER’S DAY (2011) – The Dungeon Review!

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I was making an effort this year to see some horror films from the past decade if it killed me. I thought I would kick off my viewing with a horror-comedy from a Canadian production/directing outfit Astron-6. The film was produced and distributed by Troma and even features a cameo appearance from Lloyd Kaufman who plays both God and Satan. Good fucking news! My first newish horror film in ages was a shitload of fun! All hail the Fuckmanus!



New_Picture_1_ (1)

In the pre-credit prologue we get a glimpse of the father’s day killer. He has just killed a dad. We know this because they show us a DAD mug. He is noshing on the dead dad as Ahab makes his way up to the room. We know his name is Ahab because his license plate says AHAB*666. Ahab chases the killer down and wishes him a happy father’s day before he shoots him in the head.




A really nifty animated credit sequence follows.


New_Picture_2_ (1)

We meet Twink who is being questioned at the police station about his father’s death. There has been a rash of fathers raped and killed. Father John Sullivan is waiting for Twink to offer him solace but Twink isn’t having any of it.

“Stay the fuck away from me Jesus freak.”


Father Sullivan visits Father O’Flynn and relays Twinks cold reception. O’Flynn tells Sullivan about “The Fuckman”.

“Many fathers were killed at that time. Not one was safe from the beast. Then one day he found Ahab’s father. I raised that boy as I would raise me own. He tried to kill The Fuckman. You must find this man Ahab”

New_Picture_3_ (1)

Sullivan makes the long journey to Ahab’s remote home where he taps trees for maple syrup.

“Sorry, I’m tapping this maple tree.”
“It’s not a maple tree.”

Ahab is initially unreceptive but eventually agrees to meet with Father O’Flynn.



Ahab seeks out the last crime scene and runs into Detective Stegel. The two men have a history on account of Ahab’s vigilante past. There is no love lost between Stegel and Ahab. Stegel threatens to take Ahab and his little sister down if they interfere.


Ahab goes to see his little sister Chelsea who he has not seen since she was a child. Chelsea is working as a stripper in a bar run by Ahab’s former lover Sleazy Mary.



Ahab walks into the club’s dressing room to find this angry stripper with a chainsaw.

“How’d you get in here?” -Stripper
“Your doorman took a break.” -Ahab
“My god Artie, you got shot again?” -Stripper

New_Picture_4_ (1)

Little sister Chelsea is understandably bitter about having to grow up in a nun-run orphanage. She tells Ahab to fuck off.

New_Picture_5_ (1)

New_Picture_6_ (1)

Twink and Walnut meet up with Chelsea. Twink is pretty choked up about his father and Chelsea invites him to stay with her. Suddenly the power goes out and Fuckman is in Chelsea’s apartment. Chelsea shoots the hell out of him but not before he rips out walnuts throat with his teeth. Ahab shows up too late. They need to take this Fuckman bastard down! But first they have to deal with Detective Stegel who is knocking on Chelsea’s door.



Twink and Ahab leave out the front door incognito as two of Chelsea’s girlfriends and head to the grave of Ahab’s father. They dig up the grave of Ahab’s father which is actually a coffin full of weapons.

New_Picture_9_ (1)

“All hail Fuckmanus!”

New_Picture_7_ (1)

New_Picture_8_ (2)

Father Sullivan finds Father O’Flynn’s head in a box.

New_Picture_10_ (1)

Father Sullivan joins Twink and Ahab on their mission to kill Fuckman.

New_Picture_11_ (1)

They go to the strip club to retrieve Chelsea but Fuckman has been there and has laid waste to the staff. Chelsea is nowhere to be found.


Some shit happens and Ahab is badly injured. They are forced to lay low for the night. The hungry Twink and Father Sullivan finds some berries in Ahab’s pocket which they eat. The berries make them trip balls.



Ahab is just fine and dandy in the morning and the trio head out to find Fuckman and Chelsea.

“Did you guys see that?!” Things take a weird and supernatural turn at this point.


The film is presented as a television late show complete with Commercials. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this detail on my first viewing of the film. On a second watch however I thought it suited the campy comic book feel of the film. Also, the commercial is pretty damn entertaining.


Father Sullivan finds the ancient tome “The Fuchmanus”.


Hold on. Why is Ahab fucking his sister Chelsea? You are going to have to see the film to find out!






“I own upstairs and downstairs. You give the illusion of competition and it raises morale. Kinda like the movie business.” – Lloyd Kaufman as God and Satan.

They all end up in hell and have to fight a giant demon! I really could have lived without the Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt Shtick. I thought this sequence was fabulous but I am so freaking sick of Star Wars references (and by the way I know Jabba the damn Hutt is from The bloody Empire Strikes Back and not Star Wars).

Father’s Day would have been a lot of fun to see at a festival with like-minded folks. It is campy, comical and its story and characters are outrageous. Creating visuals for your film that make it look like it was a seventies or eighties production seems to be a popular trend from the last few years. A trend that seems to have been inspired by Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. I’ve read a few negative opinions on the subject but I actually dig it. Granted it isn’t always done very well but when it is I enjoy it lots. Two of my favourite films from the past decade fall under that umbrella; Jason Eisener’s Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) and Scott Sanders’ Black Dynamite (2009). Father’s Day is made to look aged and doesn’t do too bad of a job of it but where it really succeeds is in the effects department. The giant demon in the film’s finale is super neato and there is plenty of gore. There is a delightful head-stomping, baby-stomping, a throat-ripping, explosive shot to the gut, blood/entrail vomiting and a few really nasty looking dead folks. Not all the humour made me laugh but there was more than enough that did; some great prop comedy and enjoyable performances too. I always enjoy religious folks doing sacrilicious stuff and the film’s two Father’s use the work fuck more often than Joe Pesci (okay, not more often than Joe Pesci but lots). Three of the film’s directors play central characters; Adam Brooks is Ahab, Matthew Kennedy is Father John Sullivan and Conor Sweeney is Twink. Twink was definitely my favourite character and would have been at home in any Troma film. I dug his Loverboy headband! Clearly the Astron-6 team are fans of low-budget eighties horror and Father’s Day fits the Troma label like a glove. I really look forward to checking out Astron-6’s Manborg now! For those of you who like corny, campy, gory fun you might enjoy Father’s Day as much as I did. Highly recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Astron-6 (Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie, Matthew Kennedy, Steven Kostanski, Conor Sweeney)

Starring: Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Amy Groening, Garrett Hnatiuk, Brent Neale, Kevin Anderson, Meredith Sweeney, Zsuzsi, Lloyd Kaufman, Mackenzie Murdock, Billy Sadoo, Falcon Van Der Baek, Kyle Young, Murray Davidson

Goregirl’s TOP 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1999

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This is the final top ten horror list of the decade!! Other than my announcement of the winner of the Criterion contest on Friday, this will also be the last post I will be doing for this feature!! I am completely 90s horror’d out! And speaking of the Criterion contest I want to remind you that the contest ends this Thursday, February 28th at noon (Pacific Time – West Coast of Canada yo). If you entered, poke your head in on Friday, March 1 to find out if you were the lucky winner! The last year of the decade was an entertaining one and heavy with Japanese titles with four picks from the country. Film number one I rated 5/5, Films two through nine I rated 4/5 and film number ten was rated 3.5/5. I also rated the following three films 3.5/5; Los Sin Nombre, Top of the Food Chain and Hellblock 13.


Directed By: Rodman Flender

No one is more surprised I like this film than me. As I have mentioned in previous posts I have felt really spurned by the volume of North American made horror films with a high school theme. I did rather like the idea of a possessed hand-ala-Evil Dead 2 and throwing in two mates coming back from the dead was a nifty twist. There is a little mockery of the genre and some good laughs in this silly horror-comedy with a significant body count, creative deaths and decent effects. It is not without some problems but Idle Hands was pretty fun!


Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman

Terror Firmer is one of Troma’s funniest and most outrageous films since the 80s! Cheap, sleazy and gory fun with lots of Troma regulars and appearances from Ron Jeremy, Lemmy, Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Eli Roth and of course the face of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman playing himself! It is a Troma film about making a Troma film and as you would expect it is ridiculously schlocky, tasteless, full of boobs, bodily fluids and tons of over-the-top violence. Troma’s trailer really says it all…


Directed By: Tim Burton

Ichabod crane is sent to the tiny town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a trio of murders by decapitation that may be the work of a malevolent spirit known as the Headless Horseman. Johnny Depp was all over the place in the 90s and here he plays the eccentric and eager Ichabod Crane; one of the first of many Tim Burton films he would star in. The film screams Burton with its lovely gothic sensibility and a touch of playful menace. While I certainly would not call the film scary, it does have its suspenseful and mysterious moments. It also has Christopher Walken as the horseman and you can’t go wrong with that! Walken is quite creepy in the role and I really dug the makeup on his character! I still have the special orange popcorn bucket from when I went to see this in the theatre! Sleepy Hollow is classic Burton entertainment!


Directed By: John McTiernan

This is one of many films from the 90s I seen in the theatre and haven’t revisited until now. When this showed up on the IMDB horror list I thought what the hell? This is a horror film? This is a big flashy Norse legend kind of thingy and it does in fact have ancient mythical creatures that come from within the mist and eat human flesh! How could I forget such a detail? The film looks like a million bucks and so does Antonio Banderas; the man is not hard on the eyes. The 13th Warrior is jammed-packed with giant battling big sweaty men on horseback with literal names (Hyglak the Quarrelsome, Ragnar the Dour etc), elaborate costuming, impressive set pieces and cinematography and a surprising amount of blood.


Directed By: Masayuki Ochiai

Three suicides that occur on a single night may actually be murder and could be related to a popular television hypnotist and his muse Yuka. The strange suicide-murders continue to leave the police department mystified. A well-seasoned cop and a young psychoanalyst team up to attempt to solve the puzzle. I picked this film up in Chinatown for $2! As much as I love these finds, I have been burned by Chinatown cheapies. The subtitles in this film are unbelievably bad! Spelling mistakes and some seriously questionable phrasing. I am going to blame this on my cheap copy because otherwise I quite dug this film. The characters were a bit of an odd lot! There are a whole lot of cranky middle-aged cops that are awfully shouty! The young psychoanalyst and lovely Yuka the hypnotist’s muse are definitely the highlights here. Poor Yuka is one messed up little gal! Hypnosis has kooky psychedelic hypno-visuals, creative deaths and an interesting premise with a few twists I did not see coming. Hypnosis was a first time watch and was a great surprise.


Directed By: Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sánchez

The Blair Witch Project is the made on the cheap film that started the shaky hand held camera and found footage craze. When this was out in the theatre I went to see this with a huge group of friends and we all loved it but these days I can nigh find a comrade who even likes this movie. Oh well, I still think this film is great!! It is so simple, subtle, scary, well-paced and if I had not known better I could easily have mistaken it for a documentary. The three central characters never seemed like they were acting to me and they don’t look beautiful or glamorous at any point in the film. The scene where Heather Donahue is staring into the camera crying and shaking, she literally has snot coming out of her nose, like you would if you were lost and weeping in the cold night! I am not exactly an outdoorsy camping sort of girl; I prefer the comfort of the cottage and the idea of being lost in the woods is actually quite frightening to me. Never mind finding freaking creepy trinkets that look like they were made by bent cult members. Despite it being seemingly unpopular to do so, I really dig The Blair Witch Project.


Directed By: Shin’ya Tsukamoto

Yukio, a well to do doctor has his life turned upside down when his identical twin brother, abandoned for a disfiguring birthmark, returns for revenge. This film is all about contrast. Yukio and his family are very reserved and the scenes featured in their home are done so with muted tones. The scenes shot in the slum are the polar opposite. The actions are exaggerated and the colors are loud. The costumes were fantastic! The traditional garb is amazing and the Cirque du Soliel-esque slum wear was an extreme contrast that worked beautifully. The music was bizarre but perfect and the performances are absolutely top notch across the board! Gemini is an extremely effective story about revenge, love, betrayal and class war.


Directed By: Tetsuro Takeuchi

The action revolves around the Japanese garage punk band Guitar Wolf. A trio of coiffed, leather-bound super cool rockers. Ace, our main character is a wannabe rocker and number one fan of Guitar Wolf. One fateful night he finds himself in the middle of a gunfight between Guitar Wolf and an evil hot pant wearing wigged club owner. Guitar Wolf recognizes the lad as having a heart dedicated to the true spirit of rock and roll and makes him a blood brother and furnishes him with a “wolf whistle” to blow if he is ever in trouble. Trouble comes quickly in the form of UFO’s and the living dead. Along the way we meet an adorable transsexual desperate for love and a bad ass female weapons dealer. Wild Zero Features guitar picks used like ninja throwing stars, a naked woman blasting zombies in the shower, a UFO sliced in half with a samurai sword, more exploding zombie heads then you can shake a stick at, and of course, plenty of rock and roll, guitar punk sensibility. Wild Zero is way too much fun…I love it!


Directed By: Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is one of my favourite directors; I ranked him #14! A rare books expert is hired by a well-known collector to retrieve the two remaining copies of The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows allegedly written by the Devil himself, needless to say shit happens. First and foremost The Ninth Gate has one of the best scores from the 90s; one I must add to my collection soon! It also has an outstanding cast that includes Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin and Emmanuelle Seigner. The Ninth Gate despite all the Satan shtick is very much a suspense thriller with an exciting build-up, beautiful sets and an intriguing story. One of Polanski’s best in years.


Directed By: Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike rocks! Sure, a few of his films are a miss but how can you not appreciate the man’s literally unclassifiable array of films? I am a big fan of Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer, Gozu and The Happiness of the Katakuris. I also loved his more recent entry; a real departure from the aforementioned bit of craziness; 13 Assassins. Audition was my introduction to this incredible film maker and it still remains as one of his only straight-up horror features. A widower arranges a fake audition for a film role with a friend in hopes of meeting his future bride. He finds the perfect woman in Asami Yamazaki, but the seemingly sweet young woman is not what she seems. Hahaha!! That is the understatement of the decade! The movie definitely has a slow start but personally I think it adds a lot to the impact of the seriously insane twist in the film’s final section. Audition has a truly gruesome and surprising ending that was such a spectacular shocker the first time around! I love the subtlety of the first half of the film and the way Miike uses sound and off-camera events to pique the viewer. Audition is not only one of my favourite films of the decade but of all time!


AustinChef Reviews CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH (1986)

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Aahhh Troma movies; the Spirit of guerilla filmmaking lives on to this day with Troma Entertainment films (don’t believe me, go watch Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead). Troma, and its co-founder Lloyd Kaufman, provide the last bastion of independent, fun, over the top, gory genre flicks. Troma has given us such classics as The Toxic Avenger, Terror Firma, Tromeo and Juliet, the abovementioned Poultrygeist, and Troma’s War; produced such Academy Award winners as Mother’s Day and Igor and the Lunatics; and distributed such groaners as Surf Nazis Must Die and Killer Condom. Troma Entertainment movies, especially those written and directed by Lloyd Kaufman, are not for everyone. If you hate toilet humor, excessive gore, lesbians, crazy plotlines, borderline acting, and general gonzo craziness, then you will definitely want to stay away from Troma films. But if you enjoy such delicacies, well come on in, have a seat, and lets talk.

Before getting into the actual movie I’m reviewing here, let me say that Troma films has become a kind of Boot Camp for up and coming filmmakers. If you can survive at Troma, then you just might have what it takes to make it Big Time. It’s not just the anarchy-like feel and craziness of all of Troma’s films. Kaufman has a philosophy and a style that he will forever stay true too. All of Kaufman’s and Troma’s flicks are made on micro budgets. They don’t apply for filming permits to shoot in New Jersey and New York City … they just do it. Need a ten minute shot of a guy completely naked running around in downtown New York with his junk giggling all over? What, you forgot to get the permits? Fuck it. Just film it!!! And what is so impressive is that by now I’m sure bigger studios have approached Uncle Lloyd with the seduction of bigger budgets and bigger named actors and actresses (his movies are fiercely successful especially with their modest budgets). But in true Uncle Lloyd fashion I can just hear him telling some bigwig studio exec to fuck themselves and “suck on my balls” as he delivers a barrage of wet farts on their Armani suits. Kaufman doesn’t compromise and won’t give in to The Machine.

That said Kaufman and Troma Films have given us such genre talents as James Gunn and Joe Lynch. Gunn, who wrote and directed 2006’s Slither and wrote the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake, started as a writer for Troma (he contributed as writer on both Terror Firmer and Tromeo and Juliet). Lynch, who directed the highly entertaining Wrong Turn 2, began his career with Troma films as a grip and an actor in Terror Firmer.

Ok; I’m gonna get off my soap box about greatness of Troma Films and Uncle Lloyd. Onto the reason you are reading this posting: The review of Class of Nuke ‘Em High. This and Toxic Avenger are the two best early Troma outings. I have a special place in my heart for both of these movies, but in particular Nuke ‘Em High. Nuke ‘Em was the first Troma flick I even saw. I rented it back in the days before Blockbuster Video cornered the market on movie rentals and all the Ma and Pa corner video stores were competing with each other. The successful places had the goriest movies, and THAT’S the kinda place I found this gem. I rented it based solely on the video cover art which showed a half-naked chick in leather being hugged by some mutant-goon with the picture of a monster in the background. Love it!!! And unlike most other video cover art, this one had all these elements in the movie AND MORE. What more could a 16 year old boy ask for??

The story here begins in Tromaville with the local nuclear power plant springing a leak. The toxic waste is absorbed into the ground and finds its way to the (very) nearby high school. The water is contaminated and we see students drinking the thick, green jello-like polluted water out of the fountain. The effects of such pollution are pretty mild and barely noticeable (yeah, right!!). The honor society, once the preppies of the school, are now a vicious and violent gang of mutants who beat and make everyone’s lives at the school miserable. And don’t even ask about the AV Club!!! Even some teachers become seduced to the mutant side and dress and act slutty (all for our entertainment, of course).

Amidst all these bizarre characters is Chrissy and Warren, white-bread high school sweethearts a little on the “goody-goody” side. They’ve been dating for a while and when their friends realize they haven’t banged each other yet they step in to help the two lovers. Warren’s buddy buys some weed that was grown at the contaminated power plant and gives it to the cute couple to smoke and to help “grease the gears.” It works … all too well. The weed gives them an “Atomic High” and basically turns Warren’s load into “super sperm.” Within days Chrissy gestates a little mutant baby that she vomits into the toilets at school and which gets flushed. Oh yes folks; we’re into some truly bizarre territory here. As weird as it sounds, the fast paced-direction, the collection of odd-ball characters, and the actors involved make this really fun.

Say what you will about Troma and Uncle Lloyd, but that man knows how to find and cast young, cute, and very innocent looking girls in the lead roles. Don’t believe me? Check out actress Kate Graham (the lead in Poultrygeist) and Jane Jensen (the lead in Tromeo and Juliet). And here Janelle Brady, who plays Chrissy, is a true 1980’s babe. She’s cute and a bit of a bimbo but underneath the surface there is a bad girl bubbling to get out.

The story takes a lot of truly bizarre twists and turns. The mutant ex-honor students get expelled from school and decide to come back, heavily armed of course, for some fun. They blame Warren for their expulsion, so they kidnap Chrissy to lure him into the evacuated school. Oh but wait … that little mutant tadpole Chrissy puked up is all grown up now. This has an ending that must be seen to be believed!!

Like all Troma releases, this movie never for one second takes itself seriously. It’s full of toilet humor, bodily fluids, and full of gratuitous gore. Good family fun. If you haven’t seen this one in a while (or even worse, haven’t seen it at all) do yourself a favor: Call some buddies over, make some green jello shots, grab your favorite bong, and have a blast! Don’t miss this one.

Directors: Richard Haines, Michael Herz, & Lloyd Kaufman (as Samuel Weil)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Gore: 7 out of 10 skulls
Zombies: 0 out of 5 brains


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poultrygeist‘Poultrygeist’ without a doubt, is one of the best Troma films out there. You’re either a fan of Troma films or your not. Watch the trailer below, and if you think that looks mighty entertaining, then you will not be disappointed in the least. The trailer is a pretty excellent 3 minute-ish snapshot of what you’re going to get.

When you build a fast food chicken restaurant on an ancient Indian burial ground bad stuff is bound to happen. Employees and patrons alike are about to have a whole lot of bad poultry mojo unleashed on their asses.

My husband hates Troma films. He doesn’t get much choice about the films that get watched in the dungeon, so I try not to torture him too much. He has no appreciation for the crass 3-ring circus that is Lloyd kaufman’s world. I just couldn’t resist renting this though. How could I NOT want to rent a movie called ‘Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead’? That is the best name for a film about killer chickens ever! I rather like being disgusted, and Troma always delivers the gross
goods. It is jam packed full of shit gags, gore, sex jokes, nudity and various other crazy crap. There is no group of people they are afraid to offend. The generous amounts of gooey, gloopy grue made for some inspirationally vile moments that had me giggling with glee. It has multiple moments of greatness but alas, it is not all guts and glory. There were a couple painfully unfunny scenes that go on way too long but overall, I thought ‘Poultrygeist’ rocked! It’s a goofy, gratitutiously gory good time. Highly Recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman

Starring: Jason Yachanin, Kate Graham, Allyson Sereboff, Robin Watkins, Joshua Olatunde, Caleb Emerson, Rose Ghavami, Khalid Rivera, Joe Fleishaker, Lloyd Kaufman and Ron Jeremy
still from poultrygeist 1