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Night has a Thousand Desires at 366 Weird Movies

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Long time no see! I have actually contributed a few reviews to 366 Weird Movies but have been lax in posting links here on the site. Naughty! And speaking of naughty, you will definitely want to see Lina Romay; that vivacious vixen of sleazy cinema give one of her all-time best performance in Night has a Thousand Desires. This one is a must-have for Franco and Romay fans. Read my review here.

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MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985) – A Peek at a Scene…

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I have been tearing through Jess Franco’s resume like a mouse at a swiss cheese wheel. I have seen nineteen Franco flicks over the past two months. I have enjoyed each one in varying degrees. I have been hosting a regular feature over at my tumblr blog called FRANCO FRIDAY where I feature screen caps, posters, gifs etc for Franco’s films. While MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD has not been the masterpiece of my viewing experience it was bloody entertaining and I felt compelled to share. A curvy and vivacious Lina Romay stars as Candy (credited as Candy Coster) who vacations with three friends at a resort where they are the only guests. The film had me chuckling from beginning to end but this scene made me laugh so hard I squirted a little vodka and orange juice through my nose; my nasal passage is still burning as I write this.

At this point in the film two of the quartet have disappeared and there have been no other guests at the resort. The only other human beings they have seen is a wacky manager, an even wackier gardener and a woman being kept prisoner in one of the rooms. Candy (Lina Romay) discovers the naked woman chained by her neck who has been kept prisoner by the manager who also happens to be her husband. Chained woman tells Candy all kinds of crazy junk that should have her running from the place screaming but despite all this there is the following exchange…












This was like a kids in the Hall sketch. They are the only people in the hotel and the manager and gardener are the only employees they have seen since they arrived. It really cracked me up that the manager working the “excursions desk” sends them over to the front desk! With complete conviction Candy and her friend run over to the reception desk shouting for someone to attend to them. They are not the least bit phased when manager guy walks over from the excursion desk to the front desk.

There is far more softcore sexual shenanigans then there is living dead in The Mansion of the Living Dead. The quartet of ladies theorize on where the other guests might be. “Everyone must be at the beach.” But when there is no one to be found at the beach; “Everyone must be on a day trip.” Even after a cleaver is thrown at them while they lay topless soaking up rays they assume it is a jealous wife. I mean after all, “Who would want to murder four hotties like us?” Why indeed!