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DEMONS 2 (1986) – The Dungeon Review!

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‘Demons’ is about a group of people who get trapped in a movie theatre with demons. ‘Demons 2’ is about a group of people who get trapped in a high-rise apartment building with demons. Much like the original film, it has great demon makeup and effects, blood and gore and lots of action. In keeping with the original, it also has inane dialog and no real story or explanation for what is happening. And that is just fine.

There are a couple cast members that return from the original like the pimp who is now playing a fitness instructor, and one of the four bad-ass coke kids shows up as a security guard. There is also a very young Asia Argento in her first feature film role. We are given a brief introduction to several characters. A couple with a young daughter, a couple expecting their first child, a girl celebrating her sixteenth birthday, a prostitute and her john, a little boy and a fitness trainer, among others. A cast of characters who will undergo some unusually grotesque changes to their bodies. The catalyst to get this one moving is some manner of documentary/made for T.V. film that recalls the demon apocalypse that happened only a short time ago. They have now sealed off the infected area and two curious couples go and check it out. The group are psyched when they find a perfectly preserved demon in some rubble. They gather around to have their pictures taken with the creature. One of the females who had accidentally cut her hand earlier drips blood right into the demons mouth reanimating it. Various characters in the film are watching this on their televisions but one very special birthday girl is going to get an extra special surprise this year!

Birthday girl Sally has a major suck fit screaming at her guests to get out and storms into her bedroom. Her friends continue to party it up while she has become mesmerized by the aforementioned demon show. She watches as a demon walks towards the camera, getting closer and closer until he pushes his way through the screen and into her bedroom. Her friends call to her to come out so she can blow out the candles on her birthday cake. And we have our first demon. She then converts her guests and we have our first demon swarm. Sally seemed like she might have been possessed already but she is one relentless demon and takes quite a licking and bounces back. She also looks pretty damn sweet! There are some very cool looking demons here, but I didn’t think there was a transformation quite as impressive as the one in the original film. This one also didn’t seem quite as gory. They definitely upped the ante on the wackiness though, adding a child demon, a little winged demon and best of all, a demon dog! The kid, dog and Sally are worth the price of admission alone.

‘Demons 2’ does take a little too long to get going. It started to feel a bit redundant being introduced to character after character. You really don’t learn anything that’s going to make you root for them. I did not rent ‘Demons 2’ for its awesome story! The characters are all just demon fodder, which I think is just dandy. I definitely liked the ending to the original better but I did kinda dig the way they fake you out at the end in this one. Soundtrack vs. soundtrack I would definitely have to give that to ‘Demons 2’. The soundtrack to this one was much improved!

I really enjoyed ‘Demons 2’. Although it does take a bit longer to get rolling, when it does, it is delightfully demonic high-energy fun! As a film unto itself I thought ‘Demons 2’ was great, but as a sequel it didn’t quite live up to the original. A pretty entertaining duo of films none the less. ‘Demons 2’ would be a lovely addition to any 80’s horror collection. Highly Recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Lamberto Bava

Starring: David Edwin Knight, Nancy Brilli, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Bobby Rhodes, Asia Argento, Virginia Bryant, Anita Bartolucci, Antonio Cantafora, Luisa Passega

DEMONS – The Dungeon Review! (1985)

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‘Demons’ is definitely one of my favourite horror films from the 80’s. It’s demented, high-energy fun with lots of gore and wicked effects. And most importantly, it has some really freaking cool looking demons!

The plot is simple; a group of people are given passes to a screening of a horror film and become trapped inside the theatre with a bunch of demons. It’s not good being trapped with demons, but it sure is fun to watch!

The plot is paper-thin, the dialog is inane and some of the music is pretty painful. But these things just add to its charm! It’s basically a parade of expendable characters whose only purpose is to be transformed into demons. There are a few characters they focus on, like the two gals that are skipping school and hook up with two guys of like age. There is also the pimp and his two ladies, a blind man and his niece, and the odd quartet of bad ass punks who show up later in the film. There are tons of people to demonize inside the theatre already, but we are introduced to four outside characters. We follow the group as they drive around in a stolen car snorting coke from a coke can. Two of them begin fighting over the can and coke goes everywhere. The driver of the car goes berserk and they pull over to deal with it. They meticulously scrape up every last grain with razor blades. The loan female of the group still has a little “snow in the valley” and her buddy slowly scrapes up the coke from her cleavage getting closer and closer to her nipple. She’s digging it until he slips and cuts her. Cops approach the car while they are pulled over and the four make a run for it. A door to the theatre is open and they escape inside. More demon fodder!

There are a dozen scenes I could cite, but one of my favourites is early in the film. The first two people to get demonized are the prostitutes. One of them cuts her face when she tries on a mask on display in the lobby. The damn thing won’t stop bleeding so she goes to the bathroom to deal with it. Her friend goes to check on her and finds she has transformed into a hideous demon with big pointy teeth and giant claws gurgling green guck. After getting slashed she runs for her life and ends up on the other side of the movie screen. She comes busting through the screen, and to the audiences horror she begins to transform. You get to see, up close and personal, polished nails being pushed out in favor of nifty new gnarly claws. Then her teeth are pushed out to upgrade to some nice big pointy ones. A fat, ugly, snaky monster tongue comes whipping out of her mouth and of course she’s got the spooky demon eyes. Absolutely, positively perfection! The effects are impressive! This film is all about the visuals. The grand theatre is the perfect setting. The demon make up is top notch. There is a healthy helping of gore because demons like to bite, and slash and tear. Sometimes they like to push their claws into people’s eye sockets. There are gross puss explosions, and a classic ending involving a dirt bike, a sword and a helicopter falling through the roof that’s not to be missed! This film has it all! Don’t take my word for it! Check out the trailer!

There isn’t a single dull moment in the entire film. It gets to the point quickly and keeps the action going right through to its excellent finale. I could literally ramble on and on about this film but I’ll just summarize it by saying ‘Demons’ is a shitload of fun! A highly entertaining horror film that should be owned not rented. Highest of recommendations!

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Lamberto Bava

Starring: Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, Karl Zinny, Fiore Argento, Paola Cozzo, Fabiola Toledo, Nicoletta Elmi