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Baby Blood Sequel: LADY BLOOD – Trailer

Posted in France, horror, movies, Trailer with tags , on July 30, 2009 by goregirl

How in the hell did this escape my radar? I had no idea there was ever a plan to make a sequel to ‘Baby Blood’!! If you haven’t seen the 1990 French film ‘Baby Blood’ and you like bizarre, gritty and gory horror films, it is essential viewing! On June 22nd I posted a blog about bad ass mom’s and put Yanka on the list. Emmanuelle Escourrou will be reprising her role as Yanka, but it looks like there is a new director on this one. The director of ‘Lady Blood’ is Jean-Marc Vincent, and it looks like his only other credits are for shorts. I’m not holding that against him though, and I will be the first in line to see this one! WOOHOO! Happy Happy!! Joy Joy!!