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THE MUMMY’S REVENGE (1973) – The Dungeon Photo Review!

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again; I love Paul Naschy. As is often his shtick; he plays multiple roles in The Mummy’s Revenge. Here he plays Amenhotep (both manly and moldy mummy form) and Assad Bey a wealthy modern-day descendant. I have no complaints about any of the cast; Jack Taylor is excellent as Professor Stern, María Silva is charming as Abigail, Helga Liné gives her usual solid and sexy performance and Rina Ottolina who plays both Helen and Amarna is empathetic and gorgeous. Carlos Aured (who directed one of my other all-time favourite Naschy flicks Curse of the Devil) directs with gusto. The sets are simply superb! I loved how they went to the trouble of draping the sacrificial maidens in the same gauzy fabric as the curtains that adorned the room. Nice touch! The costumes and makeup were also a real treat. There is a significant quantity of throat-cutting and head squishing adorned with nice bright red paint-like blood. This DVD was a lovely clean print and it was a real treat to see some Naschy subtitled! There is only one way to honor a film like The Mummy’s Revenge; a picture review.

New Picture

New Picture (3)
Amenhotep rules his kingdom with a ruthless hand! Here he is with his favourite concubine Amarna enjoying some torture and death while they feast.

New Picture (4)
The blood is a sacrifice to their god.

New Picture (5)
Needless to say; the people are unsatisfied with Amenhotep’s rule.

New Picture (6)
Sure Mr. Amenhotep, I would be more than happy to fetch you a drink. 

New Picture (7)
“They’ve poisoned me!”

New Picture (9)
“One day I will be free and I shall unleash my hatred upon the world.”

New Picture (10)
Amenhotep in his fancy sarcophagus.

New Picture (11)
Professor Nathan Stern and Abigail discovering Amenhotep’s sarcophagus.

New Picture (12)
These two might be up to no good.

New Picture (14)
Landsbury Foundation – Ancient Art Collection (they keep art there).

New Picture (15)
“This is one of the greatest archeological discoveries…”

New Picture (16)
Reading from the papyrus found in a box near Amenhotep’s body: “We will bury him alive so that his black spirit roams without peace or tranquility”.

New Picture (17)
“You’ll have to forgive me, my head hurts badly.” She thinks her head hurts now! 

New Picture (18)
“…Then when the confluence of the stars is propitious…” I felt the need to include this partial sentence.

New Picture (19)
Three maidens walking alone at night; this one fell down. “Anne, Marie! Come here please!”

New Picture (20)
Back to sacrificing…must bring back Amenhotep!

New Picture (21)
“Horus, Favourite of Osiris…” Blah blah bring back Amenhotep!

New Picture (22)
“It’s horrible, horrible Mr. Commissioner, the three have disappeared.”

New Picture (23)
Now to give the blood to Amenhotep… Zanufer, you hold the incense.

New Picture (24)
It’s alive!

New Picture (25)
I’m squishing your head!

New Picture (26)
“That’s absurd, incredible; a mummy can’t come back to life!”

New Picture (27)
“…to free me from my millennial immobility…” I can’t deny, millennial immobility would suck.

New Picture (28)
Holy shit! Is that a freaking mummy?!

New Picture (29)
After millennial immobility Amenhotep sure knows how to get around!

New Picture (31)
“There is something perverse about Assad Bey, disquieting.”

New Picture (32)
Cool peephole shot of Professor Stern and Helen as they drop by uninvited to the Assad Bey household.

New Picture (33)
Peephole shot from their perspective.

New Picture (34)

Helen (who bares a striking resemblance to Amenhotep’s favourite concubine Amarna) falls under the trance of the moldy mummy who wanders nearby.

New Picture (37)

The crippled Sir Douglas Carter alone.

New Picture (38)

The mummy approaches…

New Picture (39)

Assad Bey and Zanufer discuss double-crossing Amenhotep.

New Picture (40)

Professor Stern and Abigail surprised in the dark by Amenhotep.

New Picture (42)

The final scene…I will leave you guessing.

New Picture (43)


Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Carlos Aured

Starring: Paul Naschy, Jack Taylor, María Silva, Helga Liné, Eduardo Calvo, Fernando Sánchez Polack, Luis Gaspar, José Yepes, Juan Antonio Soler

PIECES (1982) – The Dungeon Review!

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I’ve seen this film several times and it never fails to entertain the hell out of me. It’s sleazy, violent and gory fun! ‘Pieces’ opens with one of the most outrageous child trauma scenes in the history of horror cinema! Not to mention, an ending that will have you cheering and laughing! Sure, it has numerous unintentionally funny moments and some of the worst dialog ever, but these things only add to its entertainment value!

We open with a boy putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a naked woman. Mom goes berserk and attempts to destroy the contraband. But our little boy doesn’t like his nude ladies taken away so he puts an axe into mom’s head. He then removes her head with a handsaw. When the police show up the kid’s room is a bloody mess. They find mom’s head in one closet and a seemingly traumatized and blood-soaked boy in another. Fast-forward 40 years to a university campus. We see a girl on a skateboard touring the campus saying hello to people she knows along the way. Two men are taking a big piece of glass out of a truck and she loses control and smashes into it. This scene has no relevance to the film at all. We don’t even see the results of the incident; it just jumps to a scene of a female student doing her homework on the lawn. She is the first of the campus fodder. When she hears a chainsaw start up she asks the man if he will be long, because otherwise she will move elsewhere. He tells her he won’t be very long. And he is just quick as a whip taking her head clean off. It would seem our killer has traded in his handsaw for a more efficient device. Let’s face it. The chainsaw is an efficient device for removing limbs but it’s heavy and awkward and it certainly isn’t very discreet! No matter, our killer is able to make short work of several women on the campus with the noisy device.

The police are on the case and they immediately suspect the killer is someone who works on the campus. There are all sorts of suspects like the creepy Professor Brown who teaches anatomy, the Dean that looks like a ghoul, and Willard, the man who had been recently hired to do some maintenance on the university grounds. It’s not long before another young woman is found chopped into numerous pieces. Willard ends up in the swimming pool area with this latest victim. As the police enter the room, completely unprovoked, he begins beating the hell out of them and tossing them around like rag dolls. Even a beating with a 2 x 4 doesn’t keep him down. Pretty bizarre behaviour for an innocent man! This is where chick magnet Kendall comes in. A male student who was supposed to be meeting swimming pool lady for a bit of the old in and out. A note left for him at the Dean’s office gets him involved. Det. Lt. Bracken trusts Kendall immediately and shares all sorts of information about the case. He tells Kendall about Mary Riggs, ex-tennis pro turned cop, who they plan on putting in the school undercover. He even asks Kendall to keep an eye on Mary. Apparently the police are short staffed. No really, he actually states they don’t have enough manpower.

Another hilariously random event sees Mary prowling around the campus alone at night when she is suddenly attacked by a ninja! Fortunately Kendall spies Mary from his window and comes to her aid on his motorbike. But it turns out it’s just his martial arts professor who apparently had some bad chop suey! Meanwhile another woman is just about to bite it. Mary and Kendall are nowhere to be found of course. When the loan female student gets to the elevator believing she had been followed, she is relieved to find someone she knows. She refers to him only as “sir”. Apparently she missed the giant chainsaw he was hiding behind his back!

Mary and Kendall decide to have a game of tennis the next morning and are taken aback by the loud irritating music playing. They find groundskeeper Willard who turns the music off and then they find another body in a bathroom stall with its legs missing. This is where Mary has her serious drama moment. Seriously funny! Lynda Day George who plays Mary pulls out the big guns for this one! I can’t even hear the word “bastard” without laughing now!

The identity of the killer is kept for the end but we do get to see his black-gloved hand putting together that very same naked lady puzzle he had when he was a kid. Apparently he has also kept mom’s blood-soaked dress. Who is this dastardly bastard and why does he keep a piece of each woman?!! I think I’ve spoiled quite enough for you, so just go out and buy this film. You can pick it up cheap! If you love slashers from the 80’s with unintentional laughs and plenty of blood and gore you won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Juan Piquer Simón

Starring: Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Braña, Edmund Purdom, Ian Sera, Paul L. Smith, Jack Taylor, Gérard Tichy