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To Remake Or Not To Remake: The Horror Edition

Posted in horror, movies with tags , , on February 5, 2009 by goregirl

Friday, February the 13th will see the release of the remake of the 1980 film FRIDAY THE 13th. We have already seen the release of a remade MY BLOODY VALENTINE this year. Where Valentine at least24-342friday-the-13th-posters1 had a gimmick with the 3-D thing we wonder what Friday could possibly have to offer us. I have read a couple reviews of the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13th and they are trying to sell it as a fresh new story. I believe they used the word “reboot”. Why call it FRIDAY THE 13th then? They can try to sell it to me anyway they want, I’m not biting. I am just so tired of getting burned. Unlike the sequel, where we are watching an incarnation of an already iconic figure,with the remake, we are looking at a recreation of that iconic figure. Why fix something that ain’t broken? I assume, the idea behind remaking a film is to have a whole new generation love it as much as the previous one had. I don’t think it is possible to please me with a rehashed version of a film I adore. It’s so much more than just content when it comes to my favorites. The films I seen as a child/teen left an indelible impression on me. When I was a kid we would often lie to our parents about what movie we were seeing and sneak into a film we really wanted to see. On one such occasion we seen a matinee showing of THE CHANGELING. This film scared the crap out of us! That wet rubber ball bouncing down the stairs sent chills down my spine! When we got out of the film it was starting to get dark. That was the scariest, longest walk home ever! That was the beginning of my love affair with the horror film. I made it my goal to see as many as possible. Eventually my parents gave up on the idea of trying to prevent me from seeing horror films and once video rental outlets became common place I seen a lot more at home. The first time I seen Friday the 13th was on video at a friends house. As much as The Changeling scared me it did nothing to prepare me for the mental and emotional smack down I was about to receive. There was sex and nudity and people were dying in the most hideous and brutal ways! What the hell did I just see?! It left me feeling frightened, shocked and happily satisfied. How can you remake that? In my opinion, there are very few remakes that work. There of course are exceptions to that rule. John Carpenter’s THE THING and David Cronenberg’s The Fly are two examples of films that have remakes I enjoyed more than the original. I am mindful to the fact that these remakes came out when I was young and were new to me. Those 505917prom-night-posters2who grew up with the originals probably do not share my point of view. So I suppose based on that, maybe there is room for remakes. Maybe If there is a fresh and original twist like the aforementioned then maybe it can work. And maybe if enough time passes. Maybe. It isn’t just North American films getting the makeover treatment. There have been a rash of Asian remakes. The freaking mess that North American film makers have made of great Asian horror films is shameful. The truth is, I think most remakes are awful. Not just because they are reinventing the wheel but because they do a half ass job of it. Instead of remaking a film from days gone by for new generations to adopt,why not create something new that truly represents them? A lot of the films that are being remade worked because there was nothing like them when they came out. They were new and fresh and completely original. I have a list of 28 horror films available for rental that I want to see. I think I will be getting me some of that action instead of spending my cash to see a remake at the theatre. We’ll wait for the rental, if we bother at all.