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Who Is Your Favourite HORROR Director Of The 60s?

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Last week I cruelly asked you to choose between Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Lee is intense-sexy-evil and Cushing is charismatic-cool-collectiveness and both are fecking awesome! If nothing else this silly poll is a testimonial to the fact that these two men are equally admired horror movie icons. Here are the results…

Peter Cushing = 11 votes

Christopher Lee = 10 votes

Today I ask you who your favourite 1960s horror film director is. I included a slot for “other” as I couldn’t possibly include every last director who made a film during the decade!

***Tomorrow I will post my list for 1966! Next week I’ll have the top ten lists for 1967, 68 and 69 and results for this poll! Stay tuned!***

Hammer Film Posters with music from The Devil Rides Out

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My latest slideshow featuring Hammer film posters with music from The Devil Rides Out Performed by The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra. Every last one of these posters are a work of art! I will have one more review for Eisenhower and the Horror Movies and than a summary of the feature on Monday and Tuesday.

HAMMER GLAMOUR – The Dungeon Review!

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By Marcus Hearn
(Titan Books)

Since I started this blog in January the only contact I’ve made with a book is when I dust my shelves! Until now! Granted, this is a coffee table book, but it is jam-packed with information and an impressive collection of photographs. The book also ties in nicely with my Retro December. It features 50 of Hammer Films leading ladies and an appendix titled “also starring” featuring other actresses who weren’t as closely associated with the studio.

When Hammer had its first horror film success in 1957 with ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’ it began a series of films that would last almost 20 years. “Hammer Glamour went hand in hand with Hammer Horror”. Beautiful women were cast as victims and occassionally leads. All were expected to take part in glamour shoots for magazines like Photoplay and Parade. ‘Hammer Glamour’ contains many never before seen photographs and fabulous full page spreads.

Even the table of contents captures stunning glossy shots of each of the 50 women. If you love Hammer films, fashion, or just like looking at beautiful women, than this is the book to add to your collection.

The content for each actress consists of a mini-biography, with a focus on her contribution to Hammer films. There are also current interviews with the women where they speak of their experiences working for the studio. Below is a shot of the first page of Ingrid Pitt’s biography. She had this to say about her role in ‘The Vampire Lovers’: “It might have been shocking, but it wasn’t dirty. I thought the things I did in that film were wonderful. I loved it when I had nothing on.”

Below is a great publicity shot of Joanna Lumley. She was featured in the film ‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’. She stars alongside Michael Coles and Peter Cushing. Lumley maintained a friendship with Peter Cushing long after her brief stint with Hammer.

She is one of the most successful British actresses in ‘Hammer Glamour’. She went on to play the acidic and hilarious Patsy, opposite Jennifer Saunder’s Edina, in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ from 1992-2005.

Below is a pic of Stephanie Beacham. Beacham refused to sign a contract with the studio but was featured in the Hammer Films, ‘Dracula A.D. 1972’ and ‘A Distant Scream’. In ‘Dracula A.D.’ she plays Jessica Van Helsing, granddaughter of the famous vampire hunter. She starred alongside Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. In 1983 she returned to Hammer to star in ‘A Distant Scream’ an episode in the anthology ‘Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense’.

Other well known actresses featured in ‘Hammer Glamour’ include Raquel Welch (One Million Years B.C.), Ursula Anders (She), Eva Bartok (Spaceways, Break In The Circle), Caroline Munro (Dracula A.D., Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter) Martine Beswicke, pictured right (One Million Years B.C., Slave Girls, Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde).

‘Hammer Glamour’ is an extremely well put together book with a slick presentation and amazing images. It’s an informative and fascintating behind the scenes glimpse of Hammer horror and the lovely ladies who graced their films.