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MY TALE IS HOT (1964) – The Dungeon Review!

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stepping into something weirdmtih

Peter Perry Jr. (aka Peter Perry, A.J. Gaylord, Seymour Tokus, Seymour Tuchus, Arthur P. Stootsberry) directed thirteen films of which I have seen three thus far; The Joys of Jezebel, Kiss Me Quick and today’s subject review My Tale is Hot. At this point I have watched fourteen Nudie Cuties from various directors for this feature; I decided I should do a review for at least one of them. I have mentioned in previous posts, the Nudie Cutie’s main objective is to show a lot of naked or partially naked broads. They are always light on story and usually loaded with cheesy humor. Many of the early Nudie Cutie flicks were set in nudist camps/resorts/colonies. Apparently in the early part of the sixties you could show nudity if you set your film in a nudist resort; there were exceptions to that rule. Doris Wishman claimed in an interview that she was not allowed to show nudity in her film Nude on the Moon (1961), which was about a nudist colony on the moon. Despite being set in a nudist colony it had a science fiction theme and therefore could not contain nudity?! Censorship loosened up considerably as the decade wore on. There was no doubt in my mind which Nudie Cutie I would be reviewing. My Tale is Hot has been my favourite by far thanks to the fact that it actually made me laugh regularly and the sets and costumes were absolutely out of this world! Also I am a total sucker for a man in a devil costume!

My Tale is Hot1

My Tale is Hot aka Always on Monday (1964).


my tale is hot4

Lucifer is reading his favourite magazine The Ladies Book Companion while his wife Saturna prepares dinner. He reads the following text…

“Ben-Hur Ova the wealthy Arab leader in the United States on a business mission has been chosen by the editors of Ladies Book Companion as their man of the year. Ben, a model husband has been happily married for over twenty years. A successful tycoon in his forties, Ben always finds time for his home life as witnessed by the fact he has sixty-three grandchildren. But most important, Ben has won this award because in the unanimous decision of the selection board he is undoubtedly the world’s most faithful husband. No earthly temptation could possibly sway Ben-Hur Ova from his loving home. His beautiful…”

He stops here because the next page has been torn out. Saturna used it for kindling to get the fire under Hitler re-started.

my tale is hot5

Business has not been good for Lucifer and he needs a new sinner badly. He can not resist the challenge of tempting Ben-Hur Ova to come over to the dark side. Saturna’s taunts only spur him on.

“You haven’t had a faithful husband down here since Henry the Eighth.” -Saturna

“You know Henry the Eighth got a bad rap. Any man smart enough to cut off his wife’s head should be sainted.” -Lucifer

my tale is hot8

my tale is hot9

Lucifer pops up in Ben-Hur Ova’s backyard as Ben’s wife Miasis-Ova is doing some gardening. Just before Lucifer makes his appearance it gets extremely hot and Ben-Hur Ova’s wife strips down to her panties. Alarmed by the appearance of Lucifer in her backyard she runs to tell Ben.

my tale is hot10

Ben-Hur Ova and Lucifer meet. Lucifer hands him his hot to the touch business card made of asbestos:

Lucifer U. Devil
Collector of souls
Garbage disposal specialist
Furnace engineer
Evil Spirit
Short Order Cook

my tale is hot19

Lucifer begins his parade of temptation by materializing a swimming pool complete with a bathing beauty. “This is the pear-shaped model.” Another pair of women follow and Ben-Hur Ova refuses to make a deal with the devil. “How about putting my backyard back into a flower garden!”


Lucifer refuses to give up tempting Ben and introduces him to “Sinner-Vision” starring no other than the new French maid Ben-Hur Ova just hired.

“Where you going?” -Lucifer
“For a walk; and don’t follow me, I want to be alone.” -Ben-Hur Ova

my tale is hot11

my tale is hot12

Of course Lucifer has no intention of giving up on Ben-Hur Ova and the parade of women continues.

my tale is hot13

my tale is hot21

Lucifer and Ben-Hur Ova stop for a devil dog with some girly relish. Girly relish allows you to see through walls and get a glimpse of naked dames like this gal.

my tale is hot14

my tale is hot22

The girly relish upsets Ben-Hur Ova’s stomach and Lucifer gives him some Sexlax. The Sexlax causes Ben to blow a hole clear through the wall and get a gander at this bird. Just look at those feathers!

my tale is hot15

Ben-Hur Ova is parched from the Sexlax and Lucifer takes him to get a drink. Of course Lucifer continues his fruitless attempts to woo Ben with his sinfully lovely ladies.

my tale is hot candy barr

Candy Barr’s Burlesque act interrupts Ben-Hur Ova’s favourite show; The Wonderful World of Disney. The Wonderful World of Disney is Ben-Hur Ova’s favourite show which he always watches on Monday; hence My Tale is Hot’s alternative title Always on Monday. To check out the rest of the images in this set click here.

my tale is hot16

There is a very good reason that Ben-Hur Ova was not tempted by Lucifer’s parade of Nudie Cuties.

my tale is hot17

my tale is hot18

Lucifer fails at his attempt to win Ben over to the dark side. He decides to pack a bag and invite himself to stay with Ben-Hur Ova. Saturna catches wind of this and goes to Ben’s to collect Lucifer much to his chagrin.

There are loads more Nudie Cuties to be found in My Tale is Hot! This is just a small sampling of the chicks, dames, babes and broads that offer up an eyeful! As you can see from the images I included the Something Weird Video print of My Tale is Hot is considerably less than perfect. There were multiple green lines that appeared regularly through the film and at no point is the picture sharp but it was watchable enough; it is never so blurry as to have you questioning what an image is. The colors are surprisingly vibrant considering the picture quality and the visuals are too spectacular not to admire. Every single set in the film is hand-painted. I am a huge fan of homemade set pieces and My Tale is Hot is packed full of them! The humor is definitely cheesy and there are more silly one-liners than you can shake a stick at. What can I say? A lot of it did make me chuckle. If it was not for the copious amount of nudity this film would by very PG. But of course there is copious nudity! There is an excessive amount of nudity that would have the prude in your house running from the room screaming. My Tale is Hot came as a double feature with a second Perry flick The Joys of Jezebel. I did not enjoy Joys nearly as much but it is definitely a visually pleasing film with its highlights. The package overall with the fabulous Something Weird special features which included a ton of Devil-inspired trailers (The Devil’s Garden, The Naked Witch, Olga’s Dance Hall Girls, The Soul Lover, Touch of Satan, and Up in Smoke), Strip Short boudoir Belle featuring Candy Barr, A wacky animated short called Satan in Church, A full length feature called Go Down Death (1944) and a gallery of David F. Friedman Exploitation Art. Overall a package I am very pleased I added to my collection! I actually have a few more Peter Perry Jr. films in my queue as my DVD rental outlet Zip had a number of them available. Some were added intentionally like The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill which I rented because it featured Stacey Walker who gave one of my favourite performances during this Something Weird Video feature in A Smell of Honey A Swallow of Brine. I also added Perry’s Mondo Mod; a rare Something Weird Video documentary. The third feature in my queue Revenge of the Virgins was quite by accident as it comes as a double feature with Ramrodder. Peter Perry Jr.’s My Tale is Hot is one of the most entertaining of the Nudie Cutie films and comes highly recommended.

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Peter Perry Jr.

Starring: Candy Barr, Max Gardens, Ima Ghoul, Jack Little, Bea Reddy, Carol Baughman, Monica Liljistrand, Gaby Martone, Barbara Nordin, Adele Rein, Karen Wyatt

Stepping into Something Weird & The Films of Michael Findlay DECEMBER 2013

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output_6Ta0W0 You may have noticed this GIF or the below poster in my sidebar. If you follow me on twitter or tumblr than you might have already heard; the month of December will be dedicated to the Something Weird Video catalog and the films of Michael Findlay. Oh what sleazy, sexy, salty, salacious, surreal, and sinful fun we are going to have! Joining me to celebrate Something Weird Video’s luscious library is my friend David over at My Kind of Story whose primary focus will be the aforementioned Mr. Findlay. Look for tumblr posts every single day at My Kind of Story Images and Goregirl’s Dungeon as well as trailers, pics and fun facts each day on Twitter. Here in the Dungeon there will be reviews, Favourite Five lists, Fun with Gifs and a few special surprises. David and I will also be digging up some music and other goodies for YouTube. Please join us in the festivities all month-long because let’s face it, we could all use a little “Something Weird” in our lives couldn’t we?


KIDS IN THE HALL: BRAIN CANDY (1996) – The Dungeon Review!

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Dave Foley plays four characters in Brain Candy; Marv, Psychiatrist, New guy and Raymond Hurdicure. The top picture is Foley as Marv; assistant to Don Roritor president of Roritor Pharmaceuticals. Marv is a sly grinning, ass-kissing yes man.

“So where are we with that Marv?”
“With what Don?”
“Our restructuring plan.”
“You mean the thing you just mentioned just now?”
“Oh. We’re on top of that Don.”

The bottom picture is Foley as Raymond Hurdicure; the jackass son of Gleemonex’s first human test subject Patient 957; Mrs. Hurdicure.




Bruce McCulloch plays seven characters in Brain Candy; Alice, Cisco, Grivo, Worm pill scientist, Cop #2, Cancer boy and White-trash man. The top picture is McCulloch as Grivo; a rock star infamous for his bleak lyrics. After taking Gleemonex Grivo only wants to write bubbly pop songs; here he is accepting an MTV Video Award. The lower picture is McCulloch as Sisco; head of marketing at Roritor Pharmaceuticals. Sisco is rude, brash and bombastic. Sisco came up with the name Gleemonex after a bird hit the windshield of his $62,000 car and he had to cleanup its gleaming guts. Here he announces Gleemonex’s slogan “It feels like it’s 72 degrees in your head all the time.”




Kevin McDonald plays four characters in Brain Candy; Dr. Chris Cooper, Doreen, Chris’ dad and Lacey. The top picture is McDonald as Dr. Chris Cooper the creator of Gleemonex; a drug created for the chronically depressed. After threat of his department being shut down Dr. Cooper tells the Roritor board that the drug is ready despite knowing it needs more testing. In the lower picture McDonald plays Dr. Chris Cooper’s father in a hilarious flashback sequence.




Mark McKinney plays nine characters in Brain Candy; Simon, Don Roritor, Cabbie, Gunther, Cop #1, Nina Bedford, Melanie, Drill sergeant and White-trash woman. The top picture is McKinney as Don Roritor; President of Roritor Pharmaceuticals. The company is riding on the success of one product; Stummies and the company is losing money. The shareholders want Don to cut 60% of the testing and come up with a new drug post-haste. In the lower picture McKinney plays the cabbie that narrates our story. Really he just gives us a prologue and an epilogue but he shows up randomly throughout the story.




Scott Thompson plays eight characters in Brain Candy; Baxter, Mrs. Hurdicure, Wally Terzinsky, Malek, Big Stummies Scientist, The Queen, Raj and Clemptor. The top picture is Thompson as Wally Terzinsky. Husband and father Wally Terzinsky is in some serious denial about his homosexuality.

“Hi kids. Where’s your father?”
“He’s upstairs masturbating to gay porn.”

Wally’s frustrated psychiatrist prescribes Gleemonex.

The lower picture is Thompson as Mrs. Hurdicure; aka patient 957. Mrs. Hurdicure’s happiest moment was when her rude ass of a son and his rotten family came to visit at Christmas for five minutes.

“I feel like God is rubbing my tummy.”

The pill works!





A Cabbie tells us a story about some people who found happiness. But it is not a happy story.

“Life is short. Life is shit. Soon it will be over.” A little song the cabbie’s mother sang to him as a child.


The story begins at Roritor Pharmaceuticals.


Scientists are busy at work in the Roritor Pharmaceutical labs.


Brendan Fraser has a cameo as a very unhappy test subject with bad acne.


Dr. Chris Cooper discovers a cure for depression. Dr. Cooper and fellow scientist Alice administer the first pill to Patient 957. The pill takes her back to her happiest moment and she feels renewed. The initial results are positive!

Brain Candy1

Don Roritor is told by the shareholders to cut 60% of the companies testing and come up with a new drug. Don has each of their scientist sit in front of himself and the board to discuss what they are working on. Dr. Cooper tells the Roritor board that he is working on a drug that will cure depression. He also tells them the drug is ready despite knowing it needs more testing. The drug they call Gleemonex is quickly approved.


Gleemonex is a huge success. Dr. Cooper is asked to be a guest on the Nina Bedford Show. The show opens with a Gleemonex testimonial from a homeless man who is now a security guard thanks to the drug.



Nina Bedford takes several inane and ridiculous questions from her studio audience before asking Dr. Cooper to get up and shake his hips for the audience.


A severely depressed German patient confides his dark thoughts to his psychiatrist who tells him he does not understand German. The world is full of people who need Gleemonex.


Grivo is a rock star, beloved by his fans for his bleak outlook on life. “Fuck Happy!” Grivo goes pop happy after taking Gleemonex and even wins an MTV Video Award.



MTV Video Award Presenters Clemptor and Dr. Chris Cooper announce Best Rap, Hip Hop or Folk act. Dr. Cooper is greeted like a rockstar by screaming fans as he vacates the award show. The future has never looked brighter for Dr. Chris Cooper and Roritor Pharmaceuticals.


Drill Sergeant in Wally Terzinsky’s happiest moment.


Dr. Cooper meets Cancer Boy who wants to thank him for Gleemonex. Not for himself as there is no hope for him, but for his parents who are both on it. His parents have a second son who was born with his heart on the outside of his body. Cancer Boy is nominated for an MTV Video Award for his song Whistle When You’re Low.


Don has applied to make Gleemonex non-prescription. 3 months later they are making Gleemonex for Pets. The fame and power have gone to Dr. Cooper’s head, but he is about to get a rude awakening.


Alice goes to Chris to show him the first test subject; a mouse named Signund who appears to be in a coma. It appears that Signund has become locked in his happiest moment. Will people follow suit? Dr. Cooper goes to the home of patient 957 to find out.


There are cats all over the place, including the ceiling! Where is patient 957?


Dr. Chris Cooper stands in front of a giant billboard of himself and contemplates the monster he has created.


Don Roritor getting his nuts squeezed.


The Cabbie concludes his story; “I don’t like the world now. I mean before I always knew I was a son of a bitch and now I am the only son of a bitch I know.”



brain candy1

The Kids in the Hall formed as a sketch comedy act in 1984. While Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald were performing their comedy in Toronto under The Kids in the Hall moniker Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney were performing with Theatresports in Calgary. The pairs met and became a quartet. Scott Thompson joined a short time later and The Kids were born. The group got the attention of Lorne Michaels and in 1988 made their television debut on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I was lucky enough to see The Kids in the Hall perform live at a club in Toronto in the late 80s. I want to say; at The Rivoli? My boyfriend at the time was taking Media Arts at Sheridan College and a teacher with connections invited several students to the show. To be honest, I wasn’t terribly excited; I had never heard of The Kids in the Hall at the time. It goes without saying that I came to have a massive appreciation for the group. Comedy really only needs a single element to work; it has to make me laugh. The Kids in the Hall made me laugh until my gut hurt! It was a sad day in 1995 when the show aired for the last time. The final show had The Kids being buried alive; their headstone read The Kids in the Hall TV Show 1989–1995 and reoccuring character Bellini (Paul Bellini was also a writer for the show) danced on their grave. I was beside myself with excitement when I read that The Kids in the Hall were going to do a movie. If Saturday Night Live is any indication Sketch comedy failed as a feature length film more times than not. Could The Kids pull it off? You bet your ass they could; and they did! The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy so beautifully embraces the troupe’s sketch comedy. The quintet play all the story’s characters both female and male with only a few exceptions. The Big-Pharma plot utilizes The Kids sense of humour extremely well. The laughs are enhanced by some very fun and kitchy costumes and sets. It would have been so easy to fill Brain Candy with the shows popular characters; Chicken Lady, Buddy Cole, Mr. Tyzik (Headcrusher) or Cabbage Head. Personally I love that they created original characters. The vibe of the show is preserved but what is created is a unique entity unto itself. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy makes me laugh from beginning to end and gets my highest of recommendations; a perfect score.

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet’s Having an Average Weekend became The Kids in the Hall theme song…

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Kelly Makin

Starring: Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, Jackie Harris, Kathryn Greenwood, Nicole de Boer, Krista Bridges, Christopher Redman, Erica Fairfield

Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Ennio Morricone – Terrazza (from Il Gatto)

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Music and images from Luigi Comencini’s 1977 comedy Il Gatto. Music composed by Ennio Morricone from the album Erotica Morricone.

THE DAY OF THE BEAST (1995) – The Dungeon Review!

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The best thing about doing these top ten lists is discovering the hidden treasures. For all my (mostly justified) whining every year of the 1990s has had at least one previously undiscovered nugget of gold. One of my favourite new discoveries so far has been The Day of the Beast, an action/comedy/horror hybrid from Spain. The Day of the Beast is about the end times; you know, when the Antichrist will be born upon this earth and will reign supreme over all mankind. I have no idea why there are not more comedies on the subject because personally I think that shit has such enormous humorous potential!

Day of the Beast2

Angel Berriartua a Priest and Theology Professor has cracked the code and discovered the day on which the Antichrist will be born. Angel travels to Madrid committing as much sin as possible in an attempt to  invoke the devil. He has figured out the birth will take place in Madrid, but the problem is he has no idea where in Madrid. Angel meets Jose Maria a dedicated fan of heavy metal working in a small record store. Jose gives him the address of a boarding house his mother runs and recommends he check out a club called Hell. Angel is getting desperate as the time ticks away and decides a television personality calling himself Cavan can help. Angel and Jose Maria follow Cavan home where Angel knocks him out and ties him up. Cavan of course, is nothing more than a television personality and admits to Angel that he is a fraud. Angel refuses to hear it, and gives Cavan a good beating and insists he guide him through an invocation ritual. Much to Cavan’s surprise the ritual works but will they discover the location of the Antichrist’s birth before it is too late?

Day of the Beast

Whether Angel has indeed cracked the code and discovered the true birth date of the Antichrist is left ambiguous right up to the finale. The Day of the Beast’s opening scene starts out with a monstrous sized cross falling and crushing a priest to death. A bad sign perhaps, but a sign of the impending birth of the Antichrist? Not necessarily. During the ritual performed by Angel, Cavan and Jose Maria they see some trippy weird shit, but as part of the ritual they mix acid into the blood. Could be tripping out right? Considering their mission is to locate some pregnant woman somewhere and kill her baby, one would like to be 100% sure. Of course Angel believes it completely and utterly. No one can sway Angel from his mission and he does some pretty crazy things with such utter conviction. Watching Angel sinning up a storm was hysterical. He steals money from a beggar, keys some cars, steals a book, swipes a guy’s luggage and listens to death metal among other naughtiness. Angel is a fantastic character; his actions cracked me up regularly.

Jose Maria is the last person you would expect to hook up with a priest. Jose Maria is a dedicated metal fan, part time record store clerk and a full time acid head. When we first meet Jose he is handling a shoplifter by shoving the guy’s head through a glass display case. An intimidating few seconds but Jose is really a pussycat. He lives in the boarding house with his grandfather who walks around in the nude and his mother who is one tough broad. He gives his grandpa half a hit of acid every day to give him some pep. He is also a big fan of Jesus Christ Superstar. He is not exactly the brightest light bulb but he does end up being quite helpful and even a hero by the time the film is over. Mina is the young woman he loves. Not really, but he’s been trying to bang her for a while and she just isn’t giving in. Mina helps out at the boarding house and is the only twenty-something virgin in Madrid; she becomes important.

Day of the Beast1

“I can help you achieve the impossible” Cavan

Cavan is a hugely popular television star loved by wives and mothers all over Madrid. He can tell you your future, he can perform exorcisms and he can even invoke the devil. Cavan arrives home to a message from his girlfriend saying that she is on her way over. Cavan doesn’t hesitate when the door bell rings. Unfortunately for Cavan it is Angel and he is about to give him a good whack to the head. Cavan is a rather good sport about all of it if you ask me. He takes a pretty freaking good beating from Angel. Of course no one is more surprised when the invocation appears to have worked than him. Cavan is the perfect arrogant showman, just the sort of character you would expect to be hosting an occult television show. Cavan is alright man.

day of the beast3

The Day of the Beast does have a few serious moments, and a few violent ones too but let’s face it, the coming of the Antichrist can’t be all fun and games! The Day of the Beast is a ton of energetic, funny, action-packed goodness. The characters are a blast and the acting is great. The Day of the Beast is seriously entertaining! Highly recommended!

Dungeon Rating: 4.5/5

Directed By: Álex de la Iglesia

Starring: Álex Angulo, Armando De Razza, Santiago Segura, José María, Terele Pávez, Nathalie Seseña, Maria Grazia Cucinotta