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Fun With GIFs: RABID (1977)

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Continuing my celebration of Canadian cinema here is a Fun With GIFs companion piece to yesterday’s review of David Cronenberg’s 1977 film Rabid.

Armpit Vagina Examination

Dr. Keloid examines Rose’s armpit vagina. A strange and deadly side effect of his experimental skin grafting.


Santa is dead

An armed mall cop goes berserk attempting to take out a rabid mall patron and shoots the hell out of Santa.


She cant help it the girl cant help it

Hart walks in to find Rose (Marilyn Chambers) “feeding”.

Goregirl’s Twelve Days of Christmas (Horror Movie Edition) Infographic

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I have been working on a project with friend and fellow blogger John over at TDYLF (The Droid You’re Looking For). I watched twelve Christmas-themed horror films and John created this magnificent infographic with the data. I highly recommend checking out John’s sweet spot on the web! John is the Edgar Wright of infographics, the Stephen Chow of Stick Figures and an all around funny fecking guy! SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX THANKS JOHN!

Click on the image to make it big…


Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: The Kinks – Father Christmas (w/Christmas-themed films & TV)

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The KinksFather Christmas with Christmas-themed films & TV specials!

If It Doesn’t Snow On Christmas – Joe Pesci

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Joe Pesci sings If it Doesn’t Snow on Christmas! I’ve included a slideshow of Joe Pesci images, because really, nothing says Merry fucking Christmas quite like a slideshow of Joe Pesci images!