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Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! The Dungeon Review!

Posted in movies with tags , on February 16, 2009 by goregirl

not-quite-hollywoodThis documentary celebrates the Low Budget films that came out of Australia in the 1970s and ’80s. The violent, raunchy, and bloody films that came from this period are often left out of Australia’s official film history but are presented here with great enthusiasm and much respect. Copious interviews with directors, screenwriters, producers and actors that are every bit as entertaining as the films themselves. Quentin Tarantino lends his considerable knowledge and passion to the subject along with many other note-worthy celebrities. Featuring clips from films like BMX Bandits (The earliest film appearance of Nicole Kidman), Thirst, Long Weekend, Turkey Shoot, Chain Reaction, Dead End Drive-In, Mad Max and many more. There were a few pretty Kick Ass titles here I had never seen that have been added to my “must see list”. After a route on the Film Festival circuit, including a Canadian stop in Toronto Ontario the film appears to be currently stuck in limbo. Like so many documentaries, this did not appear in theatres here locally and does not yet appear to be available for rental. This is why I make an effort to get out to see films during the Festivals. There are so many great films, especially documentaries that never make it to your local cineplex. Hopefully this extremely entertaining documentary finds its way to dvd soon. Goregirl’s Dungeon HIGHLY recommends this film.

Dungeon Rating 4/5

Directed By: Mark Hartley

Featuring: Phillip Adams, Christine Amor, Glory Annen,Victoria Anoux, Ian Barry, Briony Behets, Steve Bisley,Jamie Blanks, Graeme Blundell, Russell Boyd,Richard Brennan, Dan Burstall, Tom Burstall, Don Chipp, Robin Copping, Broderick Crawford,Barry Crocker, Lynette Curran, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cassandra Delaney, Everett De Roche, Ross Dimsey, David Eggby, Bob Ellis, Noel Ferrier, Alan Finney, Richard Ranklin, Belinda Giblin, Rebecca Gilling, Antony I. Ginnane, John Grey Gorton, Deborah Gray, David Hannay, Sandy Harbutt, Rod Hardy, Gregory Harrison, Rod Hay, David Hemmings, Carla Hoogeveen, Alan Hopgood, Dennis Hopper, John Michael Howson, Wendy Hughes, Barry Humphries, Olivia Hussey, Chris Walters, Ivan Hutchinson, John Jarratt, Barry Jones, Brian Jones, Stacy Keach, Ted Kotcheff, John D. Lamond, Nina Landis, George Lazenby, Chris Löfvén, Greg Lynch, William Margold, James Mason, Ross Matthews, Donald McAlpine, Bob McCarron, Hal McElroy, Greg Mclean, George Miller, Vincent Monton, Philippe Mora, Judy Morris, Russell Mulcahy, Rod Mullinar, Debbie Nankervis, Grant Page, Barbara Parkins, Susan Penhaligon, George Peppard, Donald Pleasence, Robert Powell, Chips Rafferty, Steve Railsback, Candy Raymond, Cheryl Rixon, Joanne Samuel, Fred Schepisi, John Seale, Ken Shorter, Lynda Stoner, Quentin Tarantino, Rod Taylor, Henry Thomas, Jeremy Thomas, Jack Thompson, Sigrid Thornton, Brian Trenchard-Smith,James Wan, Garry Wapshott, Roger Ward, Lesley Ann Warren, John Waters, Leigh Whannell,Gough Whitlam, David Williamson, Tony Williams, Simon Wincer, Arna-Maria Winchester, Uri Windt, Norman Yemm, Susannah York.