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Fun with GIFs: The Telephone Book

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Screenshot from 2013-07-05 22:22:17The ginchy bird above is Alice played by Sarah Kennedy in Nelson Lyon’s 1971 film The Telephone Book. Sarah Kennedy is adorable! Alice receives a most satisfying dirty phone call and seeks to find the man behind it. He divulges his name is John Smith and dares her to find him in the telephone book. She meets all manner of interesting folk on her journey including a porn director by the name of Har Poon. The image set I chose is from the orgasmic finale. I mean orgasmic quite literally as the film ends with the mother of all orgasms complete with animation sequence as illustrated below. The Telephone Book is a slick-looking, funny entertaining flick!

Check out Vinegar Syndrome’s trailer for The Telephone Book

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I picked up a Jan Svankmajer short film collection from the library yesterday. I was so inspired by its awesomeness that I created two slideshows in celebration of Mr. Svankmajer! There is no one quite like him. Svankmajer’s delightfully demented combination of live action and stop-motion animation is an absolute fucking treat! It makes me sad he only has six feature length films. I highly recommend checking out any Svankmajer film; and if you can get your hands on any of his short film collections you will be the richer for it. Below is a list of Svankmajer’s films with links for the ones I have reviewed. Sadly, I don’t own any Svankmajer film soundtracks so music is courtesy of Jefferson Airplane and XTC.

Alice (1988)
Faust (1994)
Conspirators of Pleasure (1996)
Little Otik (2000)
Lunacy (2005)
Surviving Life (2010)

The Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer: The Early Years Vol. 1
The Collected Shorts of Jan Svankmajer: The Later Years Vol. 2
The Complete Short Films

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane w/images from Jan Svankmajer’s Alice.
Svankmajer’s Alice is the cat’s ass of the Carroll interpretations. Granted White Rabbit was a bit of an obvious choice here but I think it perfectly compliments Svankmajer’s wonderfully trippy, warped and whimsical vision.

XTC – Senses Working Overtime featuring the films of Jan Svankmajer.
The whimsical, weird and wonderfully wicked world of Jan Svankmajer! Svankmajer’s mix of stop-motion animation and live action masterpieces are a feast for the eyes and an assault on the senses! I recommend every last film in this slideshow. My apologies to those living in Montenegro and Serbia; this video is blocked in those locations.