Goregirl’s 100 Favourite Horror Films of All Time

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
2. The Exorcist
3. Videodrome
4. The Thing (1982)
5. The Shining
6. Dawn of the Dead (original)
7. Deep Red
8. Dead Alive (aka Braindead)
9. Hellraiser
10. Evil Dead 2
11. Night of the Living Dead
12. Alien
13. Psycho
14. Return of the Living Dead
15. Nosferatu (1922)
16. Les Diaboliques
17. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 & 1956)
18. Maniac
19. Don’t Torture A Duckling
20. An American Werewolf in London
21. Martyrs
22. Bad Taste
23. The Body Snatcher (1945)
24. Carrie (original)
25. Cemetery Man
26. Kuroneko
27. May
28. Possession (1981)
29. Re-Animator
30. Halloween
31. American Psycho
32. The Brood
33. Saw
34. The Wolf Man (1941)
35. Gojira (Godzilla 1954)
36. Zombi 2
37. From Dusk til Dawn
38. The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh
39. Let The Right One In
40. Eyes Without A Face
41. Suspiria
42. Shivers
43. Living Dead Girl
44. Severance
45. The Quiet Family
46. Near Dark
47. Shaun of the Dead
48. Inside
49. Hausu
50. Final Destination
51. The Devil’s Rejects
52. The Beyond
53. Lizard In A Woman’s Skin
54. Kill Baby Kill
55. Day Of The Dead
56. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
57. Audition
58. Antichrist
59. Eraserhead
60. 3 Extremes
61. Twitch of the Death Nerve (aka Bay of Blood)
62. The Descent
63. Save the Green Planet!
64. Jacob’s Ladder
65. Frankenstein (1931)
66. Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural
67. The Entity
68. Rabid
69. Rosemary’s Baby
70. Ginger Snaps
71. A Nightmare on Elm Street
72. Peeping Tom
73. Onibaba
74. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
75. Horror Express
76. Planet Terror
77. Black Sunday
78. Phantasm
79. Changeling
80. The Old Dark House
81. Repulsion
82. Blood and Black Lace
83. Santa Sangre
84. Basket Case
85. The Devil Rides Out
86. Demons
87. The Legend of Hell House
88. I Spit On Your Grave
89. Tenebre
90. The Raven (1935)
91. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
92. The Haunting (1963)
93. Spider Baby: or The Maddest Story Ever Told
94. Don’t Look Now
95. Bride of Chucky
96. Village of the Damned (1960)
97. Bubba Ho-Tep
98. The Toxic Avenger
99. I Walked With A Zombie
100. The Host

43 Responses to “Goregirl’s 100 Favourite Horror Films of All Time”

  1. I wouldn’t quibble with most of these, particularly considering you explicitly name yourself GOREgirl, but I’m surprised none of the classic Universal horrors—“Frankenstein”, “Dracula,” “The Wolfman” or the “Mummy”—cracked your top 100 of all time. (Not to mention “Bride of Frankenstein,” the best of them all). Glad to see “Nosferatu,” “Spider Baby,” and “Black Sunday” make it.

    • Actually, one of my primary goals in starting this blog was to watch more horror films from the 1960’s and previous. My classic film knowledge is seriously lacking! It’s a work in progress. This top 100 list is constantly changing and only features films I rated a 5/5. To be honest, Nosferatu just got added about a month ago! I suspect many more “classics” will show up on this list as I view more.

  2. Glad to hear it! No list should be set in stone anyway. For older films, try the Val Lewton films, especially CAT PEOPLE and THE BODY SNATCHER.

  3. Jimbo85uk Says:

    Awesome list. But great to see ‘The Thing’ in someones top 5. For me, it’s one of the all time greats. Nothing beats the paranoia you feel alongside the crew of Outpost 31 when you watch it for the first time. Even now to this very day, I still look for clues as to who’s a ‘thing’ or not when i watch it. Superb!

    Regards, Jimbo.

    • goregirl Says:

      In the past I’d see on average maybe 100 horror flicks a year, and since starting this blog I’ve probably doubled that. It amazes me that nothing seems to overtake these top 5 favourites! I am a sucker for a horror film that takes place in winter, but your absolutely right, it is the paranoia that really gives this film its edge. Well, that and some kick ass gore and effects! It is every bit as effective today as it was when it was originally released.

  4. Jimbo85uk Says:

    Totally agree. Even now, watching it on my 42 inch 1080p Sony bravia, in Bluray. It looks utterly brilliant. Nothing better than seeing all those tasty chunks of twisted, burnt and blood soaked pieces of ‘thing’ flesh in complete ‘full’ HD detail. Ahhhh now i’ve worked myself up, I better go put it on!

    Regards, Jimbo.

  5. Death man Says:

    You must include “The Silence of the Lambs”,”The Ring”,”The Grudge” etc.

    • goregirl Says:

      Film taste is a personal thing Death man. It is unlikely two people would compile identical lists of 100 films. While I respect your appreciation for your favourites I wouldn’t rank these 3 among my own.

  6. Jimbo85uk Says:

    @ Death man:

    Silence of the Lambs is a quality film, not a fan of the other two. But anyway.. Why must she? It’s her list, make your own perhaps 🙂

    Regards, Jimbo.

  7. I love the list, lots of awesome films on there!

  8. bizarre_eye Says:

    Pretty interesting and eclectic list their goregirl; I enjoy looking at other people’s favourite film lists. 🙂

    Just curious to know how often do you update it? – as you do watch a lot of horror films. Also, do you ever change your mind about some of your choices on repeat viewings, as I know I do! If I were to make a Top 100 list it would probably change every week!

    There are a couple on there that I haven’t seen too, so I will have to check them out.

    • goregirl Says:

      This top 100 horror list will always continue to change. There are a few films on here I haven’t watched in years! These are all films I rated a perfect 5/5 at some point in the last 20 years. I tried to balance it out with new and old titles. I basically only update when I watch a film that gets a perfect 5/5 which doesn’t happen all that often. I also update when I rewatch a film on the list that I would no longer rank 5/5. Even though the titles are numbered they are ranked pretty much by how many times I’ve viewed them not really one favoured over another. I mean really?? How do you rank 100 + films you rated identically?

  9. Hi goregirl, as a newcomer to your blog I immediately like your approach: putting Antichrist or Frenzy on a list of horror movies gives so much to discuss – I will need to search your site for definitions 😉
    I am wondering: is the absence of [rec] due to you not liking is sufficiently, or had you not seen it at the time of compiling the list? I take it that makes
    “Let the right one in” your favourite recent horror flic?

    • Hi ThoHa,

      I liked REC alot, but I didn’t think it brought much new to the table.

      Antichrist’s origins are certainly psychological, but the horror is most definitely there. While I call myself Goregirl, and I do love the gore, there is nothing like a good psychological mind fuck!

      Let The Right One In is absolutely one of my favourite’s from the past few years along with Martyrs, Inside, Planet Terror, May and The Descent (although I guess The Descent and May don’t qualify as current really). But for me, anything made after the 80’s is current! The 70’s is still my favourite decade for horror bar none, although I still have a lot more “classics” to see.

  10. Holy cow, what an awesome list. Other than the original Wolf Man, you’ve got just about all of my favorites on there. Any consideration to Kwaidan or Ugetsu? The recently-released “House” is a lot of fun, too, albeit maybe not a top 100.

    • For as many horror flicks as I have seen (and continue to see) there are so many more that I’ve yet to view, or haven’t seen in years. Wolf Man is one I know I should revisit that I’m sure I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Kwaiden is an amazing film (I am particularly fond of the Snow Lady story) but Ugetsu I have not seen, I will definitely add it to the queue. This is an evolving TOP 100 list that gets edited when I see a film I deem a perfect 5/5. Sadly, there aren’t all that many flicks I rate perfectly though, so the evolution is a bit on the slow side.

  11. Cemetery Worker Says:

    Is that you Beth?

  12. Hi 🙂

    Just wanted you to know that i love your list. I feel i owe you to mention that if you haven’t seen Eden Lake, you HAVE to! It’s amazing. One of my all time favorites..

    – Thomas

  13. Great list. May I recommend “Cube” (1997) if you haven’t seen it already. It’s a low budget Canadian film, but it really draws you in. If you like SAW, you’ll enjoy this.

  14. typically I want to vomit when I read peoples top 10,20,100 because they contain pure shit, but I have to say your top 10 includes about 5-6 of my favs..not that the others are bad but they’d be later in my list….its good to see alot of oldies on there as well

    • Gory Greetings Paul, I am all about the old stuff. I am a hard core junkie of 70’s cinema. To be honest, I rather watch any older film from any decade than watch something current. It is so rare I see anything new that is truly original. There are exceptions, of course, but as a rule I’d go old over new any day!

  15. Nice to see Videodrome on the list. I love that movie. Very good list!

  16. Pretty cool list I like Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento, they make some pretty violent films especially The New York Ripper (1982) by Lucio Fulci. Plus do you like any of Ruggero Deodato films? Such as Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and The House on the Edge of the Park (1980).

  17. […] of the best films I have ever seen in my life! Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby have been on my top 100 favourite horror film list since I started keeping one! Although Repulsion is masterfully filmed I think Catherine Deneuve […]

  18. […] Dead, The Beyond, House by the Cemetery and The New York Ripper. Four of Fulci’s films are on my top 100 favourite horror films of all time; Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, Don’t Torture a Duckling, The Beyond and Zombi 2. Not all of […]

  19. I looked carefully through list and comments and did not see Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula or Ken Russell’s “Gothic”. Are these too campy for your tastes, Goregirl?

    • I included Gothic in my top 10 Favourite Horror Films From 1986. I really dig Russell. Not quite top 100 though. I don’t dislike Dracula but I do have some issues with it.

  20. […] it received the #1 spot on my top ten favourite horror films from 1978, has long held a position in my top one hundred horror films of all time and George A. Romero was my #10 director in my dungeon director project: my fifty favourite […]

  21. T Blaends Says:

    Great list, I can’t wait to start watching the ones I have not seen! However, I have a hard time seeing zombie films on any real horror list: I think there is just nothing scary about zombies, they should be considered comedy films. I am into the plausibility horror stuff…the stuff that makes it hard to sleep after. That is real horror! I also think the Shining is boring and not scary, never understood why everyone puts that one so high?

  22. T Blaends Says:


  23. Nice list and I agree with a lot of the movies. #88 Original or remake? If you like rape and revenge movies you have to check out Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible.

    • Original…never seen the remake (I generally stay away from them). I watched Noé’s Irréversible and I Stand Alone this year and both completely rocked me. Irréversible lengthy rape scene is one of the most intense and disturbing I’ve ever seen but that said I think I Stand Alone hit me a little harder.

      • You are absolutely right with irréversible’s rape scene being really disturbing. I haven’t seen Seul contre tous yet but it is on my list and I am really looking forward to watching it. Yesterday I finally found the time the see Thriller-en grym film. The first half of the film was also quite intense with the story being quite fucked-up but unfortunately the second half of the movie gets a bit boring.

        • Ah yes…They Call Her One Eye. At some point a few years back I had read a list of Quentin Tarantino recommendations with this on it. It has been a few years since I seen it…but I recall liking it but certainly not being blown away. Have you seen Lucky McKee’s The Woman?

          • Yup, liked it too but mainly the first third of the movie which was really sick. The movie was an inspiration for Tarantinos Elle Driver character in Kill Bill.I do not have seen the woman as I am very careful when it comes to modern horror movies. Is it worth watching?

  24. […] in a video I did recently of my ten favourite Japanese horror films and has long held a position on my top 100 best of all time. It is somewhat misleading to call Onibaba a horror film. Onibaba takes place in 14th century […]

  25. […] Repulsion is one of the greatest psychological horror films ever made and has long held a place on my 100 best horror films of all time. Repulsion is an exercise in delusion, unease and paranoia that is as powerful now as it was when […]

  26. Incredible list. Inside, Martyrs, and Deep Red I watched recently and they are stunning. Awesome site by the way, I am now following. I just started my own film blog and would love it if you checked it out. Hopefully you’ll like what you see.

  27. […] films have appeared on my top ten favourite lists for the 1970s and 1980s and he has four films on my top 100 favourite horror films of all time. Oddly, I have not given many of Mr. Cronenberg’s films the full review […]

  28. […] as himself! I have seen all of the below films multiple times and four of the five are on my top 100 favourite horror films of all time. Fulci is a God and should be worshipped […]

  29. Awesome to see the original Dawn of the Dead up near the top! Brilliant movie in my opinion. Definitely deserves a high spot

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