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FUN WITH GIFs: Sexy Sisters

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Pamela Stanford in Jess Franco’s Sexy Sisters (1977). Currently working on the next entry of The Goddesses of Underground Cinema which I hope to have completed by the end of the week.

The Goddesses of Underground Cinema: MARIA ROHM

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venus_in_furs_lc_07Maria Rohm started her acting career at the age of four and worked in theatre until she auditioned for Harry Alan Towers at the age of 18. Rohm would go on to play roles in several films written by Towers including nine directed by Jess Franco. The Franco/Towers years were solid entertainment. I would argue the most coherent and aesthetically pleasing in his resume. If I was going to introduce the uninitiated to Jess Franco I would likely recommend a film from this period.  That said, I do have a special appreciation for the hysterics and sleaze of the Franco films that would follow; many of which are sure to make my Favorite Five Franco list. Maria Rohm and Harry Alan Towers were married in 1964 and remained together until Towers death in 2009. Rohm worked with directors Massimo Dallamano, Peter Collinson, Andrea Bianchi and Lindsay Shonteff among others but since this is part of my Jess Franco project I will be focusing on her Franco titles. Rohm retired from acting in 1976 but together with her husband continued to produce films. With only 27 credits listed on IMDB; this talented, beautiful and versatile actress, in my opinion, retired way too early. The sweet, sexy and stunning Maria Rohm will always be remembered as one of the Goddesses of Underground Cinema.


In The Blood of Fu Manchu, Fu Manchu (played by Christopher Lee) discovers a poison that only affects men. He inoculates a group of women who are brainwashed into seducing Fu Manchu’s enemies; hence the film’s alternative title Kiss and Kill. It is all in the name of world domination of course! Maria Rohm plays cowgirl Ursula Wagner who along with Naylen Smith, Dr. Petrie and soldier Carl Jansen aim to foil Fu Manchu’s plans. A great female army setup is swallowed up by the less interesting subplots. It is not without some charm, but it is my least favourite of Rohm’s nine Franco flicks. No fault of hers, she is adorable in her cowgirl hat!


In 99 Women Maria Rohm plays Marie a new arrival at an Island Prison. Torture, rape and lesbianism runs rampant thanks to a corrupt warden. 99 Women is one of the earliest in the women in prison subgenre and still one of the best. A solid cast that includes Maria Schell, Mercedes McCambridge, Rosalba Neri, Herbert Lom and of course Rohm. Rohm is the empathetic character but to be honest, Rosalba Neri sort of steals every scene she is in.


In The Girl from Rio Maria Rohm plays Leslye, a manicurist who has sex with a rich douchebag named Jeff Sutton. Jeff is transporting a suitcase full of money to the tune of ten million dollars. Jeff and Leslye unwittingly become involved in a war between Sumuru the leader of an all female city and gangster Sir Masius. Fabulous costumes and groovy cinematography kept me watching despite inept action sequences and a seriously awkward Shirley Eaton in the lead role. The Girl from Rio will definitely not be making my favorite’s list but Maria Rohm is completely at ease as the likable Leslye.


In Marquis de Sade’s Justine Maria Rohm plays Juliette; sister to the titular Justine. After their father’s death the sisters are forced to leave the convent where they had been living. The duo are taken in by a madame where they are expected to prostitute themselves in return for accommodation. Justine refuses and sets out on a journey where she encounters a myriad of perverts, thieves and others degenerates. She is used, abused, thrown in prison and eventually sentenced to death. Meanwhile sister Juliette has embarked on a successful life of crime. This is the meaty sort of badass roles that fit Maria Rohm like a glove. Sexy and fearless; and goddamn she looks brilliant in period piece costuming! I felt lukewarm about certain aspects of Justine on my initial watch; specifically the choice of Romina Power as Justine. Despite these feelings it did make my top 10 horror film list for 1969. On subsequent watches (I now own the DVD) I have warmed up to Power in the role. Marquis de Sade’s Justine is absolutely a contender for my favorite list.




In Venus in Furs Maria Rohm plays Wanda Reed. At the beginning of the film Wanda’s dead body is found on the beach by musician Jimmy Logan; flashbacks take the story full circle. Venus in Furs is a trippy, sexy, supernatural thriller; one of Franco’s most attractive films. Practically perfect despite the sketchy casting of James Darren as Jimmy Logan. Seems to me that there are actors and actresses that just are not comfortable in the Franco fold. Rohm has major screentime in this one and is definitely the star attraction. Sexy and sassy but also sweet and full of sadness. She gets solid support from Barbara McNair, Margaret Lee, Klaus Kinski and Dennis Price. Venus in Furs is another favorite list contender.


Corrupt and power-hungry Judge Jeffreys is a 17th century chief justice (Christopher Lee) known for his harsh verdicts. The Bloody Judge is infamous for condemning women as witches which his lackey dogs torture confessions from. Maria Rohm plays Mary Gray whose sister Alicia is accused of witchcraft. She pleads her sister’s case to no avail but does get the unwanted attentions of the judge who is determined to have her or ruin her. The judge however has other things to worry about, specifically the overthrow of the government that continues to give him too much authority. While Maria Rohm is simply engaging and perfect The Bloody Judge belongs to Mr. Lee. Definitely Christopher Lee’s best Franco appearance and a solid one in general among his 200+ filmography. Good stuff, but not favorite list good.




In exchange for a role in the hay with Madame Saint Ange, Mistival agrees to send his daughter Eugenie to spend a weekend at the woman’s secluded island home. Eugenie, as the titles suggests, takes a journey into perversion and beyond. Eugenie… The Story of her Journey into Perversion is a naughty, delicious, twisted, psychedelic, sexy and sadistic treat. The lovely Marie Liljedahl, no stranger to sleazy cinema joins Franco regulars Maria Rohm, Jack Taylor and Paul Muller and is well-suited for the role with her baby face and starry eyes. Paul Muller is fun as douchy dad Mistival, I love Jack Taylor, he can do no wrong and Christopher Lee makes a brief but memorable appearance. But this one is all about Maria Rohm who spanks this baby and puts it to bed as Madame Saint Ange. Completely at ease with her savagery and perversion she wears it like a technicolor fucking dreamcoat. A stunning film visually with an arresting soundtrack and a fabulous plot twist; in fact, more than one plot twist! Spoiler; Eugenie… The Story of her Journey into Perversion  is guaranteed entry on my favorite Franco list.


Franco directs his version of the Bram Stoker story and keeps it pretty true. Count Dracula has a fantastic cast with Christopher Lee as Dracula, Klaus Kinski as Renfield, Herbert Lom as Van Helsing, Soledad Miranda as Lucy Westenra and Maria Rohm as Mina Harker. As you can see from the above image, Rohm is a striking Mina Harker. Everyone is perfectly cast. I love this version! Count Dracula is definitely a contender for my favorite five.

Screenshot (1523)

Screenshot (1522)

Screenshot (1524)

Screenshot (1525)

Sneaking in this one non- Franco Title. Maria Rohm has a small but memorable role as Alice Campbell in Massimo Dallamano 1970 film Dorian Gray. In this scene she is seduced by Helmut Berger’s Dorian Gray character. Seeing a naked Helmut Berger is probably one of the top 3 best possible things I could see after putting on my glasses!

Maria Rohm’s Filmography

Annie (1976)
Closed Up-Tight (1975)
The Killer is Not Alone (1975)
Ten Little Indians (1974)
The Call of the Wild (1972)
Treasure Island (1972)
Sex Charade (1972)
Black Beauty (1971)
Dorian Gray (1970)
Count Dracula (1970)
Eugenie (1970)
The Bloody Judge (1970)
Venus in Furs (1969)
Marquis de Sade’s Justine (1969)
Rio 70 (1969)
99 Women (1969)
The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)
Eve (1968)
House of 1,000 Dolls (1967)
Five Golden Dragons (1967)
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967)
The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967)
Bang! Bang! You’re Dead! (1966)
City of Fear (1965)
24 Hours to Kill (1965)
Teufel im Fleisch (1964)
Mozambique (1964)

The Goddesses of Underground Cinema: Claudia Jennings

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cj6playboyAmerican actress Claudia Jennings started out in theatre in Chicago. A meaty paycheck to appear in Playboy afforded Jennings the opportunity to move to Hollywood where she got her first job as Sunny in Gunther Collins’ 1971 film Jud. With 28 acting credits in television and film the spunky Jennings had an active career from 1971 to 1979. Jennings scored smaller roles in The Love Machine starring John Phillip Law and Dyan Cannon, The Man Who Fell to Earth starring David Bowie and Candy Clark and 40 Carats starring Liv Ullmann and Eddie Albert. Her natural and vivacious nature led to feature roles in drive in flicks like Group Marriage, Truck Stop Women, Gator Bait, Sisters of Death, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Moonshine County Express, Deathsport, Fast Company and my personal favorite Unholy Rollers. She was a serious candidate to replace Kate Jackson on the popular TV Series Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately the network people were freaked out over Jennings Playboy appearances so she lost the gig to Shelley Hack. Sadly, Jennings died in a car accident at the age of 29. A graceful ease, a contagious laugh, a natural beauty and just downright likable, even when she was playing less than likable characters. Although Jennings was in major studio films, they were generally lesser known and lower budget studio films, so I am squeezing her in for a pass here: Claudia Jennings is a favorite who deserves a spot on my list of The Goddesses of Underground Cinema.

Claudia Jennings in UNHOLY ROLLERS


Claudia Jennings as Karen Walker in Unholy Rollers (1972) 

In Unholy Rollers Jennings plays Karen Walker a tough, bad-ass roller derby superstar with serious attitude. The film documents her climb to fame and her eventual downfall. Rollerskating was my life from about 12 to 15 years of age and I always have a soft spot for films with the theme. Unholy Rollers is definitely one of the better, maybe the best of the rollerskating/roller derby themed flicks. Lots of derby action, great clothing and hair and a great memorable performance from Jennings.

Screenshot (1451)

Claudia Jennings in The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976)

In The Great Texas Dynamite Chase Jennings plays Candy Morgan; a prison escapee who robs a bank with dynamite to help her family keep their land. She befriends Ellie-Jo and together the two cross the country robbing banks with dynamite. Robbing banks with dynamite really seems pretty impractical, but in the movies anything goes. The ladies are spunky and a lot of fun and you root for them 100%. A really fun bit of fluff with a dash of sex and sass.


Claudia Jennings as Judy in Sisters of Death (1976)

In Sisters of Death Claudia plays Judy, a sorority sister involved in a pledge that goes horribly wrong. Seven years later the girls involved in the wonky pledge are reunited and picked off one by one. A pretty lackluster and tame slasher with a few memorable moments and a funny twist ending. Sisters of Death really needed more punch but Jennings definitely stands out here as Judy.

Screenshot (1429)

Claudia Jennings as Desiree Thibodeau in Gator Bait (1974)

As Desiree in Gator Bait Jennings has very little dialog. She is pursued by some local rednecks, the sheriff and his son for a crime she did not actually commit. Her sister is killed by the group and she takes oh, so sweet revenge. The latter half of the film is Jennings quietly and carefully terrorizing these assholes. It does lag a bit in places but every second Jennings is on screen is a lot of fun.

Claudia Jennings as Sammy in Fast Company (1979)

In Fast Company Jennings plays Sammy; the girlfriend of aging race car driver Lonnie “lucky man” Johnson played by William Smith. Smith is a veteran driver with a plum sponsorship from Fast Co but is managed by a corrupt sleazebag played by John Saxon. Classic good guy knocked down but turns it all around premise with personable characters you will root for. Fun fare.


Claudia Jennings Playboy Pictorial

Claudia Jennings Filmography/TV Credits

240-Robert (TV Series) (1979)
Fast Company (1979)
Lucan (TV Series) (1978)
Deathsport (1978)
Moonshine County Express (1977)
The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976)
Sisters of Death (1976)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)
The Streets of San Francisco (TV Series) (1976)
Caribe (TV Series) (1975)
Movin’ On (TV Series) (1975)
The Manhunter (TV Series) (1974)
Cannon (TV Series) (1974)
‘Gator Bait (1974)
The Single Girls (1974)
The F.B.I. (TV Series) (1974)
Truck Stop Women (1974)
Willy & Scratch (1974)
The Brady Bunch (TV Series) (1973)
40 Carats (1973)
Barnaby Jones (TV Series) (1973)
Group Marriage (1973)
The Unholy Rollers (1972)
The Stepmother (1972)
Trampa mortal (1972)
Ironside (TV Series) (1971)
The Love Machine (1971)
Jud (1971)

The Goddesses of Underground Cinema: CAROLYN BRANDT

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I must admit until a month ago I was not familiar with the name Carolyn Brandt; despite having seen The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies and The Thrill Killers both of which feature the actress. The aforementioned are just two of several films Carolyn Brandt was in directed by Ray Dennis Steckler. Brandt was married to Steckler for ten years (1963 – 1973). Brandt continued to make films with the director after their divorce; post divorce she primarily narrated Steckler’s adult films. I subscribe to Fandor which either recently added a bunch of Steckler flicks, or I just finally noticed them. So I went on a binge and watched all of the Steckler films Fandor had; Rat Pfink a Boo Boo, Body Fever, Lemon Grove Kids, Blood Shack, Las Vegas Serial Killer and then re-watched the two films initially mentioned. Being a bit of a completist I found versions of Wild Guitar and The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher to watch. At some point I may actually seek out some of Steckler’s adult flicks. Steckler’s flicks amuse me. Wacky, memorable characters played by a cast of regulars including Steckler himself, Ron Haydock and of course the delightful Carolyn Brandt. The cute and charismatic actress is comfortable in front of the camera and appears to have great chemistry with her co-stars, especially Steckler not surprisingly. I enjoyed her roles in all of the Steckler films especially in Rat Pfink a Boo Boo and Body Fever. My personal favorite Steckler Body Fever (1969) features Ms. Brandt as Carrie Erskine; a thief who double crosses thieves. Steckler as Charles Smith is an incompetent private investigator who is hired by one of the thieves to track Erskine down. P.I. Smith has an office, a secretary and a boat that he lives on but apparently can’t afford a car so he hitchhikes from one location to another. After much ado he eventually does find Erskine and the two fall in love. Ridiculous and hilarious fun! With 28 acting credits to her name I thought the charming Ms. Brandt deserved a place in my Goddesses of Underground Cinema. It is a pretty exclusive club at this point. I hope to add more lovely ladies soon!

Carolyn Brandt as Carrie Erskine in Body Fever (1969)

Carolyn Brandt as Cee Bee Beaumont in Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966)

Carolyn Brandt as Carol and Ron Burr as Ron in The Thrill Killers (1964)

Carolyn Brandt as Marge Neilson in The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964)

Carolyn Brandt’s Filmography

Face of Evil (2003)
Weekend Cowgirls (1983)
Indian Lady (1981)
Red Heat (1981)
The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher (1979)
Cover Girls (TV Movie) (1977)
Sex Rink (1976)
Teenage Dessert (1976)
Teenage Hustler (1976)
Teenage Massage Parlor (1976)
French Heat (1975)
French Fantasies (1975)
Perverted Passion (1974)
The Sexorcist (1974)
Rufus Potter’s Hooker Scam (1973)
Blood Shack (1971)
The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire (1971)
Pinocchio (1971)
Triple Play (1971)
Body Fever (1969)
Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966)
Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters (1965)
Goof on the Loose (1964)
The Thrill Killers (1964)
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (1964)
Secret File: Hollywood (1962)
Wild Guitar (1962)
Eegah (1962)

The Goddesses of Underground Cinema: UTA ERICKSON

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Uta Erickson is the second entry into my Goddesses of Underground Cinema feature; I hope to add many more audacious, alluring, ambrosial, adorable and accomplished actress to this feature before year’s end. Ms. Erickson has much in common with my first recipient Darlene Bennett. Like so many of the women who acted in underground cinema through the sixties little is known about either actresses personal life and shortly after the decade was over they both disappeared from filmmaking. Bennett and Erickson worked with many of the same directors, although I don’t think their paths ever intersected role-speaking. Uta Erickson has thirty-nine acting credits to her name; or more accurately her many names. Ms. Erickson may hold a world record for the amount of pseudonyms she used in her eight years of acting in underground cinema. Her aliases included Arti Jane, Artie Giovanni, Sharon Spitz, Tia Trevino, Artimidia Grillet, Jennie Reeves, Carla Costa, Artemida Diannini, Marion Shelton, Carla Erikson, Jo-Ann Perry, Gia Nina, Rose Dunn, Willa Mist, Dyana Alicia and Britt Hansen. Erickson worked with many of my favourite directors of the period including Doris Wishman, Michael Findlay, Joe Sarno and John and Lem Amero. Erickson’s natural beauty and ease in front of the camera made her a real stand-out among her peers. Uta brings a perfect balance of sexy, sweet and shy with intelligence, intensity and strength. Many of Uta’s roles have been dubbed over and others like the excellent Love Toy she speaks very little. Much can be relayed without speaking a word as is the case with so many of Uta’s memorable performances. For a solid representation of Uta Erickson’s work I would recommend checking out Lem and John Amero’s beautiful 1970 film Bacchanale, Michael Findlay’s drug-induced 1969 odyssey of insanity The Ultimate Degenerate, Doris Wishman’s deliciously sleazy 1973 film Love Toy, Joe Sarno’s mesmerizing melodrama Passion in Hot Hollows and the quirky, satan-worshipping, cat-fighting shenanigans of Olga’s Dance Hall Girls whose director is unknown. Below are several pictures of the lovely and talented Uta Erickson as well as her complete film resume.


Uta (credited as Artimida Grillet) is Maria in Michael Findlay’s The Ultimate Degenerate.


Uta (credited as Britt Hansen) is Jean in Joe Sarno’s Passion in Hot Hollows.


Uta (uncredited) is noted as “blonde Sitting on couch” in Olga’s Dance Hall Girls. Despite receiving more screen time than practically any of the other film’s cast, Uta’s character never gets a name and the actress is not credited.

the kiss of her flesh

Uta (credited as Dyana Alicia) is Maria in Michael Findlay’s The Kiss of her Flesh. Pictured also is Earl Hindman (credited as Leo Heinz) who plays Don. Picture courtesy of My Kind of Images.

love toy3

Uta in her final film appearance (credited as Willa Mist) is Mary in Doris Wishman’s Love Toy.

Screenshot from 2013-12-18 20:38:13

Uta in another uncredited role in Andy Milligan’s Seeds of Sin.

daughters of lesbos

Uta (credited as Carla Costa) is Monika in Peter Woodcock’s Daughters of Lesbos.

the sex killer

Uta in another uncredited role as a hooker in Barry Mahon’s The Sex Killer.

New_Picture_1_ (1)

Uta (credited as Rose Dunn) is Lola in Kenny and Ray Wells’ Wendy’s Palace.


Uta plays Ruth in Lem and John Amero’s Bacchanale. This was the first film I seen Uta in and her appearance and performance left a lasting impression on me. Picture courtesy of My Kind of Images.

***Uta Erickson was often cast alongside the seriously sassy Linda Boyce; the two had some sizzling chemistry together. Below are images from a selection of Ms. Erickson and Ms. Boyce’s onscreen appearances.***


Uta (credited as Carla Costa) is Phyllis and Linda (credited as Claudia Cheer) is Babette in Peter Woodcock’s Return of the Secret Society (aka Babette)


Uta (credited as Rose Dunn) is Lola and Linda (credited as Mary Poey) plays Wendy in Kenny and Ray Wells Wendy’s Palace.

linda and uta in a thousand pleasures

Uta (credited as Artemidia Grillet) is Maggie and Linda (credited as Linda Mactavish) is Jackie in Michael Findlay’s A Thousand Pleasures. Picture courtesy of My Kind of Images.

the curse of her flesh

Uta is uncredited playing the stage partner to Linda Boyce’s (credited as Lena Brice) character Stella in Michael Findlay’s The Curse of her Flesh. Picture courtesy of My Kind of Images.

Love Toy (1973)
Love Me… Please! (1972)
Dynamite (1972)
Lovers by Appointment (1970)
Torture Me, Kiss Me (1970)
Wendy’s Palace (1970)
Women Women Women Moira (1970)
Only in My Dreams (1970)
Interplay (1970)
Bacchanale (1970)
The Amazing Transplant (1970)
The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful (1970)
Yellow Bird (1970)
Mnasidika (1969)
She’s Doing It Again (1969)
Passion in Hot Hollows (1969)
Monique, My Love (1969)
Marcy (1969)
She Came on the Bus (1969)
Sex Circus (1969)
Donna and Lisa (1969)
Anything Once (1969)
Olga’s Dance Hall Girls (1969)
The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)
Return of the Secret Society (1968)
The Kiss of Her Flesh (1968)
The Curse of Her Flesh (1968)
See How They Come (1968)
Daughters of Lesbos (1968)
Seeds of Sin (1968)
Private Relations (1968)
Beware the Black Widow (1968)
The New Life Style (Just to Be Love) (1968)
A Thousand Pleasures (1968)
The Sex Killer (1967)
Unholy Matrimony (1966)
Sin in the City (1966)
Electronic Lover (1966)
The Love Cult (1966)