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BODY MELT (1993) – The Dungeon Review!

Posted in Australia, horror, movies on January 20, 2013 by goregirl

Body Melt is an Australian horror-comedy; a satirical look at the flourishing business of health in the late 80s and early 90s. It is cheap, cheesy, gooey, gloopy, snotty, bloody and hilariously gross! Body Melt is a schlocky horror film in the vein of Street Trash or Bad Taste and some seriously vile fun!

Body Melt

The film opens with a woman shooting her lover with an ominous looking liquid. The woman is Shaan; the face of Vimuville. Shaan is the spokesperson for the Vimuville Health Spa who is also marketing vitamin products. We are privy to a phone call Shaan makes informing the caller that she has administered enough juice to her lover that he will not make it to the morning. The lover is appalled by Vimuville’s shenanigans and intends on making a visit to Pebbles Court. Pebbles Court in Homesville is a randomly chosen neighborhood who has unknowingly become part of an experiment. The lover lasts considerably longer than Shaan anticipated and actually makes it to Pebbles Court. Unfortunately he expires in grand fashion taking out a parked truck and flying through his windshield. Needless to say, he does not warn the residents of their impending doom. It does however alert the police who are on the case.

body melt3

Shaan appears to be running the show, but her puppet master Dr. Carrera is actually the one behind the experiments. He runs a legitimate medical practice in town where he keeps a special phone in his drawer for calls coming in from Vimuville. Wouldn’t anyone in his office hear the secret phone ringing inside his drawer? Dr. Carrera wants Shaan to back down on the doses to a pregnant Pebbles Court woman but he is a little too late. Pregnant lady has already dropped her dangerous placenta and is lying dead on her bed with her belly torn wide open. Hubby comes home and is horrified by his wife’s corpse and is attacked by her placenta and killed. Death by afterbirth! Shaan does not seem the least bit concerned by the obscene and gory results of Vimuville’s experiments. She just keeps plugging away; refusing to adjust doses.

Body Melt1

Vimuville is conducting experiments on the good people of Pebbles Court in Homesville. They have been sent Vimuville powdered drink samples which can help you melt away the fat; or perhaps more accurately just melt all of you away. Body Melt definitely delivers on its title! Vimuville’s experiment spares no one; kids, pregnant women, business men, housewives. Bodies don’t only melt, they explode! Cheeks explode, penises explode! One head actually implodes! There are not only messy deaths there are also hallucinations. A man waiting in the airport sees people who aren’t there and in a cafeteria he meets an imaginary woman who has been mutilated by a boyfriend and needs a place to stay. She moves back and forth between her mutilated and former self appearing and disappearing. Her sexy former self even seduces the man. One of the families from Pebbles Court decides to go visit Vimuville’s health spa. The husband, wife and two children are treated to a buffet made just for them. There is even a half pipe for skateboarding/rollerblading for their pre-teen boy. He dies badly. Not as badly as dad does though! Dad can’t stop blowing his nose. The snot begins to flow like a tap and eventually kills him. It must be seen to be believed!

body melt5

If all that isn’t enough, Body Melt includes an odd subplot involving a mutated family. The mutated family plot does have a connection to the central story line. Two guys from Pebbles Court are making their way to the Vimuville Health Spa and stop to ask for directions. A cranky man with some really lumpy looking skin chats up the guys and calls his two children who come running. They have breakfast with the family and are hit on by the older daughter (she was either a very masculine looking woman or a man in drag). Later the two children (evidently the children appear to be in their twenties) kill a kangaroo so they can eat its adrenal glands. Frankly, I could have lived without the killing of the kangaroo bit. It does not end well for the two Pebbles Court guys. Body Melt does not end well for anyone actually. The story is bananas but Body Melt is really about its nastily delightful visuals.

body melt1

Body Melt is a cheap, cheesy, cheeky, funny flick where bodily fluids flow freely. Body Melt is an utterly vile horror-comedy and I think it is a must see for fans of low-budget schlock. Highly Recommended.

Dungeon Rating; 4/5

Directed By: Philip Brophy

Starring: Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Daddo, Ian Smith, Regina Gaigalas, Vincent Gil, Neil Foley, Anthea Davis, Matthew Newton, Lesley Baker, Amy Grove-Rogers, Adrian Wright, Jillian Murray, Ben Geurens, Amanda Douge, Brett Climo

ROGUE – The Dungeon Review!

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rogue dvd 2Killer crocs aren’t an original concept for a horror film by any means. But this one came from a friend who has recommended some real gems to me. A decent cast and breathtaking scenery and camera work definitely elevate this one above the pack.

A group of tourists vacationing in Australia, take a croc cruise. After a day of cruising the river, they head back, but are delayed when they see a flare. Much to the group’s dismay, Suzanne, our captain, makes the decision to investigate. Taking the boat into unchartered territory, they are suddenly and violently hit from underneath. They scramble onto a patch of land as they helplessly stand by watching the boat sink. Bad turns to worse quickly when they realize they have encrouched on the lair of a large rogue crocodile.

A pretty typical set up for this type of film. It is the execution that makes the difference. The scenery is amazing. When the boat is drifting down the river with massive cliff faces on either side it is effectively beautiful and intimidating. It is obvious that a great amount of care was put into the cinematography. The crocodile is very realistic in body and movement and it doesn’t do anything that is overtly out of the ordinary. Apparently they studied real crocs quite extensively before they created “rogue” for the film. There are some pretty interesting extras in the special features relating to the crocs and filming in the area. The characters in the film are all adults. There are no jocks, nerds or babes here. You don’t exactly get a chance to know these people but subtle little hints are given that makes you want to root for them. There are some mild clashes among the group, but they are more of the “role your eyes up in your head” variety. With the exception of two locals and one of the tourists who makes a selfish and ill-fated decision, the group actually works together. One of the bad apples even manages to redeem himself. Inevitably one man voluntarily stays behind, and is the “hero”. This is where the film loses marks. It isn’t a bad ending, but it is rather anti-climatic. The final struggle is pretty brief and isn’t really much of a struggle at all. The finale didn’t seem plausible, which would not be an issue for me with many horror films. But this one goes to a lot of trouble to create a realistic premise with beleivable characters. I really felt they fumbled on this. An above average creature feature that is worth the price of a rental. This one is pretty low on the gore and might also appeal to fans of action and thriller films. Recommended.

Tonight I’m watching the 1954 Sci-fi/Horror film THEM! Read the review tomorrow! And Happy Friday!

Dungeon Rating: 3.5/5

Directed By: Greg Mclean

Starring: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, Caroline Brazier, Stephen Curry, Celia Ireland, John Jarratt, Heather Mitchell, Geoff Morrell, Damien Richardson, Robert Taylor, Mia Wasikowska and Barry Otto