Adopt A Black Cat From Your Local Shelter!

A disproportionate number of black cats are left un-adopted and are put down every year. Could it really be because people believe black cats are bad luck? I think that is completely and utterly insane. Last year I adopted a two-year-old female black cat from my local shelter. My home is the third of her young life. I named her Vegas after the city of sin. She is super chatty and when you speak to her she speaks back. She is extremely affectionate and is a constant source of joy and amusement. I couldn’t be more pleased with my beautiful, black, feline companion. I encourage you to adopt a black cat, but of course, adopting any cat, dog or rabbit from your local shelter is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

One Response to “Adopt A Black Cat From Your Local Shelter!”

  1. we say yeah to goregirl! adopt, don’t support the scum that is looking to profit off poor animals.

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