The Pussycat Affair

Gory Greetings friends! It has been a very long time since I contributed anything new to Goregirl’s Dungeon. My passion for film has not wavered by any means; check in on my tumblr page to see what I have been watching. Life has been keeping me busy. I moved from Vancouver British Columbia to Ontario November of last year. I am now living in Barrie Ontario! And YES…the weather has indeed been a shock to my system! I actually grew up in Ontario but have spent the majority of my adult years living in beautiful B.C. I have relocated to Ontario to fulfill a lifelong dream…to open my own store! I will be opening The Pussycat Affair this coming May in Downtown Barrie; a vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessory boutique. I hope to capture the vibe of the King’s Road boutiques of London during the swinging sixties. The store will be jam-packed full of memorabilia including plenty of “Pussycat” inspired goodness!


Goregirl’s Dungeon will continue to be dedicated to movies although unfortunately  I don’t think there will be much, if any new content in 2016. Please come visit me at The Pussycat Affair’s website, Ruby Lane and ETSY shops. And if you are in Barrie Ontario this summer stop by the shop at 15B –  31 Dunlop Street East and say HI 🙂


One of the vintage dresses featured over at The Pussycat Affair Ruby Lane shop.


Devil Kitty Tee featured on The Pussycat Affair ETSY page. Devil Kitty was a collaborative design by Little Bunny Sunshine; one of three Pussycat Affair store mascots.


3 Responses to “The Pussycat Affair”

  1. Good luck! I was hearing the Cramps song in my head while I was reading your post.

  2. Thanks Dr. Humpp 😀 Does your pussy do the dog?

  3. Wishing you great success with the store,Goregirl! Loved the two articles I saw about the store and how you used to tell your classmates Vincent Price was your father! I used to tell my school chums I was the bastard son of Gomez Addams. Take care!

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