Goregirl’s Dungeon is Closing Its Doors

After five years of posting on Goregirl’s Dungeon I have decided to call it quits. This may seem like a rash decision but I have been feeling burned out for a very long time and writing has become a real chore. I love film as much as I ever did but my desire to write in this particular forum no longer exists. This isn’t good-bye by any means; I will still be on twitter and will continue to post on YouTube and tumblr. A friend feels I should leave my archives up under the old wordpress name goregirl.wordpress.com but in all likelihood this website will expire along with my website name goregirlsdungeon.com on June 17. Thank you so much for hanging out with me these past five years!


30 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon is Closing Its Doors”

  1. Wow, um. Thanks for all the obscure and underground films you have introduced to me in your posts. Are you still going to do your Youtube posts?

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your excellent posts and all the amazing movies you’ve introduced me to. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


  4. Say it isn’t so! 😦

    Gosh, you were one of the first bloggers I started interacting with and I had a blast with every encounter and collaboration. You definitely got me to watch brilliant movies thanks to your great reviews and features.

    I’ll miss you on the blogging front but keep up with you on Twitter and Tumblr!

  5. I’ll miss you! Here’s to change.

  6. So sad to see you go! But it sounds like it makes sense for you.

  7. Waaah! MAN, GG, you WILL be missed! I think your work SHOULD be saved for posterity’s sake just to show those kids what and how to write about the awesome flicks you’ve introduced many to over these five years.

    (I say get out a book of essays or something, but it’s all up to you)

    Well, I’ll need to make sure I keep an eyeball on your Twitter feed, as I don’t do any Tumblr-ing with my creaky bones.

  8. conradw58 Says:

    I will miss you here something fierce,but I certainly understand. I wrote for fanzines back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s,but gave it up do to burnout,but my love of movies will last as long as I do. I’ve said it before and will say it again,you are my favorite writer of the new millennium,and one of THE coolest folks I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person. I wish you happiness always,and will continue to follow you on You Tube, Twitter and Tumblr. I too hope the archives will remain. It’s been a blast. Love ya,Goregirl!

  9. cheers & best, I’ve enjoyed following and reading

  10. I’m very sorry to hear this! I just recently discovered your work,and was thoroughly enjoying it,and discussing such things with you. It’s always a rare treat to find people who actually know and care about these films (and who don’t stare blankly and slow-blink at you when you make a reference to one of them).

  11. Reblogged this on "DESTROY ALL FANBOYS!" and commented:
    it’s the END of an era, folks. Well, five years isn’t a long time at all (if you use the dictionary definition of era), but considering her voluminous output, Goregirl calling it quits means the horror film scene is losing a major voice for genre films great to awful she wrote many (MANY) words about.

    But this isn’t a funeral at all, as GG will still be active on Twitter and Tumblr. I only use one of those, so I’ll be keeping a peeled eyeball for her much shorter messages about what she’s watching because she’s never steered me wrong (especially when some of her picks freaked me out to no end!).

    So long, Goregirl! You’ll be missed!!!

  12. Damn. This was one of the most education film blogs out there, because obscure horror and exploitation films constitute the biggest gaps in my film knowledge. Good luck in your future conquests, GG!

  13. We will miss you here. 😦

  14. Beanhammer Says:

    :(:(:( Nooooo

  15. i’m glad you’re sticking around on tumblr! i’ve enjoyed reading your posts but i really dig your stills and gifs!

  16. So sorry to hear that this site is going away. I discovered your site through Twitter, and it’s been a source of inspiration for writing about the odd, the unloved and the eclectic. It will be missed.

  17. Really sorry to hear you’re closing up the Dungeon. It’s totally understandable though. If you get to a point where something like this becomes more of a chore than fun, then it’s time to step down. I’ve had lots of fun reading, and the site will be missed.

  18. You definitely opened my eyes to some titles that hadn’t been on my radar. GG’s D will be missed. Thanks for the warning anyway; one of my favorite reviewers just disappeared one day after the last entry from his site.

  19. Oh, man. I’m really bummed to hear this as I just stumbled upon your blog this year! My incredible local video store did a screening of the Doris Wishman movie My Brother’s Wife and it was perfect to find you’d put together a post on the actress who played Zena. I’ll have to get through your archives real quick!

  20. Sorry to hear, but hope you keep your twitter voice strong!

  21. Thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes and kind words! I don’t even know what else to say! Not even two weeks away from writing and I am already at a loss for words!

  22. Thanks for the great stuff, you’re a champion blogger no doubt, best wishes

  23. Dominic Says:

    Long time viewer as well, never post though as I imagine a bunch of us don’t. Major horror/weird/underground etc fan out of Tucson, AZ help do the underground and horror film fest and am always throwing your blog around when talking about some of the best blogs for obscure film out there. You have done an outstanding job as a fan for the rest of us who just need something a bit deeper then the avg. dude writing about movies. I have been obssive about the form for nearly two decades now and honestly think you have kept up one of the best blogs of all time on film. Thanks for all the work you did, your top 10’s from year to year alone are some of the best lists out there. Ahhh, could go on. It is good to stop if you are burnt out though, keep your passion alive and don’t beat it death!!

  24. So, so sad to hear this! 😦

  25. Missing you already. Love reading your work and your selections have always been inspiring to me. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  26. I’m deeply saddened to hear this news, Goregirl. I absolutely adore your work. You truly are one of the best and I’m going to miss all the reviews and little terrifying treats you posted along the way. I hope you’ll stop by Anti-Film School again here soon.

    Good luck with future endeavors!


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