FUN WITH GIFs: Terror Of Mechagodzilla (1975)

In keeping with my current Kaiju obsession here are two gifs from Ishiro Honda’s 1976 film Terror of Mechagodzilla. Eyes and lasers! Look out!


Katsura Mafune (Tomoko Ai) once a lovely human lady is transformed into a cyborg by the aliens.



10 Responses to “FUN WITH GIFs: Terror Of Mechagodzilla (1975)”

  1. I love this final entry of the original Godzilla films a lot. I also love your Tumblr site,Goregirl! So much cool stuff to be found there as well as right here. I tune in both… Same Goregirl time,Same Goregirl channel!

    • Me too! This is one of the Honda films I bought and it was a superb investment! I want more and more and more! Thank you very much Conrad! I am really enjoying my tumblr site! Writing has not been coming easy lately, I burnt myself out a bit with the Something Weird feature. I could never review as much as I want which is why I love tumblr. It is a way to talk about what I have been watching and enjoying without writing a word!

      • I sure understand about the Something Weird marathon supplying a little burn out. It was a fabulous series of reviews each and every day! Tumblr is a great outlet for those days you don’t write a review. I can tell each of your sites are a true labor of love!

        • goregirl Says:

          I’ve seen a lot of movies I enjoyed lately too but I just can not get my head into the review writing. I will have another favourite five next week though. If nothing else, I am passionate about movies. Cheers Conrad!

  2. Ah, kaiju! Where would my misspent childhood be without Godzilla and the gang?

    Did you ever hear of Kaiju Big Battel?

    Sadly, I moved away from Boston without ever seeing a performance of their’s.

  3. Victor De Leon Says:

    Kaiju GIF’s! Yay! šŸ™‚

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