Fun with GIFs: The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)

stepping into something weirdtud

Ouch! I could not get a gif to work to save my life for Michael Findlay’s The Curse of Her Flesh (1968). I spent hours making around ten gifs that were all bunk. Now that I have a brand spanking new computer I am definitely going to look into video editing software so I can use video clips instead of screen caps for my gifs. I ended up making six gifs for Michael Findlay’s The Ultimate Degenerate (1969) and I thought these ones were passable; if nothing else they feature two of my favourite funky femmes!


Uta Erickson as Maria in The Ultimate Degenerate.



Cindy Freemont as Sally in The Ultimate Degenerate.

2 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)”

  1. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your blog! Please don’t ever stop posting!

    • Gory Greetings Bloody Brooklyn! I am really glad there are people out there that appreciate the same things I do…thanks so much for the kind words!

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