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Joseph P. Mawra’s Nudie Cutie The Peek Snatchers (1965) is a bunch of stripper/burlesque/Dance acts strung together by a couple of jewel thieves who find a machine that allows them to see any place anywhere in the world. The duo naturally choose to sneak a peek at the world’s forbidden bars and boudoirs hence its title The Peek Snatchers. The humor is very corny, and I spent more time rolling my eyes up to the ceiling than laughing at these two men; but the fact is, I did laugh. There were also some really quality acts (and a few unforgettable ones) in-between the two goofy guys that made The Peek Snatchers quite watchable. When all was said and done I thought The Peek Snatchers was pretty entertaining and one of the better Nudie Cuties.





You never actually see a picture on this contraption!

The first place they peek at is Mexico.

“Mexico is famous for bullfights.”
“Sure, there’s lots of bulls there.”
“Lots of bulls.”
“You know my grandfather use to sell those bulls. Sell them all over the world.”
“All over the world? He was the biggest bull shipper in Mexico!”


This couple’s dance act was pretty damn cool until it came to the removal of the woman’s pants! He REALLY struggled getting those suckers off!


The Peek Snatchers’s most infamous snippet; the erotic snake lady. This woman has three impressively large snakes that she dances with, caresses and deep throats.

the peek snatchers

For more images for The Peek Snatchers click here.

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