Fun with GIFs: The Double Feature Edition


Something Weird Video offers several of their films in a double feature package. In many cases it is the only way the film is offered. This particularly outstanding double feature The Psycho Lover and Heat of Madness both highlight men with serious psychological damage. Review for The Psycho Lover coming soon!


This is the beautifully executed death scene that opened Robert Vincent O’Neill’s The Psycho Lover (1970).

For images from The Psycho Lover click here.


Kevin Scott as the disturbed photographer and artist John Wilright in Harry Wuest’s Heat of Madness (1966).

For images from Heat of Madness click here.

2 Responses to “Fun with GIFs: The Double Feature Edition”

  1. Merry Christmas,Goregirl,and heartfelt wishes that your 2014 be filled with peace,love,good health,happiness and movies,movies,movies!!!! 😉

    • All the best to you also Conrad!…and yes indeed! MOVIES! MOVIES! MOVIES! And guess what? I am extending Something Weird another month! Yahoo! SO much more to cover! More Doris! Peter Perry Jr, Byron Mabe, Joe Sarno, Lem and John Amero, Joseph P. Mawra and OF COURSE Ray Dennis Steckler! And lots and lots more 🙂

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