LOVE TOY (1973) – The Dungeon Review!


There are a lot of exploitation films from the seventies that don’t really live up to their exploitative promises; Doris Wishman’s Love Toy is not one of them.

love toy1

love toy2

Marcus loses his home, car and factory to Alex in a game of cards.

love toy3

love toy4

As his wife Mary looks on, Alex offers Marcus a deal. Alex will tear up Marcus’s I.O.U.s for one night with his daughter Chris.

love toy5

love toy6

love toy7

Alex goes to Chris’s room. “There’s something I have to tell you; your father had a stroke of bad luck.” Alex informs the teenager that her father has agreed to allow him to have one night with her in exchange for tearing up his I.O.U.s. “It’s true; you should be flattered.”

love toy8

love toy9

“You remind me of Samuel; he had sad eyes too…like yours.” Apparently Samuel was Alex’s kitten as a child and he makes Chris perform as his little kitty cat.

love toy11

love toy15

love toy17

Meanwhile, Mary amuses herself with Marcus who they have tied to a chair.

“Mary always laughs when she’s dancing.”

love toy16

love toy18

love toy19

love toy horsey

At Alex’s direction Chris becomes his mother, wife, mistress and child; and then they play a game of horsey.

“Mary my wife, who isn’t real. I wanted a child. A woman without a soul cannot have a child. You be my child!”

love toy marys dream1

love toy marys dream

Mary has a lengthy flashback to her childhood where she watches her promiscuous mother having sex.

love toy21

Mary watches excitedly as Alex has sex with Chris.

love toy24

love toy25

“I’ll be kind to you if you show me how much you like Chris.”

love toy26

love toy27

Alex brings Marcus in and forces him to watch.

“Father did you really make that deal with him?”

My first foray into Doris Wishman’s work were her black and white sexploitation films from the mid and late sixties. These are the sassy, sexy and stylish films that made me fall in love with the director’s work. After having plowed through that list I delved into her earlier nudie cutie films. Nudie cutie films are pretty much what they sound like. Films with a lot of nudity but with a light fluffiness about them. They are light on story and are really just an excuse to show a lot of nude broads. I have seen some nudie cuties I have enjoyed like Peter Perry’s My Tale is Hot but for the most part these films rank pretty low in my favourites in the Something Weird Video catalog. I was a little afraid to explore Ms. Wishman’s seventies flicks. I am a huge fan of films from the decade but after watching the impossibly dull Deadly Weapons I was not very enthused. Wishman’s 1974 duo Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73 featuring Chesty Morgan brought the director some commercial success from what I understand. It is a shame those two titles are the better known on her resume. Wishman made some deliciously naughty and exploitative gems through the seventies and Love Toy is one of the best of the bunch. There are a few distinct details about Wishman’s films that never changed through the years. One of those details is the dubbing. No one speaks in a Wishman film. The voices are added afterwards or alternatively the story is narrated. It is a little detail you get accustomed to after watching a lot of her films. I loved the voice work in Love Toy. I have no idea if the main actor Bernard Marcel actually provided the voice for his character but it was the perfect choice. Bernard Marcel’s character Alex is a messed up guy. Marcel is superb as the creepy Alex with a list of issues a mile long. Over the course of his evening with Chris, Alex wants her to be his kitty cat, his mama, his wife, his mistress and his child. His wife Mary appears to have a grocery list of issues herself even though she does not speak a single word through the film. Uta Erickson is one of my favorite exploitation queens and as Mary she gives one of her best performances without uttering a word. Mary tortures Marcus, flirting with him, giving him a handjob and burning him with her cigarette. She has a lengthy childhood flashback scene where she sees her mother having sex. Apparently Mary’s mother was the promiscuous sort, or might have been a prostitute; I’m not really sure. Marcus will not be winning father of the year. Marcus does have second thoughts after agreeing to allow Alex to have a night with his daughter Chris. Marcus puts up a fight and Alex and Mary have to tie him up. Larry Hunter does not have a ton of screen time as Marcus but nonetheless leaves an impression. Poor Chris, she will never be the same after this evening of sadistic merriment. Pat Happel who plays Chris looks crazy young! She does a great job of emoting moving from disgusted, to afraid to ecstasy throughout the film. The quartet of players here were all perfectly cast for this serious bit of sleaze. There is nudity, sex, violence and a healthy helping of the bizarre and unsavory that make Love Toy a genuinely seedy, sordid and salacious piece of seventies exploitation. Love Toy disgusted me, shocked me, made me laugh, made me cringe and entertained me. Highly recommended!

For more images from Doris Wishman’s Love Toy click here.

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Doris Wishman

Starring: Bernard Marcel, Pat Happel, Uta Erickson, Larry Hunter

5 Responses to “LOVE TOY (1973) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. Awesome review! Love Toy and The Immoral Three are my two favorite Doris Wishman films from the 1970’s. I find something sad about the two movies Wishman made with Chesty Morgan because she looks so miserable in both films. I enjoyed A Night To Dismember a lot,too,but still need to see the last few movies Doris Wishman directed in the 2000’s!

    • Grazie Conrad! I couldn’t agree more; Love Toy and The Immoral Three have been my favourites from the 70s too! Although I have not seen Keyholes are for Peeping which I intend on catching in the next few days. A Night to Dismember had a great opening and some fun moments and I sure did enjoy the dream sequence but I’d have to rank it mid to low in my Queen Doris favorites list.

      • I recall watching Keyholes Are For Peeping on VHS many moons ago,and found it pretty funny at the time. I understand perfectly about A Night To Dismember ranking low on your Doris scale. Not great,but her only film from the 1980’s,and the moments you mentioned is why I enjoyed it,and a certain nostalgia for her 1960’s films. 🙂

  2. […] In Love Toy a man named Marcus loses everything in a card game to a creep named Alex who agrees to let him off the hook if he will allow him to spend a night with his teenage daughter Chris. Marcus hesitantly agrees but has second thoughts at which time Alex and his wife Mary tie Marcus up while Alex has his way with his daughter. Poor Chris will never be the same after this night of depravity and sexual merriment. Alex, played with sleazy perfection by Bernard Marcel is a messed up cat who has the young Chris pretend she is his pet, his daughter, his wife, his mother and his mistress. Mary, Alex’s quiet as a mouse wife is played with a beautiful, subtle insanity by the talented and lovely Uta Erickson; she is as screwy as hubby with her mother issues and tendencies towards violence. The unfortunate Chris played by the impossibly young-looking Pat Happel must have been disturbed six ways after playing this role; but she does it so very well. Her emotions from disgust to horror to shock and ecstasy are precisely relayed. Bad dad Marcus is played by Larry Hunter with a quiet but disturbing conviction. The performances are great! The entire film takes place in two rooms that are filled to capacity with seedy and sordid goings-on. Love Toy is a film that lives up to it exploitative promises! A truly delicious salacious piece of seventies cinema! To read my full review click here. […]

  3. […] odyssey of insanity The Ultimate Degenerate, Doris Wishman’s deliciously sleazy 1973 film Love Toy, Joe Sarno’s mesmerizing melodrama Passion in Hot Hollows and the quirky, satan-worshipping, […]

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