Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: The Big Blast x 2

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Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1967 film Blast-Off Girls is one of several films watched during my journey through Something Weird Video that focuses on the sleaziness of the entertainment business. Blast-Off Girls follows scumbag manager Boojie Baker (Dan Conway) who signs on young struggling bands; Baker has a bevy of beauties in his employ who help keep the young men occupied while he robs them blind. Blast-Off Girls has a special appearance by Colonel Harland Sanders who also catered the shoot.

Music and images from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLAST-OFF GIRLS (1967)…

The Big Blast – Rock n Roll Party

The Big Blast – Noise

7 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: The Big Blast x 2”

  1. Holy Secret Spices! Colonel Sanders making a cameo in an exploitation flick? Awesome. Added to the “See it or else!” list!

    • It is pretty light on the exploitation; no nudity or violence, but it has its moments, and the music is great.

      • Hmmm… I wonder if TCM would show this, then? Heck, they DID run Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs at least once a few years back (much to my delight!)…

        I was also curious about Sander’s knowing what Lewis had done film-wise up to that point or did he just know he was catering a local flick and was asked to step into a scene or something to promote his tasty chicken?

        • A twitter mate told me that the Colonel actually wanted to be an actor. No idea if that is true or not but apparently the catering was secondary to the acting. This film could definitely be shown on television…they would not have to cut out a thing. I am not familiar with TCM. I am not sure if it is even available in Canada, but I don’t have cable anyway, or a television for that matter.

          • Ah, silly American me!

            TCM is Turner Classic Movies (tcm.com), a popular cable channel that runs something like 95% or old films these days with a few dips once in a while into stuff past 1995 – 2000. They used to have a segment hosted by Rob Zombie a few years back (and i think there was another host before or after) that showed stuff like H.G. Lewis films, Russ Meyer flick, Possession, and other gore/non-gore exploitation flicks.

            Underground still runs on the channel (un-hosted these days) usually from 2am until 5 or 6am on Fridays, but it’s also popped up on weekends as well.

            I’ve also heard that Col. Sanders wanted to be an actor. I think it was in a documentary on fast food where he and his chicken got a segment.

          • I am actually familiar with TCM. I’ve watched videos on YouTube that have the little TCM emblem and folks mention it a lot on the internets, just have never had any actual access to the channel itself. The exploitation show sounded neato though. We had a channel here several years ago – back when I actually had a television called Scream, it was a huge disappointment frankly. They showed very little classic stuff and when they did they played the same thing 11 times during the month.

          • TCM’s only problem is yeah, they tend to run a lot of films over and over as well, but at least you’re seeing stuff that holds up to the test of time. I think there was/is a “horror” channel here like Scream, but they show crappy “cult” TV series (that aren’t really good) and not so scary stuff whenever I pop by.

            I want a Sinister Cinema/Something Weird channel one of these days, but that’s probably not going to happen (boo!)…

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