Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Mohamed El Bakkar – Ya Hwaydali & TWITTER CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!

stepping into something werid tfbp

I feel obligated to mention a program I use called Shazam. These Something Weird films are full of great music but do not offer any clue as to the origins of these tunes. You hit the Shazam button and it listens to the music and tells you what the song is. It doesn’t always find the song but it has been a success more times than not. That is exactly how I found this song by Mohamed El Bakkar!

Music and images from Harold Lea’s The Fat Black Pussycat (1963). Mohamed El Bakkar – Ya Hwaydali. This piece of music is used during the beatnik couple’s murder.


I am having a twitter contest tomorrow! Come One Come All!!

The Stepping Into Something Weird Screen Cap Contest tomorrow night (December 12) 7 pm (PST) WIN a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate via TWITTER!!


Rule #1 You must follow me on TWITTER [at @GGsDungeon] to qualify.

Rule #2 If you are the winner I will require an email address from you. I will contact you via TWITTER DIRECT MESSAGE

Rule #3 The prize is via Amazon so make sure you can use it in your Country.


Starting 7 pm (PST) Dec.12 I will tweet 25 screen caps from Something Weird Video’s library.

Be the first to guess the screen cap correctly the point is yours. Whoever has the most points after the 25 screen caps have been tweeted wins the $25 gift certificate!


In the event of a tie – another screen cap will be tweeted.

Something Weird Screen Cap Contest tomorrow night (Dec.12) 7 pm (PST) WIN a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate!

3 Responses to “Goregirl’s Dungeon on YouTube: Mohamed El Bakkar – Ya Hwaydali & TWITTER CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. Sorry that I couldn’t partake in the contest(just got home from work and the old brain is pooped), but it’s a fun idea,and best of luck to everyone! Love the You Tube video from The Fat Black Pussycat!

    • I noticed you signed up for twitter! What a shame…but I totally understand! My work can sometimes suck the life right out of me! We could have used you though! The winner ran away with it…I would have loved to see you two go head to head! I thought there would be more Something Weird junkies though. I tried not to pick ones that were too obscure but that said, Something Weird’s library is pretty obscure!

      • I so wanted to be part of the contest,but today was particularly draining at the old job. I hear you about work sometimes sucking the life right of you. Thanks for understanding. Hopefully,next contest. 🙂 I did sign up for Twitter(thanks also for following me on there)and will be checking in from time to time. I think you did a great job with the photo selection for the contest! I absolutely love your profile picture on Twitter. Very awesome indeed,Goregirl!

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