CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (1968) – The Dungeon Review!

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coapc dvdMost of the DVDs I will be watching (and have already watched) for Stepping into Something Weird and The Films of Michael Findlay have (and will) come from my DVD service Zip. I was not able to get everything I wanted through Zip so I purchased some downloads directly from Something Weird and bought a few DVDs for my collection. One of the films I bought was a blind choice but sounded so good I decided to take a chance. Bloody hell am I glad I did! Before I even get started on a review for the little piece of awesome called Confessions of a Psycho Cat I would like to firmly criticize the cover of this DVD.


Exciting? Absolutely. Evil? Sure. Exotic?! Why is that word in there? What detail of this film could be considered Exotic? There are a lot of words beginning with the letter “E” they could have used alternatively that would have made sense. Eclectic, Extraordinary, Edgy, Egregious, Efficacious, Engaging; just to name a few. A minor complaint in fairness but the unforgivably erroneous “HER BED WAS HER LAIR” is nothing short of devious! The main character Virginia hates people. At no point in Confessions of a Psycho Cat does Virginia lure anybody into her boudoir. Her bed most certainly was not her lair! As a matter of fact I don’t think we ever even get a shot of her bedroom. Virginia Marcus is far more interested in hunting human beings than making friends with them; never mind making them her lover! Sheesh! The film’s alternative tagline “She’s One Crazy Kitty!” Now THAT is an appropriate tagline! My girl Virginia is indeed a crazy kitty!

Screenshot from 2013-11-29 141014

Confessions of a Psycho Cat opens with Virginia taking her brother to the airport. Her brother is going on a yearly safari; a vacation they usually take together. This year however Virginia has to stay behind due to a nervous breakdown.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223019

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223149

After that long-winded rant Confessions of a Psycho Cat’s post title sequence goes right into several minutes of nudity and sex. The sex scenes in the film were allegedly added a few years after the film was made. Confessions of a Psycho Cat was originally intended to be a straight up horror thriller. The sexy subplot, if you can call it a “subplot” involves the friends of one of Virginia’s victims. I will get into that in a few seconds.

“It’s that dumb Buddy. He’s so unreliable. He should have been here an hour ago. He’s probably doing something stupid right now.”

Buddy is a friend in the loosest sense. He is actually the groups drug dealer and is himself an addict.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223332

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 223721

What Buddy was doing was being hunted!

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224012

Than we get a segue into more sex.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224227

Buddy shows up to the party with a bullet in his leg. A small group of his chums gather around him and he tells them the story of how and why he was shot.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224852

Buddy “the addict”, Charles Freeman “the actor” and Rocco “the wrestler” each receive mysterious notes to meet at the residence of Virginia Marcus. Virginia offers the men $100,000 if they can stay alive in Manhattan for 24 hours. The challenge? Virginia intends to hunt each one of them down. It’s a safari in Manhattan! “When you receive the cheque the game is on.” Why this particular trio of men? They each committed a murder that they were acquitted of. Virginia looks at it as a sort of public service and at the same time an entertaining game. The balance of Confessions of a Psycho Cat details the hunt with a lot of unnecessary sex scenes randomly scattered throughout.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224636

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235557

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:01:00

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:17:50

I can not lie, I would love to have seen what Confessions of a Psycho Cat looked like without the added sex scenes. Eileen Lord who plays Virginia Marcus gives a show stopping performance! She is truly magnificent! She has a great look and fantastic expressions; shouting, yelling and laughing hysterically. She just wanted to go on safari goddammit! It is one of those epic crazy performances that linger in the mind. She never holds back the emotions going from reasonable to insane regularly. The first thing I did when the film ended was look up Eileen Lord on IMDB and I was shocked to see Confessions of a Psycho Cat was her only credit! What a crying shame! This film is worth watching just for her character and her brilliant performance! She is not the only highlight of Confessions of a Psycho Cat though. Virginia’s three victims were all perfectly chosen.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 225010

Good old junkie Buddy! Buddy may or may not have been played by Frank Geraci who I could not find any information on. Frank Geraci would have been at the right age to have played Buddy based on the small amount of names listed on IMDB. The film itself does not give credit to any of the actors or actresses. It notes Camera, Sound, Lab, Sound Transfer, Props, Location, and Script Girl (Script Girl?!). And getting their own credited highlight was Bill Boyd who wrote the script and Eve who produced and directed. Eve apparently is a pseudonym for Herb Stanley. There was not an actor or actress listed however. In any case, back to Buddy; he was a top-notch junkie. The dark circles around the eyes, the hollowed cheeks, the sunglasses indoors, the feet on Virginia’s coffee table, the tweaking out. He amused me and he also gave Ms. Virginia Marcus a run for her money.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 224938

Charles Freeman “the actor” may or may not have been played by Dick Lord. And frankly sir, I would have stuck with Richard with that last name; but to each his own. Dick had only one other acting credit listed under his name and I could not find a picture of him on Google or anywhere else. In any case, the Charles Freeman character is great! Sort of a washed up actor sort who is looking to get his career back on track. A murder is bad for the career even if you are acquitted. Evidently they reenact each one of the men’s acquitted murders and Mr. Freeman’s is definitely the highlight. He has a great leading man of the 50s look that suited the part well.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 225053

The only other character besides Virginia from the cast of Confessions of a Psycho Cat who I can confidently note the performer; Rocco “the wrestler” played by boxer Jake “Raging Bull” LaMotta! Oh yes, Jake LaMotta plays the wrestler and Virginia is particularly relentless with her taunts where he is concerned. He gets himself in quite the lather that inevitably results in his downfall. His and Virginia’s final confrontation is one of the cherry on top moments of the film that will have you shouting Toro! Needless to say LaMotta’s role was not a stretch but nonetheless…perfectly cast.

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235025

Screenshot from 2013-11-23 235037

The sex scenes are filler and rather goofy filler at that. Some of the participants actually looked bored and some of the acting by this group was hilariously bad. The keyword being “hilarious”. I didn’t hate the sex scenes. They are an attractive 60s-licious bunch of folks who spend their screen time nude or partially dressed and cough out some pretty silly nonsense that certainly gave me a chuckle. The Pièce de résistance was Rocco’s hooker pictured in the two images above. Her scene was one of the added bits and she was clearly not in the same room as Jake LaMotta. There is no way Rocco would have let that crazy dame in his room. Her dialog was priceless.

“What you bring me up here for anyway? All you’re doing is reading that silly little paper. I came up here to have some fun. What’s the matter? Don’t you like me? (Takes off bra and examines her breasts) I never had any complaints before. Can’t you tell I’m a girl? I think I look pretty good. I think you’re putting me down. I’m sexy and that’s what I came up here for…sex.” She than starts kissing her own reflection and really goes at it, tongue and all for a good minute plus. Classic sixties sexploitation fun!

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:20:33

Screenshot from 2013-11-24 00:20:20

I thoroughly enjoyed Confessions of a Psycho Cat! While Virginia and her trio of victims was certainly the highlight and definitely the film’s best performances, the clumsily added sex scenes were quite amusing. The film had the deck stacked against it when some Einstein decided it would be more marketable as a sexploitation flick and it is a damn shame that seemingly no one will ever get to see the original vision of Confessions of a Psycho Cat. That said, the superb story and characters of the central plot make up the majority of the film and there are a dozen memorable well-executed scenes. The black and white photography and the sets and props are quite excellent. Especially outstanding is Virginia’s intimidating trophy game room! If a woman offered $100,000 to hunt me down safari-style in that room I would have to take a pass. Based on how entertained I was despite the senseless (but amusing) additions this film thrilled me to no end and I am giving it a perfect score. I am so very pleased I added Confessions of a Psycho Cat to my collection and I look forward to repeat viewings in the future!

For more images from Confessions of a Psycho Cat click here.

Dungeon Rating: 5/5

Directed By: Herb Stanley

Starring: Eileen Lord, Ed Garrabrandt, Frank Geraci, Dick Lord, Arlenne Lorrance, Jake LaMotta

21 Responses to “CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (1968) – The Dungeon Review!”

  1. conradw58 Says:

    Excellent review and I completely agree with the five out of five rating! I love the variation on The Most Dangerous Game,and Confessions of a Psycho Cat would definitely be in my top ten favorite list of Something Weird DVDs if I were to tackle such a list.A great,fun movie for sure What a revelation Elieen Lord is as she gives an Oscar worthy performance! But yes,her only film. Bummer! If there was an Elieen Lord fan club,I would join! 😉

    • conradw58 Says:

      “Elieen Lord” ?! No,no,no Conrad,it’s Eileen Lord! I should never type without my glasses or put moonshine in my eggnog. Anyway,I think we should start an Eileen Lord Fan Club!

    • I loved the hell out of Confessions of a Psycho Cat Conrad! It has definitely been one of my favourite Something Weird watches thus far…and that is saying a lot as I have enjoyed almost everything I have seen so far! And I really must re-watch The Most Dangerous Game…I am going to make a point of it in January.

  2. Oh this I gotta see!!!!

  3. I’ll let you know if I become an Eileen Lord fan myself… got to track a copy of this down now…

    • I would put this performance right up there with Joan Marshall’s Emily from Homicidal; and you know how much I love Emily! This broad kicks some serious ass!

  4. Love your review! Makes me want to watch Psycho Cat again immediately! Are you ok if I reblog the highlights of this onto ?

  5. I do indeed love this film as well. I think our two reviews manage to tackle the film differently yet reach similar conclusions.

  6. Victor De Leon Says:

    I’ve never seen this! Sounds funky. Need to watch it one night. Thanks and good review!

    • The weird, wild and wonderful world of Something Weird! Their catalog is definitely worth perusing and I think this title is one of their best! I highly recommend checking out their “sampler” which has 100 or so trailers for the films they carry. I rented it through zip but I know you can get through netflicks also. Even if none of the films are of interest the trailers are HIGHLY entertaining!

  7. Great review! Take out the sex and we have a fun bit of exploitation focussed on violence. I think this would work great as an anime OVA… a bunch of guys getting hunted by a girl in New York/Tokyo. A stripped down tongue-in-cheek comedy with black humour and action similar to Black Lagoon.

    Of course one could update the film and focus on class issues in contemporary North America.

    • You are so right, this would make a great anime and it would also make a great graphic novel 🙂 I looked up Black Lagoon this afternoon and it looks so great…I had to add it to my queue!

      • The first two seasons of Black Lagoon are fantastic. Full of OTT action, black humour, sexy and deadly dames, great animation and a great soundtrack. You’ll definitely get a kick out of it!

  8. Wow, so they had to add nude sex scenes to their movie just like Martin Scorsese had to for his first feature. Others may cite some claptrap like THE THREE MUSKETEERS or DRACULA but I’m convinced the most filmed literary work is THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME…the umpteen zillion adaptations just don’t credit their source!

    • The scene where the cupcake and Jake LaMotta are supposed to be in the same room is too damn funny. Unlike clearly need to re-watch The Most Dangerous Game.

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