Stepping into Something Weird & The Films of Michael Findlay DECEMBER 2013


output_6Ta0W0 You may have noticed this GIF or the below poster in my sidebar. If you follow me on twitter or tumblr than you might have already heard; the month of December will be dedicated to the Something Weird Video catalog and the films of Michael Findlay. Oh what sleazy, sexy, salty, salacious, surreal, and sinful fun we are going to have! Joining me to celebrate Something Weird Video’s luscious library is my friend David over at My Kind of Story whose primary focus will be the aforementioned Mr. Findlay. Look for tumblr posts every single day at My Kind of Story Images and Goregirl’s Dungeon as well as trailers, pics and fun facts each day on Twitter. Here in the Dungeon there will be reviews, Favourite Five lists, Fun with Gifs and a few special surprises. David and I will also be digging up some music and other goodies for YouTube. Please join us in the festivities all month-long because let’s face it, we could all use a little “Something Weird” in our lives couldn’t we?


10 Responses to “Stepping into Something Weird & The Films of Michael Findlay DECEMBER 2013”

  1. this is a great project… I can’t wait to see what both you boundary pushers come up with… can i re blog it for you once it’s bloody done!!

    • I was well familiar with H.G. Lewis stuff and went on a crazy Doris Wishman binge early October. I hope I can live up to that Woo woo…I am officially deep in the bowels of the Something Weird library now and looking to go deeper still..even places hamsters won’t go.

  2. Yay! I’m looking forward to Something Weird month.

    • I’m glad! Me too! I am trying desperately to stay focused and get a 20 favourite films of the 20s done but my mind is full of sex, sleaze and violence! More than usual.

  3. […] final week of Stepping Into Something Weird and The Films of Michael Findlay is here. I am feeling very sentimental about this two month-long journey. A feature that was to run […]

  4. […] out the work of Robert Vincent O’Neill whose Psycho Lover rocked my fecking world during the Something Weird Video feature. I am also going to try really hard to get excited about new horror; which is not going to be an […]

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